24 Training (2)

In the morning Rex had finally put in the final touches on the temporary base he had made. The twins were woken up by the smell of meat. When they opened their eyes they found Rex sitting next to fire cooking what seemed to be a horned rabbit.

What shocked them the most was that there was a small house. They walked towards Rex with their mouths open.

Sarah looked at him shocked "how did you put this together while we were asleep".

Rex nodded "yeah it's something I have with me the walls have latches so that they can come apart. Now hurry up and sit down you have a lot of work ahead of you".

Once they had eaten he brought out 2 stone swords and handed it to them.

"We will train your swordsmanship first since both of you are already stronger than the average soldier."

He led them to the underground room that he had dug out during the night.

"Here's where you will be doing most of your training. There is less oxygen here so that you can work on both your techniques and endurance at once".

He girls began inspecting the room "when did you build all this?" Asked Anna

"Last night while you two were asleep" he answered back.

They didn't seem to believe him, but he didn't care "this is how it's going to go, for the first 3 weeks your going to train every day all day. You already have the strength all you need is the techniques."

They looked at him with a fire of determination in their eyes.

"After the 3 weeks of technique practicing and sparing you will hunt for monsters all day for the remaining week. I'll feed you the first 3 weeks so that you can focus on training but for that week you're both on your own".

He gave them a demonstration on the posture that they had to take "now practice this basic swing 5,000 times".

They both looked at him in disbelief. "Are you crazy, isn't that a little too much?" asked Anna.

"Well, your body is stronger so I had to add quite a few repetitions. Just let me know when you're done and we can move on to the next thing".

Meanwhile, he went out for a hunt. He ended up killing a few horned rabbits. He has the opportunity to kill more monsters but he felt like that would be a waste of creatures that he could tame.

Since he wasn't completing any guild requests that meant that he could train a tame a few beasts and come pick them up when he bought some land.

He went back to the camp and began cleaning the rabbits that he had gotten. Then he put together the walls for a smoker house that he had in his storage and began smoking the meat.

"Well, that should be enough for about 3 days".

Shortly after Anna and Sarah appeared from the entrance of the underground room. Both of the twins seemed to be out of breath and tired.

Sarah looked at him and smiled " we are finally finished".

Rex gave her an evil grin "great only took you 3 hours giving you a total of 13 hours left for training". 😈

The two looked at him shocked "what, you were serious about the all-day part weren't you".

"You bet I was now sit down and take a 15-minute break while you eat".

After resting and eating the three of them went inside the underground room. He had them repeat the same slash 100 times while he looked at their posture which they kept perfectly throughout the 100 slashes.

He looked at them and nodded "You're doing great, now you will learn a way to defend from the attack".

He showed them the defensive technique "you will now rotate from the attacking technique to the defending one as you use it at each other 6000 times".

He looked at them with a serious gaze "the one that is attacking the other one will have to go full power with each strike. If you go easy on each other then all your doing is making the other weak which will lead them to die".

They both nodded and he stayed a few minutes to observe. After he saw that they were doing well he went and made the home more comfortable by adding 3 beds and pillows.

He went exploring to see what monsters he could find and tame. While he scanned the area he found a crystal horned elk. His eyes immediately shone from excitement and he used wind step to quickly reach it.

When he found it the elk was drinking from a lake. It has a white pelt and was about 2 meters tall. The thing that was the most shocking was it's blue crystal horns which were about 2ft long. He silently got close and then he used shadow chain.

The elk began moving wildly but in the end, all it accomplished was for the chains to tighten.

Rex reaches its side and began petting it.

"Easy there now, I won't hurt you. I just want you to become part of my family".

He used tame and the magic circle began forming. When the magic circle dispersed he let the elk go.

He looked at it and began petting its head, "Nice to meet you my name is Rex, I really look forward to working with you".

The elk bowed and then rested its head on his solder.

"Hello master, how may I assist you".

Rex stepped back and began to look at it, "At the moment nothing, I'll get some more members. I want you and them to work together and kill other beasts so that you can level up and become stronger".

The elk nodded "if that's what the master wishes then that's what will be done".

Rex smiled "give me till sundown the other members will be meeting you at the center of the lake".

"Then I'll be waiting master".

Rex wandered around and ended up taming another 8 beasts. There were 3 white tigers, a rainbow serpent, and 4 fire foxes.

After they were told to meet in the middle of the lake with the elk then he went back to camp.

Every day of the three weeks he had bought a gravity skill that allowed him to increase or decrease the gravitational pull.

He had the twins train their techniques with 3x the gravity. After the 3 weeks, he handed them some regular swords and had them hunt nonstop for a week.

Rex had warned them not to attack any beasts that were in a group with different species. He had also told the group of beasts that they shouldn't attack two Demi human twins telepathically.

At the end of the month, the twins became more skilled and stronger than the soldiers at the gate.

The sisters began to pack their utilities that they had used while Rex began to disassemble the buildings. "Well now that you two have a way to protect yourselves let's go."

When they got close to the base they were stopped by 2 guards. One of them looked arrogantly at them when he spotted Sarah and Anna. "Who are you and what business do you have here".

When the other guard heard him he smacked the helmet of the guard that spoke and looked at Rex, "Sorry for the big mouth of my partner you may pass Sir".

The guard looked at him shocked but he stayed silent. When they arrived back at camp Rex had the twins make the tent.

Once they had finished they entered and he looked at them, "both of you hand me your swords".

Both were shocked and worried but in the end, they did as they were told. Rex brought out 2 golden swords and handed it to them. "I thank you for becoming part of my family".

They both began to tear up and ran to hug him. They began thanking him but he shook his head "you earned it, the Wolf head of the hit was kinda hard but I finally managed to complete it. Pretty young ladies deserve a fancy gift the problem is that it might bring you trouble in the future".

When both of them heard him say that they gave off a scary face as if daring anyone to attempt such a thing "don't worry master no matter what we will defend them and you".

He nodded and got out of the tent. He walked towards Jame's tent and before coming in he announced himself "Sir, I'm back".

When he lifted the curtain they used for a door he found James and a woman kissing. "I'm sorry General I didn't know"

He began to walk away but was called back before he could get out. Rex returned a little embarrassed but the General didn't seem to care. James pointed at the woman and introduced her " Ray this is my wife Norma".

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