21 The Twins

He put the two girls down and began making armor for them. After a few minutes, Fang entered the room."Nice to see you again master" he froze as he saw the two girls "Master may I ask what's going on".

Rex smiled as he hammered the arm plate into shape "Honestly I find it hard to believe it myself, but it looks like from now on those two will be my slaves".

Fang started tearing up "My young master is finally growing up".

Rex was caught off guard and was left with his mouth open "Get your head out of the gutter, anyway can prepare two of the best horses that we have, leave them next to Nova and make sure that they are armored".

Fang immediately ordered a skeleton to prepare the horses and provide rations for the group. Then he began listening to Rex about the recent events.

Fang's eyes shined with pride "Amazing young master that general is practically begging you to study under him".

Rex smiled "He's a good person, hopefully, I can use his help to attract the attention of the Diamond Kingdom from searching for their missing men. I mean they would definitely try to stop the young soldier who killed many of their men in his first two battles, from becoming stronger and who knows in the future maybe even a general"

The demon stared at his young master as if he were worshiping a god. "Master what's even better is that you will be able to be a high ranking person in the kingdom. Which will allow you to have an amount of influence that you wouldn't have had if you didn't go".

Rex nodded "That's true, looks like the plan is changing. After I get some social standing then I could even let some of our people infiltrate the kingdom. I don't have anything against them but if they were to target my people then it's better to be prepared than sorry".

Fang nodded, after he had told Rex about what had been going in the village he left the room. Rex had finally finished the armors, they weren't as fancy as his adventurer armor but they were better than the one the soldiers wore. He sat in front of the two girls and gave them a little face slap which woke them up. At first, the two girls were confused as to what had happened but when they saw him their eyes showed hatred and they ran towards him. Rex grabbed them both by the neck and pushed their faces to the ground. They began flinging around like crazy, trying to free themselves from him.

"Enough listen to me before you fully enter berserk mode, My name is Ray and all I want is to talk with you two". They seemed to calm down but they still gave out an insane amount of blood lust.

"I'm the one who brought you two, but will not harm you".

He began healing them and all their scars and fresh wounds were gone. He brought out a rope and tied their hands and feet together. They sat down and began explaining their situation, the village that they used to live in was burned down and their parents were killed protecting it.

Rex nodded "Sounds like you two don't have anywhere to go, why don't you stay with me. I'll treat you well and give you what I can provide you with".

They hesitated but in the end, they nodded. Rex smiled and brought out the armors, at first the two girls were shocked.

"There's a lot of unique things about me that not many people know about, there are a few things that are okay to talk about and others not so much. We can talk about it later for now just keep quiet whenever we are with others".

The two girls changed into their armors even if Rex made the armors for them to fit them he didn't expect the armors to fit them so perfectly. It looked like he had made all the curves perfectly. The two girls were both able to move normally the armor was just right so that it didn't get in the way of their movements.

Rex smiled "Note to self if I'm ever unemployed then start making armors for women". The twins laughed and Rex turned as red as a tomato since he noticed he had said it out loud. Rex started to scratch his head nervously, he remembered that he hadn't asked for their name. He didn't know if they had told their name to Simon so if he called them by their name then they would be scared as to how the hell he knew.

Rex looked at both of them " looks like I've forgotten an important thing, I never asked what your names were".

They looked up from their armors to him and responded with a smile "My name is Anna/Sarah".

He opened the door from the blacksmithing room and turned around to face them

"Just out of curiosity but would you two happen to know how to ride a horse".

They both nodded and Rex began to lead them to where the horses were located, he had made sure to tell Fang to get every beast and skeletons away from the tunnels that they were going to use. When the twins saw the two horses their eyes began to shine with excitement. Even Rex was surprised by the two horses that Fang had chosen were silver with black and white Maine. They were so shiny that they seemed to actually be silver.

Rex was impressed by Fang's close attention to detail since the twins had silver ears, tail and hair he chose a silver mount. Rex gave him a 10/10 until he began thinking as to why Fang had paid such close attention.

He contacted Fang through telepathy "Fang, you demon, I know what your thinking and let me tell you right now that I have no such intentions"

Fang responded giggling "Master I have no idea as to what you're talking about but don't forget that only time can tell, who knows maybe in the near future we are able to get a family heir hehe".

"You perverted demon will get punished next time we meet".

Fang was now laughing "Master I bet that next time we meet you will be thanking me, well if you excuse me I'm in the middle of battle training with Hawk and Jemma".

"The black one is mine but you can choose from the two silver horses but don't get on top of them yet".

Once they stood next to the horses that they had chosen he gave them instructions, "okay so I need you to touch their right ear as you whisper the word I gave you into their left ear. You will only have to do this process once, they will recognize you as their owner after you follow the process once".

When they were able to get on their horses Rex blindfolded them and had the silver horses follow Nova. When they were waking Rex teleported to another cave that was near the Silver Kingdom. Once they were in the forest he had them remove their blindfold.

He turned Nova around to face the twins "We are going back to the Silver Kingdom, but we will meet a general at the gate, I'm his new apprentice and you will act as my slaves".

The two girls looked stunned after hearing he had contact with a general, but then they began giggling. Anna looked at him "Master you have been kind to us and as long as you don't mistreat us then we have no problem being your slaves".

Rex was surprised then he began smiling "Boy did I underestimate you two". Then he turned around and rode Nova. He could hear Anna and Sarah laughing as the three raced their horses to the Silver Kingdoms gate.

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