17 The Test

The next morning he was woken up by knocking from the door. When he opened it he saw Edward "Hey Ray, I came to escort you to the palace".

Rex was confused " the palace did I do something wrong".

Edward laughed and shook his head "Kid how can you even ask me that with a straight face, of course not, I'm taking you to the palace to be rewarded".

He asked Edward if he could wait outside for him to change, as soon as the door was closed he teleported to the base and teleported Nova to the stables and then he quickly put something on. When he left his room he apologized to Edward for the wait " Don't worry about it, so how is the adventure gig going".

Rex smiled remembering the receptionist shocked face when he turned in the quests, "It's been alright and thanks to all the requests that I did, I can't complain about my income".

Edward gave a smile and stayed silent as they rode their horses to the palace then his face turned serious "what did you think about the battle".

Rex began thinking of a way to respond "well war is never good, that's obvious, but I'm glad that we have generals like your brother, James".

Edward looked at Rex surprised "You met him".

He nodded "yes, he even asked me to study under him".

The knight stopped and looked at Rex "My brother asked you that".

Rex nodded " I told him that I accept, but that before I want to experience what being part of the cavalry is like".

Edward started laughing loudly "Ray I knew that you were something, but I'm amazed that you caught my brother's attention".

Rex looked at the knight " what do you mean Edward".

The knight took his time to respond thinking of a way to say what he wanted to say "Well you see many young talents have asked my brother to take them under his wing but he refused them all. "So getting an offer like this is rare", he burst into laughter again "more like it's nonexistent, not even when the king asked him to take an apprentice, he's never had a student before".

Rex was now more interested in seeing what the general had to teach "so why ask me".

Edward shrugged "well I suppose you surprised him in battle, after all, you are getting another chance to get a reward from his majesty".

They arrived at the palace, Edward had one of his men look after Nova to insure that Rex wouldn't have any issues like last time. As soon as the doors opened to the throne room Rex could see the king, queen and the princess on their thrones. Rex was beginning to give a bow but the king stopped him "there is no need for that, once again we owe you many thanks and a reward for your heroics".

Rex shook his head "your majesty I'm one of the kingdom's soldiers, all I did was do my duty".

The king stayed silent "am I to assume that once again you don't want anything".

He nodded " Yes, at the moment I don't need anything, your highness".

The king gave a smile "Ray you're young and yet you show so much maturity" he stayed silent for a little "this time we will reward you even if you don't want us to" he waved his hand around and one of the maids brought a pouch and handed it to Rex. "In that pouch, you will find 20 platinum coins".

Rex stunned each platinum coin had a worth of 100,000 coins meaning that in his hands he had 2 million dollars worth of coins. "I'm sorry, your highness I can't accept this".

The king looked at him "Why is that?".

Rex began handing the pouch back to the maid, but the king stopped him. "The reason why your highness is that this is too much money for me".

The king looked at him "you have to take it if you don't then you will be offending me".

He thought about what to do "then there is something that I want", the king looked at him and gave him a sign to continue. "I would like his majesty to divide this money between the families of the fallen soldiers that fought with me at the battle".

The king seemed surprised at first "Ray you know that those families are already receiving aid right.

Rex gave a smile "then that's even better since this money will help them even more".

The king shook his head " then what will you get".

He quickly responded, "I want the pay that the rest of the infantry are getting".

The king nodded and answered, "very well if that's your wish".

Behind the king, a man began to emerge. He was masked and had a knife in his hand. Rex quickly brought out a chain and wrapped his hands together. After using body enhancement he pulled the man towards him and away from the king. The guards around the king were shocked, but after looking around Rex found out that Edward and the king didn't even flinch. Rex could tell that something wasn't right, after removing the mask form the man he was shocked. The man behind the mask was none other than general James.

Rex turned his head towards the king " your majesty what's going on".

The general burst in laughter "you see blonde that's why I chose him".

The king nodded "sorry for deceiving you but I was curious as to why the general chose you".

Rex began to understand and let the general "To be honest, our king here didn't quite trust you completely he thought that you might be an enemy since your entries are always there at the right moment, so he wanted to test your loyalty".

The king gave a bitter smile "we wanted to see your personality, both of us thought that you would take the coins after I pressured you".

The king paused "however, we never imagined that you would do something like what you did, the Silver Kingdom is really fortunate to have you, once again thank you for everything".

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