12 The KING (12)

They stopped in front of a massive door with 12 guards, they opened the door and right in front was the king who was seated on a golden throne with two other seats next to him, one occupied by a young lady.

"Ray we welcome you to the Silver Kingdom and we thank you for saving our daughter and our soldiers".

Rex was extremely nervous "No thanks, are necessary sir I just did what any other person would have done".

The king began to chuckle "nonsense you helped her and for that, you should be rewarded. I was told that you want to become a soldier I could put you in the royal guard".

That made Rex remember what Emily had said and how Edward had reacted "My king that would be an honor but I wish to start from the bottom and make sure that I deserve to be in your army".

The king looked at Emily and then at Rex "I find it noble of you since you didn't want that reward what else would you want land or money perhaps".

Rex had to admit getting land was pretty tempting but he shook his head "It's fine my king I have everything that I need for now".

The king's expression seemed to change and gained a satisfied and happy look. "You really are a rare one, Mr. Ray, if that's your wish then just remember that you're always welcome to visit".

Rex bowed down "Thank you you're majesty" then he dipped his head for the queen and princess and left. When he walked through the main door of the castle he found that a guard was about to pierce Nova with a spear. Nova was on its two hind legs preparing to attack as well.

He quickly brought out his longest chain and swung it towards the guard's neck and the guard immediately dropped the spear. Rex dragged the guard into the castle and ordered Nova to follow.

He was stopped by other guards "remain where you are" they yelled out.

Rex looked at them calmly "Can you please bring Edward the royal knight here". It took Edward a few minutes to arrive, Rex had eased the tightness but could tighten it again at any moment.

Edward had finally shown up "Ray what's going on how dare you disrespect his highness's kindness". Rex was furious but he had nothing against the king or his knights.

"You misunderstand me, Edward, when I left the royal room I found this man about to strike and kill my horse with his spear".

Edwards face changed with anger "Is this true".

Rex released the chain from the guard's neck and with one movement he wrapped it around his arm.

The guard slowly stood up "Sir it is true, I tried to ride the horse and he started acting wildly and dropped me, I was angered and that's why".

Rex took Nova's head and began to massage it "That's because other than me no one else can ride him".

Edward led the guard to apologize than he accompanied Rex to a restaurant and they ate. "Hey, Edward do you know where I can sell the bear that I killed".

"Hmm, you could go to the adventurers guild".

Rex was surprised, "do you think that I will be able to be an adventurer and a soldier".

The knight thought about the question "Well technically you can, but I haven't seen any soldier since you get enough money any side you choose".

Edward looked at Rex "If you really want the money why didn't you just ask the king for it".

Rex shook his head "no I want to earn it myself".

Edward nodded "you really are a weird one", they both laughed.

"Edward do you think that you can take me to the adventurers guild".

The knight simply smiled "Of course and also tomorrow show up in the arena and give the warriors in the entrance your name".

Edward lead Rex to the adventurers guild "that's the guild, I must go now".

Rex thanked him and tied Nova to a post and entered.

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