15 The General (15)

The man looked at Rex's direction and then back at the captain "Glad to have you here captain Shion, thanks to you man were able to hold on for now".

The General and the captain began walking towards a large tent and didn't come back out. The reconstruction of the wall began and most of the soldiers were resting. Rex made his way to the captain that had begun to organize his men. "Sir can I go and collect weapons from the dead soldiers on the other side of the wall".

The captain looked at him "go with another 30 men".

Rex shook his head "Sir I should go alone, with me storge magic I can store the weapons and if there is a surprise attack from the enemy I can just use my wind magic and escape".

The captain thought about it "guess your right, then off you go", Rex gave his thanks and began running in the air using wind steps.

After he was in the air he heard the captain yelling "well done Ray".

Rex went up across the wall and began descending until he touched the ground. He started collecting the weapons and made sure to send some soldiers to the base when the archers on the wall couldn't see what he was doing. After an hour or two of collecting, he ended up with 7 horses that were injured, after healing them he tied them together and brought them back.

In total, he collected 118 swords, 40 unburned bows, 143 arrows, and 74 spears. To the base, he sent 24 dead horses, 11 magicians, 40 spearmen, 36 swordsmen and 80 archers all with their equipment of course.

He flew back to the stronghold with the horses, when he looked at so many horses running in the air he couldn't help but laugh "great looked like I'm the first Santa of this world".

When he landed he heard many people clapping and cheering, he wasn't used to these moments so he put his head down.

"Can someone take care of these horses", after someone took the horses of his hands he began dropping the equipment that he had collected on the ground.

After he was done he pretended that he was dizzy so that people would think that he was near his limit. Two soldiers let him lean on them as they took him to the barracks and let him sleep. After a nice long sleep, Rex woke up and went outside. It was still night and many of the soldiers were still asleep. He went up the stairs into the top of the wall and brought out his bow and scanned the area with his detection skill, but didn't find anyone on the other side.

One of the soldiers walked up to him and tapped his shoulder "General James is looking for you".

Rex was surprised but he followed the soldier. He found himself in the in front of the general's tent and when he stepped inside he found the general and the captain drinking. "Hello General, Captain".

The General looked at Rex "so you're Ray the one that saved the gate, are you a warrior or a mage".

Rex looked at the General "I'm both I know how to use many weapons, but I can also use wind and storage magic".

That seemed to get the general's attention "If you're so skilled then why are you in the 3rd division of infantry and not with the 1st division or even an apprentice of a palace guard".

Rex understood the suspicions of the general typically if something was too good to be true it's usually is because it was, but he was still annoyed with all the questions. "I was offered the position of royal guard and cavalry, but I declined because I wanna climb my way up from Infantry ''.

The General looked at the captain "Is this true".

The captain nodded and added "he was recommended by Edward, apparently Rex saved the princess and his men ''.

The General seemed to be surprised by the news.

"Moreover he even got an audience with the king and queen and declined all the rewards that he was offered".

That's when the general bust with laughter "Not only did you that big brother of mine, but you're also not a greedy pig like most of the people, I like you kid how bout studying under me".

Rex was confused "by big brother do you mean Edward".

The general nodded and smiled "So how bout it kid do you accept".

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