20 The Deal

He knocked at the door and out came a short man, he was about 5'2 and seemed to like to work out because if he entered a bodybuilding competition then he would win. Rex looked at him for a bit more surprised 'I don't think they have steroids right so just how much does this dude have to work out to end up like this' he thought.

After a few seconds, he smiled at the man and answered: "Hi is the slave trader in today, we had a meeting scheduled but somethings occurred so I had to show up today".

The man nodded and led Rex to a couch in an office, he looked at Rex, "Mr. Simon will be here shortly" then he left.

After waiting for a few minutes the slave trader entered "Oh hello, you're here earlier than expected".

Rex scratched his head and smiled "yeah sorry, I'm going to leave soon so it was either now or never".

The trader nodded demonstrating that he at least got the gist of the reason why "So Mr. Ray the reason that I invited you here was to choose a slave".

After hearing the trader he started feeling tense, he wasn't stupid he knew that this was the reason. The dude was a freakin slave trader what else would he want him for. The thing that got Rex was that once he heard it out loud he couldn't help but pause, he still didn't feel comfortable with someone owning another person's life.

Simon saw him hesitating "Listen Ray your an adventure and after you go up in rank you will need to make a party, many adventures end up with parties that are not trustworthy and they die".

Rex nodded he understood that it was hard to know if someone was truly good or just wearing a mask, "Yes I understand but won't a slave be the same".

The trader shook his head smiling, he knew that Rex was just trying to find excuses "Mr. Ray seems to have forgotten about the curse they won't be able to disobey you".

He nodded and began thinking, the slaves could help him when he needed excuses for any future disappearances. If he trained them then he would also be able to increase his current amount of power in the Silver Kingdom since he didn't want to teleport any of his beats or skeletons and be branded a monster or necromancer or whatever other titles they come up with.

Rex sighed "Fine I'll take a look at them".

Simon rubbed his hands together giving a devilish smile "This way if you please".

They entered the basement, Rex was stunned by how many cages were present. When they were walking around Rex spotted one of the men he brought the other day "where's the rest" he asked.

The trader looked at the direction that Rex was pointing on and understood "Oh them, they were already sold to a company".

Rex looked around and found many slaves having an expression that made them seem half dead. They were clean and seemed to be fed but that expression that they had made Rex get angry. He was able to see that most of the slaves were demi-humans very few were pure human but they seemed to get better treatment since their eyes weren't as dead as the others.

Just as he was about to turn around and walk out he felt 2 gazes that were filled with bloodlust directed towards him. He turned towards their direction and found a big cage that was in the dark. He grabbed his chain and used it to drag the cage towards the light from the torches in the wall.

Simon looked at Rex surprised by his sudden actions "I wouldn't recommend either of those two they are dangerous".

When the light hit the cage Rex was surprised to see that the bloodlust came from two thin demi-human girls. They had dog-like ears, a tail, and hair that was silver, apart from the ears and the tail they seemed perfectly human.

He looked at the cage and asked: "Trader could you tell me more about them".

After getting his thoughts in order he began to answer "Well these two twins are Silver Wolf demi-humans, it's already hard enough to encounter such a rare breed, but even more when you are able to catch twins".

Rex had to agree if they really were a rare type of demi-human and twins then they would be an extremely good opportunity to make profits. He turned to the slave trader and asked: "So how much for them".

When he heard Rex the trader seemed extremely happy he began calculating "Well they are an extremely rare find, energetic, and I've had to feed them for so long, how about 12 gold?"

Rex looked at him pretending to be surprised at the price and he began to examine the girls that seemed to be 17. He found out that they had high physical stats but they had no experience fighting. "Damn Simon, you really want to put me in the streets don't you".

The trader smiled but Rex could tell that he was getting annoyed

"How long have you had them".

Simon closed his eyes trying to remember "It's been 9 months now".

Rex nodded "You've had them for 9 months and yet they are still this wild, I can tell that they were whipped recently meaning that they still aren't trained ...."

The slave trader interrupted him "Well like I said they are energetic and they have been difficult to deal with".

Rex smiled "Yet you were charging me more because they were energetic, which gives you problems so now tell me why would I pay for something that will make it harder for me, also I can tell that they don't know how to wield a weapon".

Simon shook his head "no they don't".

Rex nodded "Look Simon I know that you're experienced in these things and that you won't be swayed by my attempts to get a discount but listen to this first. I can pay you 6 gold for each, I know that a noble will be able to pay all the money you are asking for right away, but then they would lock them away and this 'catch' would go to waste".

Simon looked at Rex, he seemed interested "where are you going with all this".

"When you give them to me I'll train them and any time someone asks me where I got them from I'll send them to you. So what do you say will you make these two your brand the image of your business, like you said they are an extremely rare find"

Simon began laughing "Kid your way of thinking impresses me, the deal is done I'll trust you to keep your end of the promise".

They got the twins out of the cage with their hands and legs chained. The slave trader drew a crest where the heart was located, the ink that the crest was written with had some blood from Rex. When the twins were released they charged at the trader but he knocked them out before they had a chance.

"Wow they are feisty, well gotta get them under control first see you later," he said to Simon as he was picking them up. The slave trader wished him luck, when Rex was alone in an alley he teleported to the base and told Fang to meet him in his Smithing room.

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