35 Surveillance Preparations

Rex was laughing like crazy as he thought of his plan for using the slimes. After nonstop laughter, the slimes finally couldn't hold it in and in unison asked: "Master are you alright?"

With some effort he stopped laughing "Yeah sorry about that, it's just that you guys came with perfect timing. I had a problem that I wanted to fix and it so happens that you guys are the solution."

The three slimes stayed quiet and they looked at each other in silence. After feeling the awkward moment Rex stood up and shook his head "So do you guys have the fruits."

"Yes, master" they answered at the same time again.

He nodded "Good then shoot them in here," as he finished talking he opened a portal that led to his storage. Almost instantly the slimes began rapidly firing mangos, oranges, apples, and bananas. After they stopped he told them to stay and hide in his office.

He went down to the courtyard and found that the slaves had finally started talking to each other. Or at least they were until he showed up, when he was spotted the demi-humans looked at him in total silence.

Rex rolled his eyes and began to get closer to them, he walked in front of a group of kids that seemed to be about 11 years old and lifted his hand.

The kids closed their eyes and the adults shook their heads as they saw the raised hand expecting him to hit the innocent children. To their surprise what happened next was that a bright red apple appeared at the hand of their new master.

Rex brought the apple closer to the one of the kids and waited for him to reach out. After a few seconds of hesitation, the young kid with ant-like antennas began to reach towards it. Suddenly the hand of an adult grabbed him and pulled him away.

Rex looked to see who the owner of that hand was and found that it belonged to a lion demi-human. The man looked at the kid and shook his head as he pointed at the apple.

He was speaking another language that Rex couldn't understand, but when he looked around he found that after the slaves heard the man they began looking at the apple with fear. That's when Rex somewhat understood what the man was saying.

"So they think that I want to drug them or something huh," he thought.

Rex shrugged and began eating the apple, he didn't stop until he had eaten the whole thing. When the slaves saw this they had a shocked expression. He sighed and took out another apple "I got this fruit so that you guys could have something in your stomach as you waited for the food to be finished. There is no need to worry I have apples, oranges, bananas, and mangos so when I walk in front of you let me know which one you want. Oh, and kids get to eat pick 2 different ones.

When the slaves heard this some of them began to tear up, he could hear some of the children asking their parents "Mom what is a mango?"

Rex shook his head "Poor kids they have no idea what they have been missing out on."

When he had given all the fruits to them he sat down on the ground and ate a mango. The demi-humans split apart their fruits in half and began trading with each other. Rex smiled at them, there were two reasons why he had handed them the fruit personally. The first was that he wanted to make them feel closer to him. The second was that he was afraid that if he gave them a pile of fruits that they would be greedy and take more than one, but as he saw them trading fruits he shook his head "Looks like I was worried for no reason."

When they were done he stood up and gave them a thumbs up "Well I have a few more things that I have to do in the office I'll be joining all of you in lunch. Remember that talking isn't prohibited, get to know each other as well as you can."

He entered again and made the slimes come out, "34 come here I want to try something."

The small slime got closer to him and he picked it up and began petting it "Make sure you stay still okay."

"Yes master"

Rex's hand began to glow and as soon as he touched the slime it began to glow as well. Then 34 started to shrink and its color began to change. Its core turned into liquid and was once again surrounded by its liquid body. After a few seconds, a chainring replaced the slime.

[Author Note: If you want an idea of what the ring looks like search up John Hardy Classic Chain Band Ring]

"Can you hear me 34?" he asked the ring.

"Yes master"

Rex nodded "Even if you are small you still have the same volume of slime so you can still extend your body to the same amount as your original body. When the mission is finished I'll transform you back to your real body."

"Don't worry master I'm okay either way. It's amazing that you can change my core as well, it's impossible for us to do so and we have the transform skill as well. Nothing is impossible for our young master."

Rex scratched his head and laughed "It's a good thing that the goddess gave me my transform skill when I asked her for a way to change my appearance. Turns out that the version given by her didn't really have any limits" he thought.

He repeated the process with the other 2 slimes and sat down thinking about what had happened until now. Then there was a knock at the door "Master your friends have arrived."

He opened the door and found a maid "Thanks for letting me know, where are they?"

"They are in the living room awaiting you master."

He nodded and walked down with the maid behind him. When he got to the living room he found his 5 newly added companions looking at their surroundings in amazement. The only one who looked normal was Eve, she just looked at it as if it were satisfactory and nodded.

When they saw him they bowed "Hello master".

Rex lifted them up "there isn't a need for that"

He looked at the maid and asked "Do you know when dinner will be done"

The maid nodded "Yes master we should have everything ready in about 10 minutes."

He nodded "Okay then I'll be in the courtyard let me know when everything is ready"

The maid nodded and went away. He looked at his companions and smiled "Let's go join the twins."

When they arrived the Fox and the Rabbit girls ran towards Anna. They began hugging each other and talking about how amazing the house was.

Not long after, the maid let him know that everything was ready. When he arrived at the kitchen he found that they had made soup with the meat he had given them. The food was served in clay bowls and there were only 10 bowls that were made out of glass.

He thanked the maids and gave them the glass bowls of food for them to eat then he relived the ones that cooked for the day. He stored all the food in his storage and went out to the courtyard and began giving the demi-humans their food.

Most of them cried when they saw that the soup actually had a big piece of meat in their bowls and that it wasn't just water. Some even wiped their eyes to make sure that they were seeing correctly. The thing that surprised them and the guards the most was that Rex was eating the same thing they were in exactly the same type of bowl.

Some of the demi-humans noticed how close Anna and Sarah were with Rex and gave the twins some envious looks.

After dinner was over Rex asked the guards to assign the demi-humans rooms in the building that John had mentioned in his report. He then looked at a maid and asked her to give his companions rooms where they could sleep.

Rex found John and walked up to him "I have somethings that I have to do in my office, let everyone know not to bother me. If something bad happens with the security of the house wake up the twins, they should be able to handle it.

The butler bowed "As you command master"

Then Rex went to the office and turned on a candle, it was dark and he wanted to make sure that people didn't get suspicious. He placed one of the slimes that he had turned into a ring "Make sure to let me know if anyone knocks or enters."

"Yes master"

He then closed his eyes and teleported to the arena in his base. As soon as he got there he found Fang and Jemma waiting for him. The two demons immediately kneeled "We've missed you master" replied the female demon. She had Red hair and had a figure of a model, in her human form she looked like she was in her early-20s.

Fang began to laugh "Yes master we have but not as much as her hehe. She's been spending most of her time with her future mother in law."

Jemma began to blush, she lost her composure and punched Fang in the face sending him flying into a wall. Rex couldn't help but laugh "I'm glad that you're all so lively and I've missed all of you too."

He then looked at the female demon with a mischievous face "And how is your mother in law doing, I hope she has been doing good without me around the house to annoy her. My father should be lonely without having me around as well."

Jemma looked at him surprised, she had never heard him talk to her in such a playful manner. That's when she realized what he was saying and she turned even redder.

Fang, on the other hand, heard him and began crying, he ran and hugged Rex "My master has finally grown. Take good care of our Jemma, I know she's a demon but I have seen a human and demon offspring before so I'm sure you two will manage."

When Jemma heard Fang she lowered her head and grabbed Fang by the collar and swung him away, towards the same wall he had just hit.

Then she took a deep breath and pointed at the slimes that were being held in separate cages made from stone and wood. They were being guarded by Rex's slimes "Master we have captured as many slimes as we could."

Rex nodded and began walking from cage to cage taming them. In the end, he tamed 450 slimes and left about 60 untouched. "At the moment we have 160 slimes I need them and these 400 slimes. I'll leave the other 50 for you to use at the end of the month they will splice again so we should get our original number quickly. Lock away the 60 wild ones and release them in 4 months so that way we can make sure that we replenish the numbers of slimes in the forest."

Then he turned around to Fang who was wiping dust away from his clothes "Did you hear back from Hawk yet?"

The demon nodded "Yes the town chief said that he would agree with what you told him, he didn't take the gold since he said that all he wanted was protection."

Rex nodded "Good, tell Hawk to let have 5 of each type of monster then he can kill the ones from that species. Since we all share our EXP together then the slimes should level up in no time making my plan more effective."

Fang nodded "I'll let him know right away master, you just concentrate on your plan."

He nodded and summoned all the slimes he contracted with "My name is Rex, from now on you are going to be part of my family. At the moment I have a problem and you are the only ones who can help me. There is no need for you to worry soon you will get stronger without having to do anything. Are you all okay with this arrangement?"

Instantly all the slimes jumped up "Yes master we understand"

He nodded and took out a ring from his pocket, the ring was one of the slimes that he had transformed; he couldn't store it in his storage since it was still alive. "This ring is a slime, I will transform you all into the same an exact replica. Your job will be to monitor anyone who you are assigned to. They will not be allowed to take you off once they put you on. If you observe anything wrong you let me know. If it turns out they are a spy or enemy you are ordered to kill them and anyone that they told our secrets to. When they are dead consume them and let me know so that I can summon you back. Did you all understand?"

"We understand Master"

Rex smiled "Good, there will also be some of you that are going to be around my new house disguised as small animals. I will make some of you into small birds that won't attract attention. If you find yourself attacked by a person with a ring then you can knock them out somehow but not kill them. This might sound hard at the moment but after you become stronger then it's a piece of cake. Do all of you agree with your mission?"

"We do Master"

Rex gave them a thumbs up and looked at Fang "You should probably get a large box hehe."

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