36 Surveillance Installations

When Rex had finished transforming 500 slimes into rings he was about to drop from mana exhaustion. When the last ring was placed in the box his body relaxed and his legs gave out, he was about to fall to the ground but he was caught by Jemma.

"Master don't overexert yourself, why not rest here for a few hours and then go back to the Silver Kingdom in the morning ?"

Rex shook his head "No if I did that then I wouldn't be able to rest properly, I left a slime there to let me know when there is someone at the door but that means that I have to get there soon."

The female demon hesitated but nodded. Fang took the opportunity to ease things up by leaning on her shoulder and giving a mischievous grin "Don't worry Jemma even if the young master is spending time with other women he won't forget about you."

That got him an uppercut from her, he was sent flying to the ceiling and then crashing back. Rex couldn't stop laughing "easy you two, if you both keep at it then sooner or later we will have our base collapsing."

Jemma looked at him with embarrassment "Sorry master, don't listen to anything that Fang is saying."

Rex put his head down like he was disappointed "Really and here I was happy that such a lovely person was jealous because of me."

The female demon began blushing "Sir that's not what I meant it's true that there is ahh....."

She looked at him again and found him smiling. Jemma was left with her mouth open and then began clenching her fists, Rex prepared by using body enhancement. The thing he didn't expect was that Jemma would lower him to the ground gently and walk towards Fang.

The innocent demon was just finishing getting up when Jemma began to pummel him to the ground with a series of punches. When she had her fill she looked at the beat-up demon and yelled: "You see what our master learned from you ?"

Fang looked at her in confusion not knowing what she was talking about since he hadn't heard his master, if he had then he would be crying of joy.

Rex smiled at the two and looked at Jemma again "Is it that perhaps you don't like this new side of me?"

The female demon looked at him and quickly shook her "No it's not that I don't it's just that it makes me feel ..." Once again she was faced with a smile on Rex's face telling her that he was just teasing her. She turned to Fang and began round 2, Rex simply shook his head and laughed. He stood up and stopped her from making Fang go through the wall.

"That's enough Jemma, the reason that I'm acting differently is because of the fun I've been having. I finally don't have everyone looking at my every move just because I'm the son of the clan leader."

He took the box and waved "I'll be back in sometime this week. Oh and Jemma you really look cute when you are flustered, bye."

When he got back to the office he sighed, placed the box below the desk and lowered his head and slept sitting while his head was on the desk.

In the morning he felt his arm being shaken "Hmm what's up?"

He opened his eyes and found the blurry image of John "Sir the sun has already risen, I came here to give you your breakfast."

Rex looked at the plate in front of him and found scrambled eggs with bacon and orange juice. He nodded and began eating with John standing on the side "Have you eaten yet," he asked.

The butler nodded "Yes sir I did first thing in the morning."

"Good and what about the rest?"

John smiled "Of course sir your companions have been fed as well."

Rex shook his head "No I mean what about the caretakers and the demi-humans?"

The butler looked at Rex surprised "Oh yes, they ate right before the sun rose up."

Rex took another bite of his food and nodded "Can I ask you to get all the maids and soldiers to meet me in the stairs of the entrance. I want to talk to them after I finish my breakfast."

John bowed "Right away master" and left.

After the butler had closed the door he sighed and looked at the ring he had left on his desk, "34 was he snooping around when I was asleep?"

"No sir he woke you up almost immediately after he entered."

Rex was happy, if the butler had looked around the office while he was asleep then that would mean that he is a spy for the general or king. When he was done with his food he took his plate and left and had them in one hand while he carried the box in the other. He left his slime ring in the office "34 from now on you will be in charge of making sure that no one snoops around in my room if they do them you let me know right away.

He dropped his dishes off in the kitchen and found it to be empty so he used his map skill and found that all the demi-humans were still in their rooms. The workers of the house were all in front of the stairs of the entrance.

When he opened the entrance door he found all the maids, soldiers, and stablemen kneeling "Master we don't know what we did wrong but please do not fire us, we need this job to be able to feed our families."

Rex looked at them surprised he tried to talk but nothing came up "How the hell did they get that conclusion," he asked himself.

He shook his head and sighed "No I'm just here to personally meet you."

They looked at him in relief and after he made a sign for them to get up they began to get off the ground and listened to him intently.

"Today I asked John to get you all together to tell you a few things that I want you to listen to. First things first as you might have known already my name is Ray Rivers and I'm now studying under General James. He was considerate enough of getting me some demi-humans to form my fighting force."

All of the workers looked at him and nodded. He waited for a little in case anyone wanted to say anything and then continued "In here I need you to treat the demi-humans just like you would treat any other human. From the day that I stepped into this house, they became our brothers in arms. Another thing that you will have to know is that I expect you to keep the matters of this house secret, no matter if they torture you or anything. Anything that happens in this house stays here."

He looked at the employees and found that they were simply nodding "Now anyone who isn't okay with these things should get out now. I'm also warning you that no matter what this is your one and only chance to get out."

All of them kneeled and lowered their heads "We understand master."

Rex nodded and pointed at one of the guards "Come here"

The guard hesitated but walked towards him and kneeled "Do you swear an oath that you won't you will treat everyone in this house equally and that no matter what happens you will not talk about anything that happens in this house?"

The guard looked into his eyes and said "I swear Master"

Rex nodded "Your name?"

"It's Mike sir"

Rex got out a ring and put it on guards index finger "This ring shows that you are now part of my house. It's not so easy to make so we don't have to worry about it being replicated any time soon. You are not allowed to take this ring off no matter what is that understood?

The guard nodded "Yes Master I understand."

He kept repeating the process another 34 times for the 20 guards, 10 maids, 4 stablemen, and the Butler. When he was done everyone was kneeling "Alright now you have formally become my brothers and sisters, you do your jobs and I will make sure that you have all the things you need. Oh and also if any of you have families and you want to bring them in I'm planning on making another building to house them. That way you won't have to be separated from them but keep in mind that this is just an idea, let me know how many would like that so I know if it's worth it or not."

The guards gasped and then cheered "Now go ahead and do your jobs hehe I still have a lot of things that I have to do."

They stood up and bowed "Yes master"

He lifted the box that contained the other rings and began walking towards the courtyard. ["Chainlings you now have the name of the guards that you are assigned to monitor, give me a report of their actions and conversations at the end of the day."]

All the slimes immediately responded in unison "Yes Master"

"Master let me help you with that"

Rex turned around and found John reaching for the box. He shook his head "No it's fine John having something to do helps relieve me from boredom. The butler nodded and walked beside him. When they got to the courtyard the demi-humans were still in their rooms which were at the other entrance.

When he arrived at their living quarters he found that the things in them were pretty decent. They had a bed that was still good for use, and each one had their own 9ft by 9ft room. When he was inside he yelled at the tops of his lungs "I need everyone to be out in the courtyard, you all have 5 minutes to be there."

Then they went back to the other side of the courtyard and waited five minutes, during that time more and more demi-humans began appearing. At the end of the 5 minutes, he used scan and found that there was no one left in the living quarters. He was pleased that they followed directions without problems.

"Good morning, I called you all in here today because there are a few things that I wasn't able to tell you yesterday. I usually give my men the option when we first meet to leave if they want to, but for all of you it's different. The one who bought you was the general who used his own money so I can't give any of you this option. All I can promise you is that as long as you promise me your loyalty and keep secret anything that happens in this house then I swear that you will have a nice life. The women will be respected, and all of you can learn to read and write after your training."

They all seemed displeased but Rex couldn't blame them, he was telling them that they had no other choice than one that will most likely lead them to death. He decided to tell them all this because he didn't want them to accuse him of trying to deceive them. He decided to put down all the cards in the table so that there wasn't any more trouble in the future.

"Look I can't promise you that you won't die because even I don't know if tomorrow will be my last day. All I can tell you is that as soon as you put on this ring and make an oath then you will become my brothers and sisters in arms and I will do my best to bring as many as I can alive. Whenever you go to battle you can expect me to be the first one in line."

When the demi-humans saw the ring they glared at it with anger. Rex knew what they were thinking so he lifted his and John's hand showing two rings. "The rings that I'm giving you are no different than the ones we are wearing, it's a symbol of our brotherhood. Once you put it on you are not to take it off."

Slowly one by one walked to Rex to repeat the same process that the guards had taken previously. After they had all finished Rex allowed them to go back to their living quarters "Take the day off today I'll be making groups based on your physiques and speed. Expect to have a nice workout tomorrow morning."

["Chainlings remember what I told the earlier group."]

"We understand Master," replied the slimes

He went back to the office and began to look at the list of demi-humans "Okay now to start turning them into units."

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