18 Spirit Companions

Rex made his way out with General James and Edward "General I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't scare me like that".

The general laughed "well the king just wanted to know more about the person that took his daughter's heart".

After hearing that he suddenly stopped and looked at the general "What are you talking about, we only met once and she would never like someone as simple as me".

Edward and the General both dropped to the ground laughing "Right simple, let me tell you this honestly, at the rate that you are going in a few years I wouldn't be surprised if you could take on an army by yourself".

Edward looked at his brother "James is he really that strong".

"Yes, Ray's chain skills are really effective, as far as I can tell his strength is above average no one could grab his chain it sliced or pushed away anything it touched" replied the general.

Edward looked at Rex "So you use your chain as your main weapon?".

Seeing that the knight was wondering what made him choose such a unique weapon he quickly thought of a reason "Yes, I use my chains most of the time. When I was in the village my sword was always chipping or losing its edge, that's when I tried using a chain since it was cheap and durable. I also liked it because it could be used to fight against a crowd or to capture and kill a single enemy".

Edward nodded imagining what Rex had gone through "If you are this strong at your age then you must have trained yourself at an unimaginable level".

Rex was feeling embarrassed it's been a while since the last time he was complemented by his abilities "The general is just joking he could also do the same once he gets used to a chain". T

he general's eyes seemed to shine when he heard Rex "What do you mean by that".

Giving a smile he looked at James "Well when I threw my chain you already knew that it was coming and pretended to get caught, I saw your eyes following the chain. You also tensed your muscles from your throat, which I gotta admit are huge it would once you untensed him you could have a second or two to escape".

"Oh really looks like you really have an undeniably good fighting sense, and yes I might be stronger but remember I'm going to your teacher and as my student, you have the duty to surpass me".

They started walking to the exit again but were stopped by a feminine voice "Ray stop" when the group turned around they saw the princess running towards them.

The general and Edward looked at Rex and whispered: "See told ya, you swiped that heart of her's".

Rex gave them a stare and turned towards Emily "Morning Princess how have you been doing".

She gave him an angry look "don't make me say it again, don't call me princess just call me by my name".

He nodded and gave her a smile "Forgive me, Emily, I'm still a little unsure if it's appropriate".

She rolled her eyes and got closer to him "who cares, we're friends and we should act like what we are, so how's it going you didn't visit me after you left the palace".

Rex didn't know how to answer her "Well, for now, I'm just sleeping in a little Inn and doing some of the quests on the adventurers guild".

She looked at him "you're in the adventurer's guild, why?".

"Well, it's for me to make my own money".

Emily looked at him in confusion "If you want money then, why didn't you just take the money my father was giving you?"

Rex shook his head "It has to be something that I've fairly earned".

After excusing Rex and herself from Edward and James she half dragged him into the dining room of the palace to eat some snacks. He was nervous and couldn't help the urge to ask "Are you sure that I'm allowed to be here".

She shrugged "You're my guest and you are welcome here".

After eating a few snacks she took him to the palace garden where they found a giant wolf. It was about 15 feet tall, his pelt was pitch black, its teeth were big and its eyes were red.

Emily walked up to it and began petting it like it was a newborn puppy "This is Fenrir he's a Blood Wolf and my father's spirit companion".

Rex looked at her he didn't know what a spirit companion was "Hey in the village no one mentioned what a spirit companion was, could you tell me".

She looked at him in surprise "Do you really not know what they are? They are creatures that are summoned from different dimensions and are released in a mountain that has a barrier that doesn't let them leave. Only generals are able to go up there once to test their luck".

Rex sat on the ground as close to Emily as he was willing to get since she had a huge scary looking wolf next to her. Even if he was used to being next to monsters he had a feeling that that wolf was one he shouldn't mess with. "So Emily how does one choose what companion they will get".

She had a small pause before she responded "well you don't choose which or how many you will get, from what my father has told me they place you in the entrance where you release your mana onto an iron pole that transmits your mana through the mountain. You are given an hour after and they take you out and move the mountain to another location".

Rex was intrigued by the new information he received "So how many companions did the king get".

The princess kept stroking her hand on Fenrir's pelt "My father was able to bond with 2 high ranking beats".

He nodded and leaned to touch Fenrir's fur, he petted his head and then he looked at Emily who was staring at him shocked. "What's wrong".

she pointed at his hand "How did you do that".

Rex looked at her confused "what do you mean" after taking a few breaths she looked at him "Only the master or someone that the master allows should be able to touch a spirit companion".

Rex shrugged cursing himself, it was okay to show off in battle since he could contribute his power to training, how was he supposed to explain this. After thinking for a minute he responded "Well when I was in the forest I was able to hold and help a wolf pup and bring it back to its pack, maybe I still have the pup's scent and that's why he let me get close" Rex knew that his story was total bull **** and he could also tell that Emily didn't believe it but what else could he have said.

They were able to hang out for a little more and then he had to leave. Emily seemed to have gotten over her suspicions he didn't really want to lie, but he hadn't heard about anyone with a taming skill. He had also never heard about spirit companions, which seemed to be known by many but he didn't want to risk it. When they reached the main door of the palace he turned around and waved at Emily

"Bye Ray take care, make sure to come and visit me soon". He nodded and began walking away.

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