28 Reward

Rex heard Sam charge and he brought out his chain and swung it. Since he didn't swing with much power Sam was able to use his sword and stop it by making it wrap around his sword.

Rex couldn't help but smile. He used all his strength of a level 24 and the power of his body enhancement and pulled. The General was sent flying forward towards him, Rex stopped him with a kick.

The impact was enough to send Sam back but the sword was still moving forward. After getting ahold of it Rex dropped it in the ground and stepped on it. He pulled at the sword again and the sword was split in two.

The people who had seen him in battle with his chain were smiling, they were glad that someone was showing the stupid nobles their place. As for the ones who came with the general turned pale and began sweating.

James stepped forward laughing and scratching his head "Sam excuse my student but he doesn't take kindly to anyone disrespecting his companions".

Sam who was just standing back up looked at him surprised and then back at James "Did you just say that nobody is your student? What happened with you not accepting to teach anyone".

James shrugged "I said that I wouldn't teach anyone who doesn't deserve it".

Sam looked at even Rex with even more hatred and now he was covered in killing intent but in the end, he simply turned around and walked away.

Rex and James looked at each other and gave out an evil smile. They all grabbed their horses and left right away.

While they were on their way to the capital James told him more about Sam. The noble had requested for James to be his mentor but was met with a no. That was why he had some hatred towards the General.

James gave him a warning to watch his back from now on since it's more than likely for Sam to try something stupid. Nobles were the most dangerous when they thought that their pride was shattered and Rex had done a lot more than that.

Rex had handed the sisters their swords back and asked them to hunt with him. There were 150 horsemen and it had gotten dark so they had no other choice but to camp out. Once they had about enough for most of the soldiers they headed back and cooked.

The next morning they continued their travel and reached the capital not long after. When they got inside the wall the General dismissed them.

Rex and the twins were about to leave as well but they were stopped by James, "Where do you think you're going little brat".

He turned around and looked at the grinning General "I was going to get Sarah and Anna registered in the adventurer's guild".

James laughed and made his horse walk next to Nova, he patted Rex's back, "Ray you can do that later, for now, go with us to the castle".

Rex nodded and began to follow but he had no idea where all this would lead to.

When they arrived in the throne room they found the king being right in front of the doors, he immediately hugged Norma "Glad to see that you are safe little sis".

He turned to look at James "Tell me everything that happened".

The general went over the event of the battle, from Rex providing the shelter to his secret contributions. He also explained who Anna and Sarah were, Emily didn't seem too thrilled.

Once the general had explained everything to him the king went back and sat on his throne and turned to look at Rex. "Ray this is the third time that I have asked you this question but you must answer me honestly. What do you wish for a reward?"

Rex nodded this time after already having the trust of the General and the king he made up his mind to at least ask for something.

He looked at Anna and Sarah behind him and smiled, he turned back and looked at the king "Your majesty before I said that I didn't need anything at the moment but now I have companions. I would wish for a house that I could call my own, that is the wish that any citizen has".

The king nodded and snapped his fingers. The same maid that gave him the pouch of money last time arrived again and handed him a pouch of about 50 gold.

Rex looked at the king and was about to say something but he was stopped by the king who shook his head "Look Ray don't dare try to give it back I already had it severely reduced so that you wouldn't have a reason to deny it.

He nodded and accepted it, he gave his thanks and bowed. He was lifted by the king "You don't have to do that, I should have your house prepared for you tomorrow."

He smiled on the inside "I wonder what your definition of a house will be" he thought.

Rex stood up and excused himself when he was out of the throne room and the doors were closing he turned around and looked at Emily and waved while he gave her a slight smile.

When they were out of the castle he made the twins stop and he handed 15 gold to each one. Both of them were surprised Anna looked at him and shook her head "Master we can't take this".

He closed their hands which held the gold "You earned it, it's yours. He brought out two bags that were made from a firefox pelt and gave it to them so that they could store their gold.

They were on their horses ready to leave when he heard James "Ray where are you going".

He turned around and faced the General "remember I told you that I was going to be taking these two to the Guild to register."

The General nodded and took out a map, make sure that you visit me and Norma before dark okay".

Rex nodded and they made their way to the Adventurers Guild.

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