30 Present

They were escorted through a road that led to Jame's home, after about a mile walk they were able to see his mansion. Rex was shocked at first, the mansion was huge, it seemed to have 2 floors, the first seemed to be roman like architecture. The top floor was where the rooms were so they had quite a bit of balconies and vegetation.

The guard led them to the front door which seemed to be 10 feet tall. Not long after they knocked a butler appeared and took them to the living room. It was about the size of a basketball court.

After they were seated the butler looked at them "wait a moment I'll notify the master and mistress right away".

They nodded and waited, the group felt extremely awkward; they had just met each other and now they were left alone in a large and quiet room. Fortunately, they didn't wait long "Oh my such a large group that we have here today", called out the general as he came down the stairs.

Rex just gave a shrug and scratched his head as he gave out a nervous giggle "This is just how it turned out" he replied.

Once the general had gone down he sat on a couch that was directly in front of Rex.

He then looked at the group and then back at him "So Ray what do you think of my humble home".

Rex couldn't hold in his laughter "Well if this is a humble home then I wouldn't imagine what a fancy one looks like".

James nodded "Yeah you should see the King's vacation home it's about twice the size".

Rex looked at him in shock "Wow looks like their architecture isn't as bad as I thought" he said to himself.

He looked at James wondering if he should ask him the question that was bothering him, in the end, he decided to. He looked at James and asked, "General when I was with the slave trader I heard that you were going to buy all the demi-human slaves from him may I ask why?"

The general just looked at him mischievously and replied: "That's a secret Ray, but don't worry you'll understand later".

Rex looked at him with a bit of disappointment and thought "I guess that power can sway even the nicest of men".

He simply nodded and looked back at the general silently. After a few minutes of no one talking James was the one that began the conversation "We found a home for you".

That was able to catch his attention "Really that's great anyway that you could take us to it, my friends and I don't have anywhere to go at the moment".

James laughed "what do you mean that you have nowhere to go, why do you think I invited you here, stay the night we have more than enough rooms."

Rex thought about it but in the end, accepted, he had no reason to reject. He nodded and the general called out to his butler "Mark take them to their rooms, Ray it's getting late so get some rest one of the maids will let you know when the food is served".

He nodded and followed the butler to their rooms, he was the last one who was led to his room. Not long after one of the maids knocked the door "Sir the food is served the master is waiting for you downstairs".

He stood up and followed the maid. When he went down the stairs he found James and Norma sitting on the couch talking to the rest of the group.

Rex gave Norma his greeting and sat down next to Anna. Norma looked at him with a mischievous smile "Oh my, Ray you sure like to make things harder for me dear niece don't you."

Everyone in his group except for the boy began turning red, soon a lot of chatter began overlapping as they tried to deny it.

During the rest of the dinner, the general was telling Rex about his war stories and his wife was getting to know his new companions. They were there for about an hour and went back to their rooms. James told him to get a good sleep because in the morning he would take him and the twins to get a present.

Rex made sure that everyone was comfortable. He peeked through the door of the vampire's room. She was startled at first but quickly regained her composure.

"What's your name?" he asked her

She looked at him and calmly answered: "I'm Eve master".

He opened the door wider and came in "Hey Eve I'll be going out tomorrow morning I just want to order you not to drink the blood of anyone until I tell you to."

She looked at him with shock "How long have you known".

Rex got closer to her "Since the moment I saw you" he replied.

Eve let out a sigh and looked at him with a depressed face "Did you buy me so that you could torture me" she asked.

He tilted his head and looked at her in confusion "Why would I do that, you haven't done anything wrong at least not that I'm aware of."

She began to tear up "Thank you, master, I won't betray your kindness".

Now it was Rex's turn to be surprised "Umm don't mention it, now get some sleep if you need to. The twins and I won't be here in the morning but we will come back here, I trust that I can leave the safety of our friends to you.

Eve nodded "Yes master don't worry".

He looked back at her as he left, she was looking at the moon out on the balcony. "What's up with her, why did her personality completely change," he asked himself.

Rex went up to his room and began to sleep, he had missed sleeping in the bed. The next morning he was woken up by Sarah, "Master the general says it's time to go".

He got changed and entered the carriage where the general was already waiting for him. They rode for about 2 hours and stopped in front of a building that looked more like a miniature castle with high walls.

He looked at James "are you going to test my fighting abilities" he asked.

The general just laughed "of course not we are just going to get you some battle companions".

Rex looked at the two sisters "But I already have some".

James laughed even harder "You'll see when we get there".

When they entered Rex's group was shocked, in front of them there were people training monsters.

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