25 Preparations

Rex gave a slight bow "It's an honor to meet you, madam".

She looked at him curiously "So your the young man that my husband, brother, and niece have talked about".

He couldn't help but look at her in confusion "May I ask you to clarify the identity of the last two?"

Both James and Norma burst into laughter "Ray, she's the sister of the king and aunt of Emily".

Rex was shocked and at a loss of words. He looked at the General "you married the sister of the king?".

James put his arm around her and grinned. Norma looked at Rex's shocked face in amusement "soon you're also going to be able to marry my niece".

Rex looked at James's direction but he shook his head "Don't look at me, I didn't tell her anything".

Norma giggled"of course not, all I had to do was look at Emily's face as she talked about you".

Rex began to feel himself redden "I believe that the reason would be that she doesn't usually meet many people her age ma'am".

Norma nodded "Well if it was just that her I would believe it but my brother and husband have also talked about you nonstop".

Rex gave an embarrassed expression "look ma'am I've only known Emily for a bit and I like her, but you should know what the nobles might do when they find about my background".

Norma was about to respond but suddenly a warning bell was rung. They could hear the guardsmen relaying "enemies spotted".

Rex looked at James and asked, "When did your wife arrive sir?"

Knowing what Rex had in mind he shook his head "she's been here for a week".

Suddenly James paused "but she was going to leave tomorrow".

Rex sighed "well looks like we have a spy among our army or her escorts".

The general nodded "that's definitely a strong possibility".

They went out to look at the enemy and found multiple siege weapons.

He looked at James "Sir I'm afraid that they are using your wife in order to affect your commands. Worst case they try to abduct her and use her to negotiate.

James nodded "honestly it's kinda working hehe. I would send her away but now that I know that there might be a spy I prefer her being her ''.

Rex went back to Anna and Sarah and asked them to ready the horses with heavy armor that was made of many individual pieces put together. It covered everything except its underbelly and eyes.

It turned the horses into tanks but their stamina and speed were greatly affected.

After preparations were done he went back to the general and his wife.

"Sir I have a plan to shield your wife from the siege weapons but I want to ask you to let Anna and Sarah be the only guards close to her".

James looked at him in disbelief but stopped himself before he acted emotionally. He sighed and asked Rex "Do you trust them".

Rex nodded "I wouldn't have offered my option if I didn't sir".

The general nodded "Then tell us your plan".

Rex led them to a corner where the wall from the border and the wall from the stronghold met. He brought out the walls that had shields and stacked them together, angling them towards the wall. He used beams that he dug deep into the ground after using wind blades and his storage to dig the holes.

James looked at him surprised "just how much can your space magic hold?".

Rex pauses and pretends to calculate it's about 3/4 full he replied not giving any specifics. In reality, after practicing for so long he managed to level it to level 15 where he had a total of 60 feet square of space.

When things were in his storage he was able to stop its aging and nothing affected the things he had stored. For example, if he had 30 ft square of dirt and another 30 of water they wouldn't interact.

They would be sent to different "spaces" but the total space they take would be added together and provide his limits.

After he was done the shelter was secure and even if rubble fell on it he feels positive that it will hold.

He took 3 spare shields that he had and gave them to Anna, Sarah, and Norma.

"Sorry for having you hold one but it's better to be safe than sorry".

She giggled nervously "you don't see me complaining".

When they were secure he looked at the twins," under no circumstance are you to let anyone get close to her unless it's me or the general. If we lose and they break in the make sure to get the hell out. Now that the horses are prepared then you should be able to leave quickly".

"Yes, master" they both responded in unison.

James looked at Rex "are you sure that this is going to hold".

He nodded "Yes sir, the wood isn't old, they have layers of shields, with the stone walls and wooden beams supporting it. I also doubt any siege weapon will hit it due to its location and angle".

He saw that the General was still uneasy "how about you let some guard stay here but make sure to tell them not to get close to your wife".

James looked at him with a grin "boy I'm supposed to be your teacher and yet look at you already ordering around. All you need is a bit more experience and you can call yourself a General haha".

Rex just bitterly smiled, he had already found out about the power of infantry and he had certain ideas for formations from what he'd seen for formations. The thing that he needed more experience was with how magic affected the battles.

For example, if he had a tight formation like what Romans were used for then it would easily be broken by a tornado that appeared.

He wanted to know what he needed to avoid and how he should act.

He looked at the General and found him still worried. He sighed "Sir I would like to go outside and take out some of the siege weapons".

James looked at him surprised " that's a little too risky kid".

Rex nodded "it is but I've been dying to try something out".

The general laughed "you go to the other side and you might just die haha. Well, whatever you don't seem the type to overestimate yourself so fine kid go wild".

Rex gave him a slight smile and he went towards Nova. He brought out a black tanker armor that he had forged during the training of the twins. Just like the horse's armor his protected nearly his whole body. The armor was extremely heavy but after Fang's training Nova was able to handle it quite well.

He rode along the wall, and after he was far enough from the enemy's formation he used his wind step skill to have Nova go up the wall and to the other side.

He kept using his wind step to have Nova "float" above the ground just enough so that there were no noises made from his hooves. There was still noise from the armors but at least he wasn't going to attract as much attention.

He brought out two double blades bardiches. He has one in each hand, in reality, it would be hard to wield two since they were so heavy, but with his body enhancement he could use them as if they were daggers

He reached the edge of the forest and began riding towards the enemies' arrowhead layered formations. He wasn't spotted until he was halfway to them. Once he had been found out he raised the weapon in his right hand and yelled with all he had.

"Don't you dare get in my way".

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