26 New Identity

When he looked at the enemy's troops he was surprised to find a layer of arrows fly towards him.

"Oh shit, what the hell are they thinking they are going too overboard for just one person," he thought.

Nova and Rex lowered their heads so that they could make sure their eyes weren't hit. He kept hearing the sound of metal clashing as the arrows bounced off from the armor.

After the arrows stopped falling he found himself about 7 meters from the formation.

Spearmen had created a wall and were pointing at Nova.

"You idiots should have listened" he yelled out.

He began swinging his bardiches with body enhancement giving such force that some spears were sent flying from the hands of their wielders. The ones that targeted Nova found themselves thrown back since they couldn't stab through the armor.

Rex began mowing down the number of enemies. After the layer of spearman, the ones he met were mostly swordsmen. He made his way through the formation and headed straight to the siege towers.

When he got halfway he was met with a shield wall. Increasing the speed of Nova he charges straight in. He swung his weapons cutting through the shields as if it were butter.

After going through the wall the men of the army began to make a path for him. Occasionally there were a few who charged but they ended up with a swift death.

He had finally reached the siege towers. He coated his weapons with a wind blade and cut down the towers which fell. There were men that were flattened by the towers. After that, he targeted some of the other siege weapons.

He stopped when he found himself targeted by enemies. Rex could see that Nova was also getting tired. He turned back and headed for the forest.

He could hear some Calvary pursuing him but he led them to a trap that he had dug when he was searching for weapons on his first day.

When he couldn't hear anyone behind him he headed back to the wall. He returned to the stronghold and changed himself and Nova into their army armor.

He went to look at the situation with the twins and James's wife. Rex found them and was relieved when he saw that nothing bad had happened.

He dropped Nova off and went back to the top of the wall. Rex was surprised to see that the still hadn't retreated.

There were men that had formed a shield formation right informs of the wall. He shook his head "when will these people learn".

He took out his sharpened chains and jumped off the wall. Rex slowed the impact with wind step. He almost immediately swung his chains around and after a few swings all 150 men were killed.

Rex used a barrage of wind blades in the direction of the archers. Not long after a horn was heard and the enemy began to retreat.

He went to check back at Norma but was surprised to find one of her escorts dead. When he got closer he saw that they were all fine but Sarah's sword was smudged with blood.

"What happened here," he asked.

Sarah began shaking "he tried forcing his way in saying that he was sent by the General orders him to retrieve her, then he began to attack us".

Rex nodded "I see don't worry all you did was follow orders I'll take responsibility. Let me find the General you two keep guarding her."

He used scan and found James on the eastern wall.

He walked up to him "Sir did you send someone to pick up your wife?"

The general gave him a confused expression "no I heard you tell your companions not to let anyone other than you and me in. Did something happen."

Rex nodded "there was someone who said that you ordered him to retrieve her but he was killed after attacking one of the girls".

When James heard him he began running to where Norma was. When they arrived they found her petting Nova.

After Norma saw him she ran and they gave a passionate kiss. Rex and the twins looked away. He was about to laugh when he noticed their blushing faces.

He walked toward them and patted their heads "don't worry you two did the right thing".

As they walked towards the general's tent Rex noticed that the twins were wagging their tails from side to side.

When they arrived at the entrance of the camp he looked at James "Sir I would like it if I could take the girls with me to collect the equipment".

James hesitated for a second but understood what Rex was trying to do. "Don't overdo it, kid, I trust your judgment but not everyone is as thick-skinned as you".

He nodded and led the way to the wall. They used wind step and landed near the dead bodies. Placing his hands on the girls' shoulders he whispered into their ears "This is what a battle leads to". Rex handed both of them a shield.

They began to collect weapons and after they had finished they began to head back to the wall. During the collection of the equipment, he scanned the area and found 4 assassins staying in the trees.

After they arrived at their tent Rex turned to the twins "No matter what you can't let anyone enter until I step out not even you two got it".

They both gave him a confused expression but nodded. Rex entered it and immediately teleported near the assassins. He used shadow chain and killed 3 of them by slitting their throat. He knocked out the other one and placed him next to the tree.

He teleported the dead to the base. He also went to pick up the dead calvary that had died when they fell into the hole that he had made. They were all pierced by the sharpened stakes that he had placed in the bottom.

After he retrieved the knocked out man he teleported to the tent and stepped out dragging the man by the collar.

Anna and Sarah were left with their mouths open "don't worry all taken care of, now let give the general a visit".

When he was in the entrance he called out, "General it's me, Ray, may I come in".

"Ray just come in".

When Rex entered the camp he found Norma was there "Sir, sorry to interrupt you but I found him and 3 other of his buddies spying on us".

He dropped the assassin from his grasp.

The general looked at the assassin "And where are his friends".

Rex scratched his head " I could only capture one to make it easy to manage, but don't worry the rest were all taken care of".

2 guards took the men away, Rex began to excuse himself but was stopped by the general. "Ray I've called for a timeout, defending the stronghold for this long should be enough".

Rex nodded understanding what the general must be feeling after his wife was put in danger.

The general looked at him "our deal was for you to experience what it's like to be cavalryman, you were the black knight weren't you".

Rex couldn't help but bitterly smile "Yes sir it was me".

The general showed a glint of interest "I'm wondering many things like where you get all your equipment from but I will respect you. The thing I need to know is why hide it".

Rex thought of a way to explain it "If there were to be two demons in our army then our moral would be at its peak while the enemies morale decreases"

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