29 New Comrades

When they arrived at the Guild he led them towards the receptionist who he knew the most. She smiled at him "Hey Ray what can I help you with today".

Rex pointed at Anna and Sarah "They would like to register to the guild".

Nodding she began the process and after a few minutes, she handed them their ID. Both twins started as F-ranks. The receptionist looked at him "If all three of you form a party then you're able to take D rank requests. Since your friends of this monster, then you should be okay."

He looked at her and gave her an offended expression "Who are you calling a monster, I'm an energetic young man that likes challenges hehe".

She looked at him and laughed "that's an understatement, there is no other word to describe you than a monster, who else would take 5 quests in one day. Well anyway, is there something else that I can help you with?"

Rex nodded "As a matter of fact there is, I've yet to put a name to your lovely face" he replied.

He wanted to get her back for calling him a monster, he didn't really mind but it was the first time that they had such a friendly exchange and he couldn't hold back.

The receptionist began blushing and then looked away, after a few minutes she whispered: "My name is Ashley".

He smiled "That's a great name, well Ashley I wish you a good day at work. We'll be leaving so you can continue doing it, see you some other day".

When they left he turned back and found Sarah and Anna pouting. He looked back at them and couldn't help but bitterly smile "What?".

"How come you never flirt like that with us?" asked Sarah.

He was surprised he didn't think that they would actually want him to flirt with them. It's true that sometimes the twins responded with playful responses but he didn't really think that they were that close.

He shook his head "that stupid Fang why are all his 'predictions' always on point" he thought.

Rex looked back at the girls and shrugged "I didn't think you two would want me to be like this. Honestly, I've never actually behaved like this, it's just that today I'm more relaxed than usual. I'm excited that we are getting a house in the city tomorrow and that I can actually have friends. Besides the reason that I acted like that with Ashley is to get her back for calling me a monster."

The twins sighed and began laughing, they themselves were surprised that they felt so close to Rex. After thinking back they didn't know when it all started, when he was around they felt safe and more comfortable than ever. He had saved them many times and that made them feel that they always wanted to be near him.

Rex was surprised when he saw them laughing "Why are women so hard to understand, one moment they are pouting and then the next they are laughing," he thought.

In his past life, he didn't have much contact with them since he was too shy and in the clan, the girls were too respectful toward him since he was the son of the clan leader.

He had also spent most of his time with his tamed friends. During his 10 years in the clan, he had only talked to a girl that would drive him crazy but he had no feeling towards her since she was a 12-year-old girl at the time.

He looked at the twins and smiled "Alright now that we are done with your registration what do you two want to do next".

The two twins faced each other and slightly nodded then they turned and looked at Rex and responded in unison "Master we want to go to the slave trader".

Rex was taken by surprise but after a moment he turned around and began leading the way to the slave trader.

When they entered Simon immediately took them to his office "Young sir, oh how I wanted to see you I just received a great deal thanks to you. General James sent someone to inform me that he will be purchasing all the Demi-humans that I currently have".

Rex looked at him shocked "I thought that James didn't like slavery" he thought.

Simon looked at him "What can I do for you today?".

Rex shrugged all he could do is point at the twins "Ask them" he answered.

The trader turned towards them with a spark of interest in his eyes. He could tell that the twins had mixed feelings about being there. After a few moments of hesitating, Anna answered "We want to save our friends.

The trader smiled "then follow me". They entered the warehouse again and the sisters quickly ran to where their cages had been and began looking at the surrounding cages. Their tails began to wag their tails after finding what seemed to be two demi-human girls.

After taking a closer look Rex found that one of the girls was a fox demi-human in her 20s. The other was a rabbit demi-human 18 years old.

Simon smiled "yeah as I thought it was these two that you came for. The General said that he wanted to buy all the demi-human slaves but I don't think that he would mind if they went with you.

Rex nodded "The thing I'm curious about is did he tell you what he wanted them for?".

Simon shook his head "No all he told me is that as soon as I get some in my possession to make sure that they are brought to him. The guard will come back with the address of where he wishes them delivered."

Rex was still troubled, James didn't seem like someone who would be focused on power. He did end up finding out that the twins killed an escort from his wife but Rex couldn't imagine that it would motivate him to start buying slaves.

Rex turned back to the trader "How much for the both of them?" he asked.

"That would be 9 gold, sir."

Anna and Sarah quickly paid him and he opened the cages. The girls began hugging each other, tears coming from each other. Simon turned to Rex "Sir even if they are the ones paying you will be the one receiving the master and slave oath.

He looked at the twins and they nodded, "Well then looks like it's okay".

The trader began rubbing his hands together "I would like to offer you one of the slaves that I have recently received free of charge."

Rex looked at him "are you sure about that?"

"Of course it's a thank you gift for the business connection that you have provided me with," he replied.

Rex nodded "Then I kindly accept" he responded. If he could be able to help out one of the slaves he would gladly do so.

They walked together and entered a small room where there were people chained to three sides of the room.

He scanned the room with appraisal and found 2 interesting people one of them was a boy who was about 6 years old his stats was pretty high compared to his level. The one that caught his attention the most was a young girl that looked like 17.

After reading her stats he was surprised, it said that her race was a vampire. He quickly pointed at her and Simon immediately unchained her. Rex then pointed at the boy and asked: "How much for him."

When his finger landed in the direction of the boy a woman in her late 20s tried jumping in front of him and yelled: "Please not my son."

Rex looked at the boy "Is she really your mom" he asked.

He hesitated, he was shaking but still managed to give a small nod. Rex turned to Simon "How much for the two of them".

"5 gold should be enough sir"

Rex brought out the money and helped the boy and mother get out of the chain. After they had the slave circles drawn on their new companions they left the trader. The 8 of them began to make their way to where the general told them to go.

He noticed that the boy had hurt his leg and was limping, he made them stop and used heal on his leg. The boy's face began to ease up, his mother began thanking him and hugged her son. Rex saw that he was getting some odd looks from the people.

He couldn't blame them since he himself felt weird being surrounded by 6 women. Before reaching their destination they were stopped in front of a gate. 6 guards got closer to the group with weapons drawn "What business do you have here," asked one of them.

"I'm Ray and I was asked to come here by General James".

The guards immediately saluted and opened the door "Sorry sir you're younger than we expected and you have more company then we were told."

Rex nodded "Don't worry I'm surprised myself, keep up the hard work".

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