6 New Amigos (6)

The next day, Rex began forming even more contracts with slimes. He also had them all merge and attack a horned rabbit. They pulled it into their body and it began to disappear.

"What happened," he asked.

"We stored the dead body master".

The slimes seemed to be getting stronger and stronger the more they hunted. Their viscosity seemed to be increasing. They also seemed to be able to choose new skills the more they leveled up. They learned Acid Spit and transformation that was a skill that was what Rex had asked the Goddess for.

His taming skill was now a little higher so he gave it a shot in taming a horned wolf. He had seen a few from on top of the trees and was amazed by how majestic they looked. Every time he looked for one they were always in a pack and he wasn't sure if he could manage so many at once. Today he had finally found one that was alone. He used his chain to immobilize it after he transported next to it. The contract finalization was slower than with the slimes. When the contract was formed Rex was able to understand the wolf.

"Seems like I will be under your command young master".

"I look forward to working with you is it alright if I call you Frost?".

The horned wolf lowered his head "if that's what you want then yes it's fine".

They made their way back to the village. Everyone was startled at first when they saw the large wolf. As always after the hunt, Rex went to the butchers to sell all of the hunted monsters. He walked home and explained the situation to his parents.

"Fine Rex, he will be able to stay tonight, but only for tonight tomorrow morning you have to find someplace for it to sleep outside" answered his mom.

Rex nodded his understanding and brought Frost to his room. "So Frost tell me more about yourself".

Frost simply looked at Rex and began responding "There's not much to tell I had just separated from my pack due to my coming of age and was looking for a mate when you found me".

He began feeling guilty "so you were looking for a mate huh".

Frost nodded "Yes our wolf tradition states that if a male can't find a mate in his pack once he comes of age then he has to leave and form his own pack".

"Well, then what if I help you form your own pack," He asked.

Frost looked at his tamer with his tail swinging from side to side "would you really do that for me master".

Rex nodded he knew that there were certain things that he had to do to ensure the safety of the clan "Yes I would Frost, but under one condition anytime a wolf joins you I have to form a contract with them to ensure the safety of my people".

The wolf began circling his room

"You will also help around the village and in return, you can use our land as your territory as long as only monsters are hunted".

The next morning Rex woke up before his father left. "Father there is something that I have to ask you about".

Leo looked at his son with interest shining out of his eyes "what is it, Rex".

"I want to get Frost a pack so I was wondering if I could get some land close to the village".

Leo became serious "What did you just say you want land? And for a pack of horned wolf no less".

Rex could understand what angle his father was coming from, he knew that it was absurd but it had to be done. "Father in return they will guard our clan, their sense of hearing, smell, speed, sight, and knowledge of the forest is much higher than us to make things better they can also hunt all I ask is for some land and fair treatment for them".

His father's gaze began to soften up and then he burst out laughing. "I'll bring it up in the meeting I'm going to, meanwhile I want you to start making a home for Frost of the village around 300 feet away from the village"

Rex smiled at him and went back to his room. He got changed and went to the weapon shop owner and bought an ax, he also went to the general shop and bought a hammer and some sanding paper. He bought some plywood like material and a big tarp looking cloth. He was able to purchase all this with the money he had made from the butcher. After storing everything into his storage he and his companions made their way to Frost's future home. Okay so now I have to get used to building with only these tools.

He began cutting down some trees and cut them into rectangles he was cutting clumsily at first but after a few hours, his ax skill began increasing. "I should probably start to model something out, that way I can get better at cutting out models so that I can increase my carpentry skills".

He sculpted the tree cuts into pieces laid out vertically then he added another layer horizontally and began nailing. He placed grass in between to act as insolation, the roof was circular and layered by large leaves. Frost was able to enter and circle around before lying down.

"Well this should give you a nice place to sleep and it'll keep you warm. I'll give you something that is more permanent".

Frost lowered his head "thanks sir I'll serve you to the best of my abilities.'' He simply nodded and left frost.

When Rex got home his father was eating "so how did it go" Leo asked.

Rex smiled "good today I was just messing around trying to get the hang of carpentry".

"So I made frost a temporary shelter for tonight".

Leo looked at Rex " well done just like I expected from you".

Rex smiled " you flatter me father, but what did the people say".

Leo looked at his son "you really are growing to fast, you don't act like all the other 5-year old that's for sure, the people agreed as long as they help with guarding and hunting like you said you were given an acre of land to do as you see fit".

Rex was excited "really father that's great".

"Sure is, that will make you the youngest kid to ever own land".

Rex went to bed happy that he got permission even though a little more land would have been better but still considering that to them he was only 5 years old that's more than enough. The slimes woke him up in the morning "Master the sun just rose".

Rex looked at the slimes and thanked them. He put on his suit and made his way onto his land. Frost was still sleeping Rex began shaking him "hey frost wake up".

Slowly the horned wolf opened his eyes "oh hello master sorry I'm not used to waking so early,''

Rex looked at the big beast "don't worry, I got permission from the clan we can build your pack as long as they help the clan".

Frost began wagging his tail "thanks so much master".

"Don't mention it, but first we need to build the permanent homes, I think that 6 should be good to start with". Frost nodded and Rex said, "we also have to make you stronger that way the others will be able to respect you, I'll work on the houses meanwhile you and the slimes go work together and level up".

The slimes and frost were able to contact him because of his telepathy skill but Rex was confident that there was going to be no need, the slimes alone could bring down 4 boars at once with their acid and string skills.

Rex's building skill really helped him he was surprised how quickly he was able to upgrade it. "Could it be so easy because of my construction job in my previous life?".

When he was done with the fourth house he heard the ring in his head that he loved so much. Rex looked at his status board and saw that he had leveled up again.

Rex was excited "so I do get points if my contracted monster kills enemies".

It took him about 8 hours to be able to finish building the small houses, they had doors that swung open from inside and outside each house was able to fit two-horned wolves and give them enough moving space. He contacted one of the slimes and asked "where are you guys at".

A little later he heard the voice of the slime " we are at the lake close to the mountain range".

Rex was surprised that they had traveled so far he teleported as close as he could and then used body enhancement and began running as fast as he could. He reached them after an hour and a half.

When he found them they were going against a bear with red fur, and frost was pretty beat up. Rex landed beside him " you seem to be having a tough time why didn't you contact me".

Frost lowered his head " we didn't want to disturb you master and we were also assuming that you were on your way already so we didn't want to worry you either".

Rex looked at him " we'll talk later, so the bear is really strong I take it".

Frost nodded "Yes, master he took everything that we had and he was hurt, to begin with.''

Rex looked at the bear curiously " you don't say". Rex was impressed with the power that the bear seemed to possess.

"I'll try taming it," he said excitedly.

Frost looked at his master in surprise "if that's your wish master".

Rex used heal on frost and took out his chain, he wrapped it around the bear's paws and made the bear lose his balance and began the contract. Once the contract was finished Rex began feeling nauseous and blacked out.

When Rex woke up he the bear was next to him, he looked at his status board and saw that he had been blacked out for 2 hours. The bear was now contracted and part of his team. He looked at how much mana he had left and found that 25 percent of it was left. "I better start meditating".

He looked around and saw that the slimes were guarding him, the frost had some new wounds. There was also some panther looking creatures that were circling around others who were laying on the ground dead. He healed the bear and frost, his status board let him know that he had leveled up 2 more times while he was out. He now had 11 skill points.

Once frost had defeated most of the panthers the rest ran away, Frost came back to Rex's side. The bear was still asleep so Rex healed both him and frost, while they waited for the bear to wake up Rex decided to get some new skills. After looking for a good while he ended up buying status view skill and shadow chains. With these skills, he is now able to see a person's power level which is calculated into health, mana and some skills.

Shadow chain allows him to create chains that look like they are made from shadows to trap multiple enemies. He now had 5 points left that he saved in case of an emergency. Using his Status skill he compared Frost and the bear and he was surprised Frost was ¼ of the strength of the bear "no wonder I blacked out".

When the bear woke up he stood up on his hind legs and growled, "You seem to be strong enough to be my master, just barley, but your still young so until your older I'll put a limit in the orders that I'll follow".

Rex nodded and smiled like a kid with a new toy "okay if that's what has to be done then there is no other way, for now, I'm helping frost start a pack so I won't ask for much. I'll provide shelter and sometimes some prey but other times you'll have to hunt, in exchange, you guard my village and me".

The bear agreed "yes that's fine, it's one of the only ways that I can help you with your current strength".

"Okay, then can I take you to my small land and make you a house".

The bear nodded "which way should we be heading".

Rex looked at the bear "I'll use my teleport ability and get us there immediately".

The bear seemed surprised "so not only do you have that strange magic that makes me want to swear loyalty to you but you also have strange space magic".

The slimes collected all the bodies of the 6 pumas that frost had defeated and then they teleported back to the camp. He began working on the bear's for 3 hours later once it was four times bigger than the rest.

"Well there you go, it's your new home hope you like it".

The bear went inside to inspect it and after a few moments he came back out "Who could believe that a child built this".

He gave the bear a smile while scratching his head due to embarrassment. "If you say so but it's good for now".

Rex looked at Frost "hey we can get started on finding members tomorrow".

"Very well master".

Rex looked at the young horned wolf "You're going to be the pack alpha so you must ask for help from others when you need it you got it"

Frost lowered his head "Yes sir it won't happen again".

Rex began practicing his shadow chain skill he managed to level it once the radius of the attack, the length and the strength of the chain were increased. "Well let's call it a day".

He went back to the village and received payment for the pumas and the butcher was startled. What are you doing with shadow lion corpses".

I hunted them why is there a problem with hunting them".

The butcher looked in disbelief you bet there is it takes 4 of those wolves like yours to defeat one yet you bring me 6 of them".

This time Rex's payment was big he went home and handed half his earnings to his mother the rest he left in his storage. "What's this how did you get so much," she asked worriedly.

"I was hunting with frost today and we got carried away".

His mother looked at him in disbelief "make sure to watch yourself I don't want you to bite off more than you can chew".

He nodded and ate his dinner after he meditated for two hours and went to sleep.

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