39 New Adventurers

"Okay so I got the demi-humans training and developed their style of fighting, and I started the punishment for the ones who broke their promise. What else am I missing?"

He walked to his office and began to think "I guess that right now I need to acquire the people who I need. At the moment I'm running low on funds and he was sure that I won't be going to have time to go adventuring for a good while."

As he thought for a solution the figure of the 9 beasts that he had tamed in the forest during the twins training appeared in his head, "That's right I haven't called them over yet."

"Chainlings report to me if anyone tries to come to my office"

"((Alright master))"

He teleported to the arena in the base and transported the Elk, 3 white tigers, a rainbow serpent, and 4 fire foxes. They were startled at first when they saw their surroundings but calmed down once they saw Rex standing in front of then.

The beast lowered their heads and the elk spoke "Master it's nice to see you again, we have been doing what you asked and we hope that we are now strong enough to assist you.

Rex nodded and began looking at their stats, they had about the same strength as Frost. He gave a nervous laugh and nodded "I assume that you guys took my orders seriously and didn't stop hunting at all huh."

They all gave him a nod while having a serious expression "Yes master that is right, we wanted to be worthy of you as soon as possible."

Rex smiled "Well then that's good because at the moment I could really use your guy's help."

The 9 beasts quickly raised their heads and their eyes began to shine with excitement, "Master, just let us know what it is that you need and we will make sure to get it done."

He nodded "Do you know who adventures are?"

They looked at each and back at Rex "Not much master all we know is that they go to the forest and hunt us. Some take all of the corpse and others just take certain parts and leave the rest behind."

Rex nodded "Yeah I guess that you guys wouldn't know much about them"

He began to tell them about adventurers, "You see at the moment I'm kinda low on money and I want you guys to become adventures and go on jobs so that I can keep on doing the things that I have to do."

They all nodded and the Elk stood up straight "Master we will do whatever you ask as long as it's something that we are able to do."

Rex looked around and asked, "Is this how all of you feel?"

They all nodded with a big smile "Okay then, I have a skill that is called transform. I'll turn you all into demi-humans and once you get used to your bodies I will slowly allow you guys to join the guild. At the moment the kingdom is in a war so they will get suspicious if all nine of you show up suddenly."

The beast nodded and Rex started to use his skill and transform them into humans, When he was done Rex spent more than half of his mana storage "Wow, that was hard, It's the first time that I transformed something to such an extent."

In front of him now stood demi-human Elk, 3 white tigers, a rainbow serpent, and 4 fire foxes.

There was one female tiger and 2 foxes, he gave a small glance around and nodded "There is no way that anyone will be able to recognize you as beasts anymore haha."

He gave them all blankets so that they could cover up and called Fang over. In a matter of a few short minutes both Fang and Jemma appeared. When she saw the 2 naked girls in front of her master her eyes began to turn a dark shade of red.

"Fang, Jemma these 9 are some of our new members of our family that I recently tamed. I transformed them into humans so that they can become adventures soon. At the moment I'm running a bit low on money haha so I kinda need the support. I would like the two of you to train them, with their levels I'm sure that they wouldn't die easily but I want them to be more than prepared just in case."

Both demons nodded "Leave it to us master they will be in S rank shape when we are done with them."

Rex laughed and gave a silent prayer for them to survive the demon's training "Also Fang I need you to tell my father and mother that I'll see them tonight. Oh and get my skeleton troops to make another room like our breeding room for horned rabbits and start placing some wild horned wolves there, I have an idea to increase the security of my home in the future."

The demon dipped his head "Right away sir."

He was about to leave when he remembered something important "Oh yeah Fang have you melted the old gold coins from the Diamond Kingdom and turned them into Silver Kingdom currency?"

Fang nodded and left the room, shortly after he returned with a pouch of 20 gold coins "Here you go Master."

"Alright this will be enough until I start my next plans, today I can finally do something that I've been dying to do haha, cya soon."

He teleported back to his office and went to the courtyard to find Sarah and Anna "Hello strangers how's everything going?"

They turned around and gave him a smile "Hey Master nice to see that you still remember our names haha."

He scratched his head nervously "Yeah sorry about that, I've been busy lately."

The twins burst in laughter "That's an understatement haha, I'm sure that if this kind of responsibility was ever passed to us then we would have committed suicide."

He laughed and looked around "Where are the other girls and Eve going?"

They pointed at the mansion "They are with Mia teaching her kid how to read and write. They also have the demi-human children with them."

Rex nodded and looked around "I want to start teaching all of the demi-humans how to read and write, It'll be my payment for their loyalty. Everyone should have the right to have a shot on improving their life."

Sarah nodded and gave him a thumbs up "That sounds good to me."

He smiled at them "I also want you to have the maids start training with a weapon of their choice. There is always the chance that someone might try to get into our home, I want to be ready if it ever happens. They both gave him a nod with a serious expression on their face."

Rex patted both their heads and walked away when he was about to enter the mansion he heard "You better take responsibility master."

He turned around to find Anna and Sarah winking at him, all the demi-humans stopped what they were doing and began to burst in laughter.

He shook his head with a smile and headed to one of the buildings separate from the house, he met with a stableman that was just sitting there. When he saw that Rex spotted him the man nervously stood up "Sir it's not what your thinking, I didn't mean to slack its just tha..."

"Don't worry about it I can't blame you, I know that we don't have any horses at the moment. Just make sure that you work hard when we do."

The man quickly kneeled "Yes Sir you have my word that I will."

Rex nodded and opened the door, he stood in awe as he was greeted by the image of the giant caged griffin. He gave it a smile "It's about time that we get to know each other."