8 More Trouble (8)

Five years passed and he was now ten. During the five years, he had been focusing on leveling up, increasing his mana capacity, recruiting more beasts, and getting more land. He now had 12 acres of land to work with. He began to learn many crafts from the village and started building underground making sure that everything was extremely reinforced. The beasts had their living quarters underground so that they weren't all spotted by enemy ninja that might get the wrong message if they were seen on a large scale.

Rex now had 13 wolves lead by Frost, 6 bears lead by Blaze, 9 shadow lions led by Midnight, and 2 demons led by Fang. In reality, the numbers weren't the sizes that Rex wished for but he knew that he shouldn't tame much more otherwise the balance of the forest might be affected.

A part of the underground shelter was put into place in order to breed and once they had grown they would be released and increase the population of the forest. Rex had learned to wield various weapons like spears and swords which were not commonly used by ninja. He was to be considered an adult at the age of 15. His father had taught him the qualities that make a leader in case anything happened to him.

"Sir what are today's groups going to be", asked Fang.

Rex's thoughts finally came back from Lala land "right sorry, I was just thinking about the past".

Fang simply nodded, he was a humanoid demon or at least had the ability to change his appearance to be human-like the other two. Fang preferred not to show his true form unless he had no other choice. Rex had found the 3 of them as they were exploring a cave in a nearby mountain and tamed them almost immediately since he had never seen demons before.

"It's alright sir but don't drift off so often or it'll become a habit".

Rex nodded his agreement "Yeah sorry, we need 2 bears and 2 wolves for patrols, a hunting party of 3 wolves and 2 shadow lions. Assign these jobs to the ones that rested yesterday, Meanwhile, I'll scan the southern part of the forest, I would like Hawk or Jemma to go with me".

"Yes, sir I'll stay behind and protect the base I'll get Hawk for you".

He waited for Hawk in the little cabin that he had made on his land "Please forgive me for my tardiness master Rex".

"Don't worry about it we are going to scout the southern area of the Forest".

The young demon nodded and fastened his bow and arrows and they made their way into the forest. After a few minutes, they found a pack of wolves that had made a den about 2.5 miles from the village.

"This might be a problem" whispered Rex as he stared at the horned wolves.

Hawk looked at Rex "With all respect but I think that they are far enough from the village".

Rex shook his head "That may be true but no pack would want to make a den so close to our base and markers".

The young demon seemed to be evaluating what his master had just said "I see, guess that only leaves 2 possibilities, one they are strong enough, or two they have no other choice".

Rex nodded, unfortunately, seeing their stats it wasn't possibility one. As they were going back he heard from one of the wolves from the patrol "Master we have a problem".

Rex heard a tone of urgency coming from the beast "Where are you?" he asked.

"At the entrance of the golden pine trees".

Rex grabbed Hawk and teleported to the location.

They arrived in the middle of a chase between the patrol and armored soldiers. More than 100 soldiers were pursuing the ninja and the beasts that were trying to flee. The men soldier men were on horseback and moved pretty fast.

Rex brought out a spear he had made and used his enhancement ability and jumped from the tree knocking and killing a few horsemen that were leading the pursuit. Once the men in front were killed the rest began to circling him and temporarily forgetting about the patrol.

He used shadow chain, he now had the ability to control the chains with ease. He tied the chain around the necks of the horses making sure that they weren't too tight, meanwhile he also tied the horsemen and infantry. He checked his search detection skill and found many men were still chasing the patrol but the dots would disappear whenever the Hawk got near.

"Now who are you,'' he asked and no one answered.

Rex summoned 9 lions, Blaze and Frost. He kept the narrow bonds chained they were all connected by chains on their legs and wrists. 5 lions surrounded them while the other four made sure that the horses stayed in a tight formation while all the chains were connected to Rex's hand.

Rex killed 110 men leaving less than 30 alive. "If I appeared with the village with 140 men it would be chaos so instead I had to kill your comrades so I'm sorry.''

Telepathically he heard Fang "Master is it possible for me to have the bodies".

Rex thought about it for a minute "Umm sure but why".

Fang answered with excitement, "It's a surprise sir ".

Rex was confused by he knew that he could trust the demon " Okay then, just make sure not to do anything that will get me into trouble".

They made them into the village, "Father this is what is left of the enemy the rest are dead and by what I can tell no one escaped".

His father was shocked "you took all the other down yourself".

Rex nodded "but I heard they were at least 100 men".

He looked at his father and understood how he must be feeling "Well to be exact they were 140 men and I also had help from Hawk and we ended up taking them by surprise".

His father shook his head "well all that matters is that you're all safe".

The armored soldiers were taken for questioning. Rex was permitted to see the procedure they took the weakest looking and began torturing him by poking thin sheets of metal under his nails. After hours if different forms of torture the man began letting them know everything they wanted to know.

They were part of an army that was dispatched from the diamond kingdom, the biggest kingdom out of the four. They were a detachment that was sent to scout the area ahead.

"That's when we bumped into your patrol and gave chase", said the broken warrior.

"How many scouting parties do you have" asked Rex as he jumped in this the integration "are they the same size as yours".

The warrior nodded.

Leo looked worried "If it's true then the main force should be between 3 or 4 thousand men". "That's overkill," thought Rex as he began to analyze the problem.

"If the scouts don't return then the army will investigate, but if the scouts return hey will tell the army about the village".

He saw his father nod. "There's only one thing we can do and that is killing the rest of the party so that we are able to save trouble if fighting them again".

Other ninja began helping to put an end to the warriors. "If possible leave the bodies there Fang wants to do something with them".

Everyone looked up surprised but later returned back to normal, Leo nodded "Okay then leave them here".

Rex left and headed towards the base where he found Hawk near the entrance. "Well done Hawk".

The young demon gave Rex a smile "Thank you master".

Rex began to get informed about the patrol two members had been hit and injured but not enough to kill them.

"Hawk where is Fang", asked Rex and Hawk pointed to the underground practice arena. Rex entered and was surprised to see what he saw.

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