34 Issues

When Rex returned to the courtyard he found that all the demi-humans were still standing quietly. He looked at them and shook his head "Come on people socialize a bit more, unfortunately, the food won't be ready for a good while so sit down and start getting to know each other."

After hearing him some of the slaves gave it a shot but the number was still very small. Rex sighed, he wanted to make the twins start talking with some of them but then that would weaken the guard of the two doors.

He turned around and began to use his skill to communicate with Fang. "I need you to get me as much fruit as you can, don't pick them from the same place since I don't want to somehow start a food shortage in the forest or something."

"Right away master."

Rex entered the mansion and began looking around until he found a maid "Hey could you be nice enough to tell John that I want to see him, I'll be in the entrance."

She looked at him nervously and bowed then she immediately turned around and began walking away while saying "I will relay your message master."

Rex sighed, he knew that sooner or later they would begin to feel comfortable being around him but he still didn't like so many people being distant like his clan members were.

John showed up a few minutes after Rex sat down on the steps of the entrance "Master what can I do for you?"

He turned to find the front door being opened by the butler. "Is there an office or some other place that we can talk in that is more private?"

John quickly nodded "Yes, there is your office, I had it prepared this morning."

Rex stood up and followed the butler into an office that was about 20ft long by 15ft wide and in the center, there was a U shaped desk. The office was on the second floor next door to the library. It was illuminated by 4 windows that were directly behind the desk.

He took his place in the fancy chair that was in the center and looked at the butler who stayed standing. "Take a seat John, we might end up talking for a good while."

The butler nodded and sat in the chair that was directly in front and looked at Rex waiting for him to start talking.

"Can you tell me what you know about the old owner of the mansion, it's caretakers, and the installations?" he asked.

John began to think for a minute and then nodded "From what the general told me, this house used to belong to a noble who was accused of passing information to the Dimond kingdom about a month or two ago. As for the guards and maids, they have been here for years, since no evidence against them was found. In total there are 20 guards, 10 maids, and 4 stablemen, the noble also had his own privately paid army but it was disbanded when he was executed."

Rex shook his head "How deeply were the guards, maids, and the stablemen investigated?"

The butler shrugged "Sorry master that I don't know, I only told you what the general told me".

He began wondering about something "Did the general tell you what you just told me about them with those exact words."

John nodded "Yes, that was the way he explained it to me when we were talking."

Rex began rubbing his chin "Is it possible that the general is trying to give me a clue, why would he use those words (no evidence against them was found). Is he implying that they were also crooked and were saved by not having the evidence?" he thought.

He sighed and finished his thoughts "I might be overthinking this, the final thing is that I can't trust any of them at the moment. These people could also be spying on me for the king or some other high ranking individual". If he trained the demi-humans and made them strong then his ideas and techniques that he teaches might be stolen.

"Note to self find a way to avoid being spied on" he muttered.

He then looked at John and nodded allowing him to continue. "The house has 30 rooms and 30 bathrooms, another 20 rooms and 10 bathrooms for the caretakers,1 main living room and a private one for the family, there is also a large party hall, library, meeting room, kitchen, dining, large pantry, and inside garden."

Rex had now laid his head down in shock "I knew that the mansion was huge but what the hell, is this mansion the new white house or something, why so many rooms." he muttered.

He thought that John had finished but was mistaken, "Apart from the house there are also 2 separate buildings one can house up to 1000 soldiers, that's where the noble's private army lived. The other is a building that is a stable with room for about 500 horses."

Rex just couldn't take it anymore, "just how frickin rich was the noble to be able to have all this," he said out loud.

John gave Rex a confused expression. He looked at the butler's expression and saw that there was something odd "John when we met you told me that the general had told you about my victories, did he tell you anything else?"

The butler shook his head "No all I was told was about your contributions then you became his student and that you saved the lady Norma."

Rex nodded "he didn't tell you about my background?"

"No just what I told you earlier."

Rex scratched his head and thought to himself "Please tell me that he didn't do the same thing with the nobles. If he did then I can expect them to start investigating me, trying to find out who the hell I am. Did he do this to get me used to being vigilant 24/7 or just to hide that I'm a "commoner" so that people will listen to me easier? Shit speaking of investigating me I can expect that the King or the general have already sent someone to check out who I am. Damn it, how did I forget something so important".

He stood up and looked at the butler "John thank you for your hard work, you may go now."

John stood up as well and bowed "Call me if you need anything else master." and he turned around and left.

Rex sat down and sighed "Such a freaking mess, well first thing's first I have to send someone to back up my lie and then I have to find a way to monitor these people."

He contacted Fang telepathically again and explained to Fang the problem he had looked over "I'm going to need you to send Hawk to Blue Hill Village, there he will tell them that he took care of me in the forest. Also give some gold to the chief, once it's melted down, and tell him that he needs to say that he trains horses and gave one to a young man called Ray. If he is still not swayed by the gold then tell him that we will take care of monsters that surround the village for the next 10 years or until he says it's not necessary, free of charge."

Rex knew that monsters provide problems to villages since merchants tend to stay away from parts of the forests that are infested with them. Since most villages like Blue Hill are poor then they can't pay for exterminations. The best part of the deal was that he could benefit from it as well since he can just simply tame the monsters, it's a win-win.

Fang had stayed silent listening to him but after he was done the demon spoke "Sir we have picked the fruits already they are inside the storage of slime 18,20, and 34."

He had forgotten that he had asked for the fruits "Right thanks Fang I'll leave the rest of the things to you."

"Yes, young master, don't worry, have fun and be careful."

Rex put his head down on the desk and mumbled "Now that leaves me with the question, how am I going to monitor everyone" as he summoned the slimes.

When he looked at them his eyes began to light up and he immediately spoke to Fang "Quickly round up as many slimes as you can from the forest, I'll be there when it gets dark."

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