1 Into The UNKNOWN (1)

"Spending most of my days working nonstop to barely make ends meet, this is a waste of my life how did it turn out like this" thought Adrian as he was working like any other day.

"Hey, Adrian I need this finished by today the lady wants to have the painters paint tomorrow" called his boss from behind.

"Sir that's impossible we still need to put up the rest of the framing and then place the drywall not to mention we still need to put up the texture, I can't do this alone".

"Well you better figure something out that's what I pay you for isn't it".

With that, his boss left and Adrian began working once again speeding up the process. While he was carrying a 2x4s up the stairs he fell and hit his head and things began turning dark.

"I wish that I had a life that mattered one where I would be respected and treated fairly.''

Time passed then he felt his eyes open up and when he woke up he saw that he was in a white room with only a table and two seats.

"Welcome Adrian how are you feeling".

Adrian looked around and found a girl "where she came from", he wondered "there was no one there a second ago."

"Well I was knocked out and woke up here, so I don't know how to answer your question. By the way, who are you and why am I here, I have work I have to try and finish".

"Don't worry about that your dead and now there is nothing you can do about that, as for your first question I am a goddess someone who manages worlds and I felt bad about the life that I gave to you, do you remember your last words".

Adrian looked at her "Yes I wished that I had a life where I was respected and treated fairly.''

The goddess looked at him and smiled "Well that's why I have decided to reincarnate you, buy I won't be able to reincarnate you to your old world though. I'll take you to a world where you can gain the respect you desired so much it has real magic".

It took Adrian a few seconds to process what she had just said, "really, you're not joking".

The goddess looked at him "no, I'm not, I don't play around, I'll take this as a yes".

Adrian nodded furiously

"very well but first, you must choose the abilities that you want".

He thought about her question "how civilized is it where I'm going to be reincarnated".

"Well, it's what you would consider the middle ages".

Thinking about it that meant that transport was going to be a problem in the movies he's seen people during those times spent months in travel. "Are there any dangers other than people".

The goddess thought about his question "yes, there are monsters and demons and other creatures as well as different races".

After hearing the goddess, Adrian made up his mind. "Then I want space magic, taming skills and an ability that allows me to change my appearance".

She looked at him " Okay but since you chose so many skills then you will only be able to choose 2 attributes.

He was confused "what are attributes for".

"They are the types of magic you will be able to use, for example, the space magic that you asked for" she answered.

Adrain thought for a moment "Then I would like the dark and wind attributes".

"Great those two attributes will be compatible with your new environment".

Adrain asked where he would be sent but she said it was a secret and a magic circle began forming.

"Oh yeah nearly forgot you can get new skills as you level up, I will also be contacting you from time to time, good luck and have a good life", Adam thanked her and everything turned black.

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