16 Ground Battle

Rex could see his goal begin to take shape "I would be honored sir, but first I would like to fight as infantry, cavalry, and then I could study under you".

The General had a big grin "fine kid, it's a deal just make sure not to die on me". Rex smiled "that's not in my plans".

He exited the tent and went back to guard the wall. In the morning the captain gave an announcement "we will be battling in an open field, the wall can't take much more so we will have to bring the fight to them and reduce some of their numbers".

Rex was happy he could finally witness the power of an infantry unit in a battle. They began marching and found the enemy camp waiting.

Rex went to the captain "Sir something isn't right how do they know we were coming".

The captain grunted, "Yeah I can see that".

Rex hesitated "how about sending 6 out of the 30 thousand men we have here to the wall in case the enemy attacks while we are here.."

The captain thought about it "But if I send that many how will we be able to fight against the enemy?".

Rex smiled "I'll keep them busy when the time comes, trust me, sir, I know that we can handle them".

The captain nodded but it seemed to take a lot out of him "alright but if we die, know that I'll come back from hell and drag you down with me".

They both laughed and sent the men to the wall. He knew that the captain only considered what he said because of how close he had become with Edward and the General, and because of what he was able to accomplish in the gate. Rex went to the front of the army so that he could feel first hand what it was like to clash against thousands of people. The first ones to charge were the Diamond Kingdom and the Silver Kingdom followed.

The cavalry were the first ones that were to reach the archers' range. Once they began to mingle together the archers stopped. Once the momentum of the calvary was lost they began to ride to their sides once again. He was confused as to why the captain didn't align the spearmen to meet against the calvary, he remembered that they were supposed to be effective against the spearmen. Then it was the turn of the infantry

With swords and shields in hand, they began to charge the spearmen were a good distance behind them. The enemy stopped running and began forming a shield wall with spears poking out of small openings. Rex charged ahead with a big smile on his face, he used his wind blade and sent the men creating the shield wall to the afterlife.

After repeating the process another 4 times a big gap on the wall was formed, and the Silver Kingdom flowed in keeping their momentum and killing many of the enemy soldiers. Since they were now mingling with the enemy soldiers their archers stopped firing. After fighting for a few minutes Rex was thankful to have his sensory skill that had saved him multiple times from sneak attacks.

Rex had switched his shield for dual curved blades. After using his body enhancement magic to mow down as many enemies since he was the one that gave the captain the idea of sending 6000 men away.

The Silver army was going the upper hand, but the Diamond army wasn't backing down so easily. Rex's main goal was to kill as many archers as possible, the fewer archers in the enemy army the fewer arrows that rained on them when they were protecting the gate or when they retreated.

Rex found the archers protected by another shield wall. Some of the men were shaking, "If you let me pass I won't kill you" some of the men hesitated but none moved.

He nodded and gave a small sigh, then he used a wind blade and took out some shied men and archers. The archers began firing at him but their arrows simply flew into a portal that was the entrance to his storage. Rex was now completely alone and separated from the rest of the army the Diamond soldiers were focusing on him. He brought out his chains that had spikes iron balls at the ends. The only reason that he was able to lift the iron balls was due to his body enhancement magic. He began to whirl it around sending the enemies in range away.

Not long after a horn was used and the enemy began to withdraw Rex still swung his chains making them circle around him. Every now and then there was a soldier that tried timing his swing and then attacked him, but all Rex had to do was spin it faster ending the idiot's life. After the enemy was gone he began to make his way back to the Silver army who was now cheering.

That when there was a roar behind him, he looked back and found around 400 chariots with spearmen on them. Rex began waving his chain and the chariots avoided him "That was a close one". He used a wind blade and knocked some of the chariots down without injuring the horses. He looked back at the Silver army and found a wall of shields with the spearmen behind throwing the spears at the horses pulling the chariots.

Rex couldn't help but hate this method due to so many horses dying, he did have to admit that it was extremely effective. "Is this why he didn't have the spearmen attack earlier".

Most of the chariots were taken care of by the archer unit, however, the chariots that made it through the rain of arrows did a number on the shield unit. Both armies were weakened, they would most likely not attack anytime soon. Rex once again asked for permission to retrieve weapons and armor and the captain agreed.

They had all seen how amazing Rex was in the battle going into the enemies main force and coming back unscratched. Rex collected weapons but also teleported around 120 men and 30 horses. He found 26 live horses and took them back with him. When he got back he gave the horses to the caretakers and popped out the weapons he collected from the battlefield.

Rex was summoned by the general again "hey kid nice work".

He nodded his thanks "so do you want to be part of the calvary now".

Rex gave a smile, he was able to see how much power a kingdom's infantry has "Yes sir".

The general gave a nod and allowed him to leave. The next morning they headed back to the Silver Kingdom. The south all knew about him and he couldn't believe how much they had exaggerated his contributions. When they go back to the city, he went back to the INN and told the receptionist about the war and then he went to bed.

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