7 Getting A Gang Started (7)

Once again the slimes woke him up and he ate breakfast and then went to find the bear and Frost. He found the bear and walked towards him " Hey can I call you Blaze".

The bear froze and considered the name "Blaze huh due to my fur, sure why not".

Rex gave Blaze a big smile "great will you be accompanying us to find other horned wolves".

"Sure you asked me to be your guard, I don't really see the need of you needing one but I'll go".

Rex used his map skill to detect enemies his range was now a mile he could now be able to tell what enemy was. There was a group of three-horned wolves that weren't moving. "Hey, Frost we have a group of three-horned wolves about 437 feet that way".

Frost began shaking his tail "then let's go, master".

Rex rode on Blaze while they chased after Frost who was way too excited. "Man that wolf's speed has increased tremendously".

Blaze let out a low growl in agreement "Yeah I was surprised that one lone wolf was able to injury me to such a degree, even if I was hurt in the beginning only a pack of 8 wolves working together should be able to inflict so much damage".

Rex looked at Blaze in surprise "So your really that strong" he immediately remembered how high Blaze's stats were he assumed that the stats were normal, but that would mean that Frost is really strong. He hadn't seen the stats of another horned wolf so it was hard to judge how strong Frost was.

"Yes, I am a Sun Bear, after all, I was fighting the lions that you collected. Once they saw Frost they hid and waited till we tired each other out".

They reached the three-horned wolves that had surrounded Frost and growling at him baring their teeth. "So what do you say Frost, want them to be part of your pack".

Frost looked at Rex "give me a second master".

Rex got of Blaze and sat on the ground waiting patiently the wolf growled back and forth. The two smaller wolves turned around and distanced themselves from Frost and the large wolf. The big male was close to 3 times the size of Frost.

Frost turned around and walked toward Rex "This is the mate of one of the wolves and the other is his daughter he wants me to show my power in order to become their alpha. He also said that even If I do become the alpha you must show your power to be my master afterward".

Rex listened to the terms they were understandable "You want to duel him?", Frost nodded "Very well then you two get things sorted out".

He took a quick look at the stats of both Frost and the other wolf and nearly fell down in surprise with what he saw "Frost come here real quick" Frost hesitated but did as he was asked

"yes, master".

Rex thought of a way to explain himself. "So I received an ability that lets me see how strong people and beasts are the thing is that you seem to be about 8 times stronger than him". Frost seemed confused.

"I know that I've gotten stronger and faster since we met but how is it possible that I'm that much stronger in simply 3 days".

Rex was just as confused as Frost "exactly how many beasts did you defeat".

"Well there were a few boars, and a giant crock, then the 6 lions which I had never seen before".

Now Rex felt like he understood a little better since all the kills were made by frost alone he received most of the exp. Rex figured that the monsters that he tames also have a system that strengthens them the more they level up. "Well, when you fight to make sure you use about 25 percent of your strength that should be enough not to kill him".

As soon as the fight began Frost began to run circles around the older wolf you couldn't tell where his body began and ended then there was a series of flashes on the sides of the big wolf after 7 flashes the old wolf collapsed.

Rex stood up and walked towards Frost " Well It seems that your new alpha is Frost".

The two female wolves hurried to the large wolf and began sniffing him pushing their head to his. Rex made his way to heal him but was stopped by the two growling wolves.

"It's fine, let him through" ordered Frost.

They hesitated but backed away. Rex healed and he stood up and lowered his head to Frost and frost rested his head on the old wolf.

They seemed to be communicating "master they say that it's now their turn to test you".

Rex still felt like it was going to be a little too easy to fight just the old wolf. "Since they are part of your pack now why don't we head back home and they can test me there".

Frost nodded and they began jogging back home with Fost's lead. Once they arrived home Frost began showing them their sleeping quarters. The mother and the daughter were together in one and the large wolf got one to himself.

The group rested for a few minutes and then he walked toward them "Well I think it's time". The large wolf got out of it's home and walked toward the clearing. Rex shook his head "nope all you at the same time".

They looked confused and looked at Frost for his opinion and he nodded. They circled Rex and they attacked but they were too slow for Rex he simply stepped from side to side as the three wolves ran toward him with snout open. He used as little movement as he could to show his overwhelming power. "Well time to wrap this up" he used shadow chain around himself when the three wolves were charging in. The three wolves were tied in place by the chain they struggled for a few seconds but they realized that the more they struggled the tighter the chain became.

Once they stopped struggling Rex canceled the chains and the wolves lowered their heads toward Rex.

"They agree to form the contract master".

Rex nodded and he began the contracts, in reality, he didn't need their permission if he wanted to he could have made a contract right away. Whoever he contracted with would feel a need to be loyal to him so it didn't matter but he didn't want to enslave creatures if it wasn't needed.

Once he contracted with the large wolf he heard "Frost can you tell the young man that I'm sorry that I underestimated him".

Rex looked at the large wolf with amusement in his eyes "No need I'm a five-year-old after all". The wolf looked at Rex in surprise "I have an ability that lets me understand creatures that I have a contract with".

After the match, the wolves went back to their homes and rested. "Hey, Frost if you want we can rounding up more members if you want".

Frost shook his head "No master I want to get to know them before we add anyone else".

Rex nodded and made his way to Blaze's home "hey we can get you a pack as well if you want one".

Blaze looked at Rex with mocking eyes "The only thing that you are going to get with your current power is to get yourself killed".

Rex gave him an annoyed face "Okay then want to go with me to hunt".

"Sure it'll give me something to do".

Once they entered the forest Rex used his direction skills and found boars, slimes, and wolves. "There are some wolves in that direction but let's avoid them, we wouldn't want to kill any potential comrades obviously, there are a few boars in the opposite direction".

"Kay but I get to keep one".

Rex nodded and teleported them nearby. Once they could see the boars Blaze jumped on one killed it almost immediately and then another, the fact that the boar hesitated for a minute due to the surprise allowed Blaze to kill three before they began running. Rex used shadow chain and then finishes them with his dagger. In total 7 boars were killed, rex stored them in his storage and they headed back home. Once they arrived Rex left one boar for each wolf and two for Blaze.

"Make sure to leave the bones in the hole that I made I'll come and pick them up later, who knows we can make arrows out of them".

He went towards the butcher and sold the boar that he had left.

When he arrived home he found his mother eating alone "Hello mother how come your eating alone".

She smiled and replied "Well your father went out to scout"

Rex began feeling depressed that his father didn't let him join any scouting parties.

"So how is everything going with getting Frost a pack".

Rex couldn't help but give a big smile after remembering how big the old wolf was "everything is going great we just welcomed 3 wolves, Frost doesn't want any more until he gets to know them".

His mother listened showing her interest in her son's project "That Frost really sounds like he knows what he's doing.'' He ate with his mother and then went to sleep.

The next day he found Frost talking with the others wolves "What are you guys up to?"

Frost turned around and faced him "We are discussing hunting formations".

They entered the forest to hunt, they had asked Rex to only observe. He scanned the area and found that the wolves were heading to a boar pack. They charged and surprised in moments the first 3 boars were killed and the stats of the wolves increased.

"Still how did Frost become so strong".

By the end of they had traveled far away from the clan's territory and they decided to return. Rex had some decisions he had to make about the skill points he received after hunting. The wolves were around 3 times stronger than they were when they began, Rex wondered about the long term effects that the growth of strength between his tamed beasts would have on his future.

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