14 First ~Battle (14)

He teleported to the underground base and dropped the goblins and foxes body in the arena and when to find Fang. Fang was sorting out patrols for the morning. When he saw Rex he quickly stood up and lowered his head to him. "Oh master how much we've missed you".

Rex lifted him up and hugged him. He teleported Nova then he looked back at Fang and said "I've missed all of you as well, have two skeletons bathe and brush him".

Fang nodded and Nova was guided out by the two skeletons. Once they had left Rex sat down and looked at Fang "SO how's everything so far"

"Everything is great young master, we've added the orcs and fox that you've sent".

"Can the fox still flame up?"

"Yes master it's flame color changed to blue, but it should be just as strong, the orcs are stronger than the regular skeleton so it was a great addition".

Rex laughed "glad you liked them, we could mount some on bears to ride that should provide us with a heavy cavalry".

Fang's eyes shone in delight "only you could think of such a thing master".

He smiled "has there been any army activity".

Fang shook his head "well that's good, I also brought 2 more of the fire foxes and some goblins, the goblins are weak but we could use them as bait or even a stealth team".

Rex spent a few hours talking to the rest of the crew and then went home to see his parents. He teleported to his room and found his mother and father asleep. He wrote a letter telling about his travels and meeting the king and went back to the base to pick up Nova who was sparking

"It looks like the skeleton brushed her till she had a super shiny pelt," thought Rex.

He thanked Fang and the rest of his subordinates and teleported back to the stables and then his room


When he came down the receptionist called out to him " Mr. Ray some soldiers came by and told me to let you know to show up to the arena as soon as you can".

Rex quickly got on Nova and rode to the arena. "Hi, I'm Ray Rivers I heard you were looking for me".

The soldier nodded "yes you're to go with another 5,000 men to reinforce the southern gate".

Rex nodded "could I take my horse with me".

The soldier thought about it and shook his head "you're an infantry not a calvary so it would be better if you didn't".

"Yes, sir, when are we leaving".

The soldier looked at him with a serious face "Today right now if possible'.

Rex collected his soldier's armor and went to the stables where he teleported to the underground base. "Fang I have to leave Nova for a while" Fang nodded and Rex returned.

He gave his goodbyes to the receptionist and went back to the arena "Sir I'm ready" the soldier nodded.

Rex and the others waited for the carts to get filled up with military supplies. After all preparations were done they began to marched down the Mountain to the southern gate. From far away they could see that the gate was getting attacked by the diamond kingdom's soldiers, once Rex saw this he ran to the captains' area.

"Sir the stronghold is going to collapse if things stay like this, even if it's not enough can I go and help".

They thought about it "very well go but like you said it's not like we can arrive on time, being a unit with lots of men we are slowed down".

Rex showed his respects and ran to the fortress using his wind step magic. He finally reached the stronghold and brought out a bow which he used to kill some of the soldiers that were using a battering ram to try to break down the doors.

He killed a horseman and jumped down on his horse. He put the bow away and brought out two chains that had had their edges sharpened and an iron ball in on the ends. He swung them around while the horse was trotting which allowed him to injure many soldiers. He grabbed a dead soldier's corpse and put it on his back to shelter him from the archers.

He cut down 4 ladders with a chain. There was a barrage of fireballs shot at him, Rex used his storage to suck the fireballs and then he released them back at the archers. He used wind blade on battering ram and then used wind steps and the horse seemed to be running in the air.

He rode all the way back to the stronghold tall walls where he was met with a wall of spears.

A man looked at him "why are you here".

Rex really hated these moments "I'm part of the reinforcements I came faster using my magic, can someone take care of this horse".

They lowered their spears. He brought out his bow "attack the fire mages that attacked me before ''.

The mages tried to counter-attack but their fireballs were being reflected back to the archers and their siege equipment using Rex's storage. He was able to shoot four soldiers at once that were trying to climb the ladders. One of the fire mages from the Silver Kingdom began burning some ladders. Some of the enemy wind mages were creating tornados that were getting dangerously close to the wall, but Rex used his wind blades and was able to cut them down making them disappear.

After all the tornadoes were gone he began using them on the soldiers that were trying to push open the door with numbers, unfortunately for them, they were torn apart. The Silver Kingdom was beginning to use a weapon which was a box-shaped machine that released many arrows at the enemy. After 2 hours of fighting the enemy army began to retreat.

The Silver Army began to cheer and many even hugged Rex, after another 3 hours the reinforcements arrived. The reinforcement captain just looked around at the cheerful faces of the soldiers that were just being attacked recently and asked "what happened".

Everyone just laid down exhausted, the captain started walking to someone who had really fancy armor. "General I'm the captain of the reinforcements my men and I are now under your orders".

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