5 First Hunt / Tame (5)

Rex woke up first thing that morning "Mother, Father, I'm leaving". "Make sure to be careful alright, there are many creatures in the forest," said his mother was half asleep. Rex nodded and began to leave their room but he was called by his dad "Wait Rex come over here" Rex slowly walked towards the bed confused and found his father sitting at the side of the bed. "Put it on" sais Leo as he handed Rex a ring shaped like a lion. "Thank you, dad, it looks amazing I'll be off now". "Rex stay but" called out his dad grumpily "now think about yourself surrounded by grey water, try to imagine how it feels when it wraps your body".

Rex did as he was told, the next thing he knew he now had a suit on him. It was dark grey and it covered his face with a built-in mask going diagonally. His hands were layered with golden like gauntlets and on the side of his arm, there was a wolf-like guard shaped like a wolf. " What is this," he asked. His father grinned "This ring provides your armor, each armor is based on the thoughts of the owner looks like you had the good luck to make one with gold one of the best materials. Till though that wolf kinda contradicts our insignia but still I guess it still fits you". Rex still seemed confused "but how come I got one like this, it's different than yours or mom's". Leo nodded "Yes it's different, it's a new model that only you as the next successor will get the others are the same but you have to push on your ring which can be problematic if you're in a battle". Rex gave his thanks and headed into the forest, he had people dip their heads as a greeting, but he still wasn't used to it.

He entered the forest and began to climb the trees, he jumped from one tree to the other. He was looking for any monster or animal that he could kill to see if he could level up. After a few minutes searching he found a rabbit with a horn in his head he silently snuck close to it and threw a knife at it and it hit the back of its head. The rabbit was killed before it knew what had happened. That's when rex heard a ring and he looked at his stats they showed that he had 3 skill points. His level was now two and his stats like speed and health as well as mana were increased. Rex looked at the rabbit and put it in his storage box "In other words, this world is even more of a video game than I thought". He kept exploring and ended up finding a slime."I wonder if this creature is weak enough to tame". In the skill description, it was said that a monster or demon had to either submit or be weakened to be able to be tamed.

He used his tame skill on it and a confirmation screen appeared. Once he pressed confirm a magic circle appeared around the slime. The magic circle disappeared and Rex checked his status board and a new section appeared called contracted monsters. He named the slime Bubble and let it ride on his shoulder while he continued his search. He quickly found a big boar. He put the slime on the tree branch and teleported to the boar giving it a few cuts and teleporting away. He repeated the process another 5 times while the startled boar was running and managed to kill it. The moment the boar had died two rings sounded in Rex's head, he put the boar into his storage and continued the hunt. He found another boar not much later he repeated the process but after it had died it only let him level up once. He put the body away and called it a day.

When he got to the village he went to the butcher and dropped the animal bodies. The butcher was startled at first with the pile of creatures that suddenly appeared. "That's a pretty neat trick," said the butcher that was finally getting his composure back. Rex sold the rabbit and the boars but kept a little meat for his mother.

He arrived home and found his mother and father waiting for him sitting at the dining table. "So how was it '' they both asked in unison. Rex dipped his head to show his respect "It went well. I hunted two boars and a rabbit, I also made a new friend". Rex grabbed the slime from behind his arm and showed it to his parents. "So you are not just crazy fast and strong but you also have a good relationship with monsters". Rex replied with a nervous smile putting the slime down and handing his mother the meat and money. "This is for you two," he said and began going towards his room. His parents were left shocked as they looked at the contents of the bags that were handed to them. Meanwhile, Rex went to bed and was fast asleep.

When he woke up he looked at his status board, he clicked at his skill points and a list of skills appeared. He scanned through part of the list and 3 skills caught his attention. They were heal, search, and body enhancement. They cost 3,6, and 4 points. Currently, he was at level 4 with 12 skill points. He immediately bought search since it would help him with hunting and teleporting. The skill had a map that let him see the location of what he wanted a certain distance from him. He also purchased heal in case anything bad happened to him while he was exploring.

He got everything packed up and made his way to the forest. He had his search magic on, looking for monsters. It was detecting 14 monsters nearby. It seemed to have a radius of 10 yards when he went to check out one of the nearby monsters he found another slime and tamed it as well. Then the slime he had already contracted bounced off his shoulder and merged with the new slime becoming bigger. "What the hell," thought Rex excitedly. He began hunting, killing 4 boars, 5 horned rabbits and contracted with another 7 slimes. They became a little too big. Rex had leveled up another 4 times leaving him at level 7. He currently had 12 skill points. He used 4 for the body enhancement that he had seen earlier. This left him with 8 skill points.

He looked at more skills, there was one that allowed you to become transparent but he already had something similar. There's also one that allowed you to jump higher but he could manage the same thing with body enhancement. Then after looking at countless skills, he found one that allowed you to understand what your tamed monsters say he purchased it with 4 skill points. He wanted to test it out "Hey can you say something". "Why master you won't understand anyway". Rex jumped at first even if he was prepared for something crazy he had no idea that talking to a blob would feel so weird. The slimes split "are you okay master" they asked.. Rex calmed down "yes I just gained a skill that allows me to understand you". The slimes seemed to move back in surprise "that's great master we will try our best not to annoy you".

They merged once again and were hanging out in the corner. Rex kept on looking through the list. He found an interesting one called magic distributor, it was a skill that allows you to use magic through your tamed monsters. This skill seemed and the one before were specialized for tamer and would be extremely helpful. He also bought a skill that allowed how to see when he contracted monsters seeing and hearing. He had also up all his skill points. "Hey, slimes can you come here real quick?", "yes, master". I was wondering how I could make you guys stronger? The slimes stood silent for a few seconds "well in our case we can get stronger by merging but leveling up also works". "Cool them lets have you defeat some monsters tomorrow then". The slimes stayed silent for a little before answering "As you wish master".

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