11 Every Isekai Meeting (11)

Rex thought about it "Yes I would be honored, as they say, the more the merrier".

Edward looked at his fallen comrades "sadly we lost many warriors and the horse pulling the carriage was killed".

Rex whistled and Nova came out running. Edward was surprised that Nova had answered the call and ran to Rex's side.

"He must be yours".

Rex nodded "the village chief trained him and handed him to me when I left".

"Ray do you think that it could pull the carriage, we are willing to pay of course," added the knight with pleading eyes.

He shook his head "I don't want to charge you, he can pull the carriage, however, he is still mine".

Edward nodded immediately.

They tied nova to the carriage "Nova's armored so there shouldn't be much danger to him" he told himself.

He saw a soldier walk towards Edward "Sir are we really going to leave our brothers here".

Edward's face saddened "we can't bring their bodies, we are having a hard time as it is".

Rex thought about telling them he could use space magic but he wasn't sure. "Sir Edward I can use space magic so I should be able to bring the dead with us".

The knight seemed surprised but most of all he was happy. "Ray if you can I would be extremely grateful to you".

Rex put all the dead bodies of the warriors in his storage and they began to march to the Silver Kingdom. Around sundown they made camp, he didn't see any food that the warrior might have. He went to Edward "I'll be back, I'm going to go and see if I can catch anything".

Edward looked up "do you want someone to accompany you".

He shook his head and brought out a bow "no it's fine the more people the easier it is for prey to detect you, especially if your wearing armor". Edward nodded and wished Rex good luck.

Rex used his detection skill and found a group of horned rabbits and bears. "Before that, I must do something else".

He teleported back to where the Orcs were "Hopefully Fang will know what to do with them".

He went back and hunted the rabbits and bears. When he used scan again he detected another person "Is it one of the soldiers" he whispered to himself. He used detection again and found that the person was headed straight for a bear. He quickly ran, getting there just in time to grab the person with a feminine figure out of the way. He brought out his sword and began battling with the bear.

He killed it after a few exchanges and put him in his storage. He looked at the person and saw that it was a girl he looked at her stats. She was 16 and her name was Emily. He didn't want her to freak out that a stranger knew her name so Rex looked into her eyes and asked: "Hi what's your name".

She hesitated but eventually answered, "my name is Emily".

Rex looked at her fancy dress "what were you doing inside the forest".

She seemed to be embarrassed "that's none of your business".

Rex was surprised he thought she would be too shy to answer in such a way "well there are some warriors that are hungry so I have to go".

She quickly looked at him "Silver Kingdom warriors" she asked.

He nodded confused about how she knew.

"Can you take me to them".

Rex hesitated "sure but why".

"You'll understand later".

They came out of the forest the soldiers seemed to be going crazy looking for something. When one of the soldiers saw her with him he unsheathed his sword and swung it at him. Rex took out a chain and deflected the sword with it then he swung the chain at the warrior and got it to wrapped around the warrior's throat.

The warrior was desperately trying to get the chain of himself.

Edward showed up "Ray what's going on," he asked and Rex released it.

"Edward pointing a sword at me I can take that, but when someone swings one at me that's a different story".

Once the warrior finally got the chain of himself he spoke, "Sir this kid was going to kidnap the princess".

Rex was confused and looked behind himself and saw the girl "princess?" then it hit him, she was a princess.

The girl shook her head "no he rescued me from a bear when I snuck out".

Edward looked in disbelief "princess why would you do such a thing".

She looked at Edward "I got bored of sitting in the carriage".

The princess then turned and looked at Rex "so you're Ray the man who helped us, please accept my apology for deceiving you and for the conduct of my soldier".

"Don't worry about it, it was a misunderstanding but still before injuring someone they should try different methods".

He took a bear and a rabbit that he had hunted before meeting the princess and began preparing it. Everyone ate together and enjoyed some songs they sang.

"Ray come here" called out the princess from the carriage.

"Yes, my lady" responded Rex.

"Don't call me that, call me by my name".

Rex knew he shouldn't but she told him to so he ended up doing it "what's bothering you, Emily".

She smiled and replied, "Ride on the carriage with me and Edward".

"But my lady I can't".

Her face began to look like a one-year-old who didn't get what she wanted.

"That's an order" she stated with mischief in her eyes.

Rex had no other choice so he got in and stayed silent until the princess tried to make conversation "so where are you from".

He turned around to look at her "I'm from blue hill village east of here".

She stayed quite Rex could tell that she was thinking of another question to ask him. Rex felt like helping her so he asked a basic question, "What's your favorite food princess".

looking at him she began to think "that would be the 3 horned deer".

Rex had never heard of, let alone seen such an animal. "What do you like about it".

"The meat is super soft and really flavorful, Hey Ray why are you going to the Silver Kingdom".

Ray looked at her once more "I'm going to become a soldier and be someone that my village and parents would be proud of".

She fell silent and spoke again "I could make you part of the royal guard".

Edward seemed stunned which told Rex that it wasn't normal. He shook his head "It would be an honor, but if I ever get something then I want to be the one to earn it".

She nodded but seemed disappointed. The rest of the way was quite. When they could finally see the Kingdom Rex was shocked, the walls were so high and there were so many soldiers above them. The carriage stopped at the entrance when they spotted Edward they let everyone through. They arrived in front of the castle. The carriage stopped and the princess, Edward, and Rex came out. Rex saw the soldiers greeting the guards.

Glad that they had finally arrived he went to Nova and began to untie him.

"Hey you peasant what do you think you're doing".

Rex turned around to see a young guard pointing a spear at him. "Here we go again" Rex whispered to himself. "I'm untieing my horse" he answered calmly.

The young man looked at him "no way in hell a peasant like you can have such a fine horse".

Rex was getting angered "Edward can you come here " he yelled out.

The knight looked at them and seemed to understand what was going on. "It's his let him untie it".

The guard looked at Rex with anger " someone as low as yourself shouldn't have such an amazing horse".

The guard lowered his spear and Rex went towards Edward with Nova by his side "are they all this rude" he asked.

Edward shook his head "no there's just some bad eggs mixed with the good ones".

"Where do you want the soldiers," he asked.

Ewards face saddened "Can you put them there in the grass".

Rex placed the row of 12 bodies that looked stayed still. Rex bowed on one knee and stood up. He called Nova and the horse came running, he got on and went to Edward.

"Well Edward this is where we part ways", he was about to trot away when he heard Emily "Ray wait a moment".

He climbed down from Nova "Yes princess".

She looked at him angrily "I told you to call me Emily".

Rex smiled "My bad, yes Emily what's up".

She had now a satisfied look "That's better, my father wants to see you".

Rex was shocked at first, all the guards were looking at him with a jealous look. "But why would the king want to see me".

Emily laughed "because you saved his daughter silly". She grabbed him by the sleeve and began dragging him into the palace.

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