33 Earned Respect

He sat down and laid in the bed, he had no idea who's room it was but all he knew is that he would need it for a bit. He laid down and thought about how to fight the demi-humans. "I can use the Chinese sword breaker that I made to be able to spar with the general someday. Now the thing I'm lacking is good wind attacks."

"The people have already seen me use Wind and Space magic, and the only reason that I have used my wind magic is to kill so I have nothing that I can use to knock someone out."

He began scrolling through the list and found some good ones. He ended up purchasing Wind Lion and Wind Ball. The first one allowed him to create a lion made purely from wind, It would dissipate after a limited time or damage. Wind Ball was exactly the same thing as Fireball, he could decide to make it deadly or just enough to knock out based on the speed of the rotation he would give it.

After being more prepared for what was about to come he came down and went to the center of the court. He looked at the stubborn slaves and pointed at an end "I know that you aren't going to follow directions but we really do need to give some space so that we can fight. It would be great if you could go there so we don't have to worry about any interruptions.

They began to move, clearing up a good-sized space, he began to count how many he would have to fight and ended with a whopping number of 238.

Rex looked at the first 10 and cut their chains then he summoned 2 swords, 2 maces, 2 war hammers, 2 axes, and 2 daggers. He made sure not to use anything that had a big chance to be used as a projectile since he was afraid that someone in the audience would get injured.

As soon as they had grabbed their weapons they began circling around him. Rex looked at them "Do you give me your word that if I beat you, you will obey my commands. In return, if you beat me you can gain your freedom but this offer is a one-time thing".

They all nodded "You have our word."

Rex nodded and brought out his Chinese sword breaker. When the demi-humans and guards saw that he had made the sword appear out of nowhere they were surprised. They paid close attention to the sword and found that it had no blade; instead it was perfectly rounded and looked more like a large needle.

The slaves looked at him with disgust, "You are underestimating us by giving us such advantage."

He looked at them "I have nothing against you that's why I don't want to kill you, the blades that you have are also not sharpened I just wanted to make sure to give you a weapon that you're comfortable with".

One of the slaves that seemed to be from the rhino race lunged at him with the ax, Rex dodged and used his sword to whack the back of his knees making the man fall. After he was down Rex went and whacked the sword on the man's head making sure that he knew that he was out.

Then he went back to the center of the circle that the slaves had formed. The next charge was made by two demi-humans one was a male from the snake race and the other was a woman from the leopard race. They both attacked him at the same time from different angles but with his sensory skill and his body enhancement he was able to easily dodge and whack their weapons away by hitting their wrists.

After they were disarmed he kicked both of them away from the circle and stood in the center again. This time the remaining 7 attacked him but once again he used Sensory and Body enhancement and sent them all out.

After they were defeated the group of 10 kept their heads down and went to where he had asked them to go earlier. The same process was taken 23 times after some breaks in between, the only difference is that all 10 would attack at the same time right from the get-go.

The last group was a group of 8 and it was special because the man that had talked back earlier, the one from tiger race one was part of it. When the battle began the man and the other 7 began attacking. The man tried to attract his attention while a woman from the cheetah race ran behind him with her dagger.

Sadly they didn't know that he had his sensory skill, Rex smiled at the man and began holding his sword breaker with one hand and used the other to send a wind ball at the stomach of the woman. She was sent flying but she should still be alive.

The slaves looked at him in fear, they finally realized that he had been holding back the whole time. They had obviously seen that he was strong but they still thought that they were at least putting some pressure at him. Now that they knew that he could use wind magic they lost the little hope that they had.

The slaves had seen him use space magic but throughout the battles, he hadn't used it. They remained vigilant in case he appeared behind them or something but they would never have expected that he would possess 2 elements.

Rex began to attack them more seriously increasing the speed and strength of his swing. The group didn't even have a chance to retaliate. The one that surprised him was the man, he was able to barely keep up but no matter how many hits Rex threw at him the man would avoid attacks that would be "fatal".

Rex stood away from him and gave him a nod, by now that man was the only one left. Rex knew by what the twins had told him that for the beastmen race they would like to fight against an enemy that went all out.

He decided that to show his respect towards the man he would use the wind skill that he hadn't tried yet. He used his Wind Lion magic and a 5 ft tall lion appeared and immediately attacked the tiger demi-human.

The lion had the man flying all over the place every time it made contact with his sword. After 30 seconds of battling the lion disappeared and Rex walked towards the man and put his sword at his neck "You lost."

After the battle he had all the slaves in their designated locations, he had the 3 guards record their names and race. In the end, he found out that he had 457 slaves in total, 28 kids younger than 15, 86 women, and 343 men.

He looked at the list and nodded "Okay now that that's done with I want you to wait here until your meal is prepared, you can sit if you'd like."

He went to the kitchen and found some of the maids there, he brought out some of the meat that they had prepared in the forest. "Do you think that you can make enough food for 500 people?'' he asked them.

They looked at the amount of meat with a tired expression and nodded "Yes but it might take a while".

He laughed "Don't worry you won't have to deal with such a big workload for too long."

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