10 Departure (10)

After talking to Fang he went home and waited for his mother and father to arrive. Once they did, he began to tell them about his idea, "father, mother, I have decided that I will go to the Silver Kingdom and learn about armies first hand".

His mother was against the idea but his father was taking it under consideration. "Leo tell him already that he can't go,''

Leo looked at her with a look that told her that he understood her "son if you go and gain the experience then it's true that we will benefit greatly. Still, I don't think that they will let a 10-year-old enter their army".

Rex nodded he had already thought about this, he used his disguise skills and turned into a 15-year old that looked similar to himself. His parents were shut silent "This is another one of my skills but I don't normally use it".

His father began laughing "Wow you finally gone and done it, look son I gotta admit that at the begging I thought you were some sort of monster. I mean who can even imagine that a 5-year-old can fight an adult, or that crazy relationship that you have with the monsters it's unnatural. You can just imagine how you were viewed by the rest of the clan, lucky for you they accepted it since the stronger you are the stronger the clan. What I'm trying to say is that you're different from the rest of us. I knew that there would be a time when you became so strong that our little clan wouldn't be able to keep hold of you and, well you have my permission but you will have to convince your mother".

Rex looked at her "Please mother I would teleport and visit every now and then".

His mother still didn't seem convinced "Even if you change your appearance they still have a crystal that gives your information they'll see that your not the age you claim to be".

Rex had never thought about that in truth he never knew that such a crystal existed". He remembered seeing a skill that allowed him to modify his status window maybe that would work. "I have something that can help me with that". His mother looked more doubtful than ever.

"Mother do you really doubt my skills, have I not shown you that I'm capable of handling myself".

His mother began tearing up "It's not that, It's just that your still my baby".

Rex hugged her "Yes I still am but I will also be the head of the clan and I need to gather as much power as possible".

Rex could still tell that she didn't trust the idea, "Mother how about I prove it, you bring the five best men in the village tomorrow".

His mother seemed confused but nodded. He went to his room and laid on his bed and began searching for the two skills that the wanted. He purchased the stat changing skill and the danger sensing skill that he had been thinking about getting for a while now. He still had 36 skill points left but he saved them in case of emergencies. He began using his sensory skill so that he would get accustomed to it. He had 12 slimes transform into ninja and hit him from different angles, once he felt like got the hang of it he went to sleep.

The next morning he went to the arena his mother, father and 3 other ninja were waiting. "Thanks, everyone for coming your here today to show my mother that has nothing to worry about".

They seemed to get an idea of what he was about to do, he brought out 10 wooden daggers and handed two to each. He brought out another pair for himself. "I'll make sure to leave no doubt that I'm good enough to leave the village for little while" he grabbed a piece of cloth and turned it into a blindfold. "Now I won't go easy on any of you, start whenever your ready". His sensory skill was able to detect the 5 areas on his body that were targeted. Two people were targeting his throat, another his waste and the last two of his legs.

He crouched minimizing the area that could be hit. Then he swept the ground with his leg catching 3 people. His sensory skill told him that someone was targeting the top of his head so he used his blade to block off the attack. He used the downward momentum to spring back up allowing him to do a flip and throw his two knives at the directions of were his sensory skill told him an attack was coming from. He stood still but nothing else happened he took of his blindfold and found his mother and father smiling at him.

"Guess you're a man now," said his mother.

They went home and had breakfast together. "So when are you leaving," asked his father.

Rex began thinking "Maybe in two weeks, I still have to prepare weapons for the skeletons. Jenna wants shield men and swordsmen, Hawk wants archers and mounted archers meaning to many bows and arrows and Fang wants..".

Leo burst laughing "still can't believe that you have your own personal army that's extremely secret to top it off".

Rex simply nodded he hadn't gotten used to the idea. He shut himself in his shop and began working on the weapons. The two weeks went by, he worked hard and managed to finish all the weapons that were asked of him. It was going to be his last night in the village since he was going to leave it, even though he was gonna teleport back every now and then.

When it was morning he kissed his father and mother goodbye and went to the base. He found his contracted beasts and demons waiting for him "Morning young master" said everyone in chorus.

"Hi everyone good morning to you, is what I asked for ready".

Fang nodded "Yes young master, we found the strongest and fastest horse, we also trained it so that it wouldn't spook easily and to follow your every order".

Rex smiled "Thanks so much everyone".

They all huddled together "are you sure that you don't want one of us to accompany you master" asked Frost.

He nodded "yes if I take any of you then I would be making the village weaker, the reason that I feel like I can do this is because your all here protecting the village".

He jumped on the horse and Fang handed him a bag "These are some things for you to eat on your travel, it should only take 15 days to reach the Silver Kingdom".

Rex nodded "I'll bring you a little something every now and then Fang". He began to ride east away from the forest, he put his ring in his storage and changed into normal clothes and brought out a sword that he had made "Not many would expect a ninja to wield a sword" he whispered to himself.

He rode all day coming across beasts every now and then putting the corpses in his storage. He took a rabbit out and began cooking it after his snack he began changing his status window, He noticed that the changes he made to his status window could be refreshed and saved with a click of a button.

"Hmm I'll change my name to Ray Rivers, I should probably also hide my shadow element".

"That should do it, sadly I don't have any money because all the coins that were from the warriors come from the Diamond Kingdom".

He made his way to the Silver Kingdom riding all day and resting at night. About halfway to the kingdom, he heard steel clashing, he followed the noise and found orcs attacking armed soldiers that were guarding a chariot.

One of the horses on the chariot had gotten its legs cut off and he noticed that there were more dead warriors than living. He ordered his horse who he had named Nova to stay still. He jumped out and beheaded the nearest orc. He used his enhance skill and blocked a slash that was about to kill one of the warriors. The tables turned and after a short battle, the orcs were dead.

One of the warriors stood up and walked to Rex he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Rex throat "who are you identify yourself".

Rex began getting angry "I'm Ray from a small down east".

The warrior was about to continue but he was stopped by another. "That's enough Matt this young man just saved our lives". The man walked up to Rex and shook his hand "I'm Edward a royal knight under his majesties order".

Rex was caught off guard "I'm sorry sir Edward I hope I didn't offend you in any way".

Edward shook his head "none in the least, the least let me thank you for having helped us, we've had several attacks so some of our warriors are on edge and exhausted".

Rex nodded "I'm just glad I could help".

Edward smiled "so what brings you around these parts".

He could tell that he was still being interrogated "I'm heading to the Silver Kingdom to join the army".

Edward's smile disappeared "Is that so, well you're certainly talented in swordsmanship".

Rex just acted like he always would "Yes my father taught me to handle a sword, spear, and a bow".

Edward seemed to be getting interested "Oh my so many different skills, he must be quite the man".

This was Rex's chance to get the knight to trust him more. "Yes sir he sure was, however, he's no longer here".

Edward apologized and Rex simply nodded "how did it happen" asked the old knight.

Rex quickly thought of a story "he was killed by bandits along with my mother when I was out hunting, since then I've practiced everything he's taught me over and over".

Edward seemed to be feeling guilty "well sorry to bring out your past we are heading the same way, do you want to come with us".

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