3 Conflicts (3)

His father had been showing up less and less, probably busy with war preparations. His clan was too proud to leave or evacuate so the only option was for them to train nearly all day to be able to defend it. He had heard his father start talking about setting traps around the village he had wanted to help the reality was that he was only a year old, he had no way of comparing his strength with anyone else.

A few weeks passed when he was woken up by his parents arguing. He sat on the corner of his bed in his room, a little later his father entered the room in his suit. "Hey, big guy sorry did we wake you up? Well, I'll be gone for a few days, I need to find a way to solve this problem without hurting too many people. Make sure you take good care of your mother".

He left the room and after two and a half weeks later returned with the 7 ninjas that he had taken with him.

His father was surprised when he saw Rex hanging out within the training area and even more when he saw that his mother wasn't with him. Truth is that his mother had been worrying about his father to a point that she didn't care if he left the house.

"Hey, big man what are you doing here alone," asked his father.

Then he looked at the ninja "Jake hurry up and get all the ninja to meet in the meeting room urgently we will explain what we have discovered". Jake nodded and ran to his bow and released an arrow that made a cry around the air.

They found his mother at the kitchen table as soon as she saw her husband she stood up and ran to him "what happened" she asked.

"I'll explain everything in the meeting," he answered.

They made their way to a large tent that has a rectangular table with 16 men sitting and many others surrounding them standing up. His father stood in the middle of the end of the table. "Well first of all as you all know we left to make contact with the Mountain clan. What we found out is that they have been attacked by orcs a few times".

Everyone became silent and then the whispering began. "I've told them that we will assist them in this matter," he reported. Then there was a large outburst of many people.

"What, why should we, the problem is thiers and it has nothing to do with us" called out one of the men sitting.

Rex couldn't see what the man was like because of the mask but based on the voice he was probably an elder.

Rex's father looked at the man "Mark just think, if they do get invaded then their group will start taking desperate measures. They could attack us for resources and if they end up losing to the orcs then we will be left to take care of them anyways but this time it will be us alone".

The people began quieting again. Mark looked at his leader "I get it, Leo, I really do, however many lives will be lost, just how many people do you propose you will take against the orcs".

Leo looked at him "I'll be taking 55 men with me that should leave the rest to guard the clan".

Mark looked at Leo with anger "that's almost a third of the clan, you're putting too many in danger, how many orcs are there anyways".

Leo looked at Mark "there are around 200 orcs the Mountain clan has around 120 ninja children included".

Mark lowered his head "I see forgive me I didn't expect the enemy forces to be that large".

Leo resumed the meeting and they agreed to leave the next morning. When they returned home his mother looked at Leo "I'm going with you".

Leo looked at her with sad eyes "sorry Elizabeth but that is not happening we need to make sure that Rex will always have one of us until he is old enough to take care of himself".

She looked at her husband "that's exactly why both of us should go so that we can watch each other's back".

Rex felt worthless he couldn't do anything to help and now he was even separating his parents when they needed each other the most. He walked towards his father and grabbed his dagger and gave it to his mother and then he went to his room and began working out to improve his body.

"Pretty sure that they should understand what I meant to say", Rex could talk clearly but he didn't know if one-year-olds should be able to talk, he never really looked at when his brothers had begun talking. In the morning both his parents entered his room and gave him a kiss he turned around and gave both of them a hug, at first they were surprised that he was awake.

His parents had gotten him a young babysitter who spent most of her time in the living room and only came into his room when it was time to eat. He spent his time increasing his mana storage.

"No matter how long I train my body my level doesn't rise".

His space magic and disguise were now level four his taming skill was still level one just like his overall level.

"If there are orcs then there are other monsters like the goddess said then does that mean that to level up I have to kill them".

He had originally chosen skills he would need to avoid fighting but seeing what his family was facing "I must get some attacking skills as soon as I level up".

He spent the remainder of the time training his mana storage and working out.

After 3 weeks members of the clan began to appear out of the forest. Rex quickly ran outside with his suit and began scanning the people around trying to find his mother and father. He began feeling worried after he didn't see them but, he recognized the decorative suit of his father and the one holding his hand had to be his mother.

"Figures that they are in the back looking after the rest," thought Rex.

His parents saw him and they kissed him then his father lifted him and they made their way to the meeting tent. When he entered every one bowed and they all stayed silent waiting for him to speak. "We have won against the orcs, however, we have lost 14 lives and several injured as a result.''

Everyone lowered their heads while Leo began reading the names of the dead. "We will remain vigilant but I pray nothing bad will occur now let's go give our farewells to the dead".

The bodies were inside trees that were carved once everyone had given their goodbyes, a part of the tree that had their names caved was placed back on the tree closing the body and making it hard to tell that the tree was ever cut open. That month everyone went back to their regular life without the suits. It was hard to imagine it was a ninja clan.

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