13 City Life (13)

The guild was big and had any people with armor and weapons.

"Hello how can we help you today", he turned around to find a cute girl.

She had short hair and seemed to be 15 as well.

"I would like to sell a body of a bear that I killed, and I would like to join the adventurers guild".

She looked at him surprised "you killed a bear" she asked.

Rex nodded but he could tell that she didn't believe it.

"Do you have any proof,'' she asked.

Rex brought out the bear's body.

The girl screamed and everyone looked at the bear's body. She looked at another receptionist "Call the guild master".

Rex was beginning to get worried "Crap what did I get myself into again," he told himself.

A man in his 30's showed up "Hello I'm the guild master, is what I'm told the truth did you kill the bear".

Rex nodded "It's true I defeated using my sword".

The guild master looked at the bear and then at Rex. "How did you manage to transport its body here".

Rex hesitated but then he decided to bring out the sword he had used to kill the bear. "Oh, my such a rare talent, It would usually take a squad of A and B rank Adventures to bring down such a beast".

Rex was surprised "Does it really take so many to defeat a bear?" he asked himself.

The guild master seemed interested "You're looking to sell it, am I right".

"Yes, I want to sell it and join the adventurers guild".

The man was excited "Then I'll give you 25 gold for it". The adventures around him seemed jealous. Rex didn't really know the currency since they used trade-in the clan so he had no other choice.

"Sure that sounds great".

Rex was given 25 gold coins and he put it in his storage. The guild master personally helped him get registered to the adventurers guild. Rex was asked to put his hand on a blue crystal that popped up a card with the names and attribute he had chosen to show.

"So your name is Ray this is your guild card you can use it to get to any city without having to pay the entrance fee".

Rex asked to buy a map of the city so that he could find his way around and the guild master pointed at one.

According to the guild master, he started at the D-rank and the only way to raise his rank is by completing quests and he could accept quests that were one rank above his own. Rex entered the Inn that the guild master recommended.

He found a demi-human girl on the reception desk "Hello what room and how many nights".

"How much for one bed".

"that would be 2 bronze for the day and breakfast".

Rex handed her a gold coin.

"Would you like to stay in for a month and 20 days" she seemed amazed by the gold coin.

"I have my horse in stable 3 doesn't that get charged a fee".

She shook her head "people who stay for a month or more don't have to pay the fee it's pretty rare that someone can pay all up in front though".

Rex went to his room it was a 10'x9' with its own medieval toilet. He slept for in the Inn that night. When he woke up he went down and found a group of men talking to the girl he had seen last night

"We hear that you got some good money last night we don't mind taking it off your hands", said one of the men.

Rex saw what was going on so he walked towards her "Is there a problem" he asked.

The man looked at him "None of your business".

One of the other men pointed at Rex "He's the one who gave her the gold coin".

The man turned and looked at him "is this true".

"Yes, it's true why is there a problem".

The men laughed "No no problem if you give us all that you have". He swung his sword at Rex and Rex dodged it as if it was in slow motion and before any of them had a chance to react they were all knocked out.

Rex apologized and chained them to Nova as he made his way to the arena. He found the soldiers in the entrance easily. They were alarmed when they saw Rex with Nova and the chained men "Hi I'm Rex, knight Edward's friend, these are some criminals that were making trouble in the Inn that I was in".

The guards nodded and let him in and inspected the men "two of them have bounties, you could sell the other 4 to a slave trader".

Rex was surprised to know that slave traders were a thing. He was handed 8 gold coins for both criminals. They led him to the arena "we are going to test your combat power to see where to put you".

They brought armor for him to put on and they began to spar with someone they had chosen beforehand. Rex could feel that this man was going easy on him. He brought out a wooden sword and with 2 swings the man was in the ground. He could tell that the man was wondering where the wooden sword had come from but he stayed silent.

He gave the man a hand "Kid you sure know how to handle a sword, I'm sure we could put jump you into calvary right of the bat".

Rex shook his head "I want to experience is like just once".

They looked at him and in unison said "Edward was right you are a weird fellow".

He left and asked around for the slave trader. When he reached it the trader looked at the men "how much do you want for them", he asked.

Rex had no idea how much to charge "How much you willing to pay". The man turned around to face him "I would say about a gold coin since they seem pretty strong".

Rex looked at the men a gold coin was about 10,000 dollars "Throw in 4 more silver and change the gold coin into silver and we have a deal".

The man looked at him "are you an adventure" he asked.

Rex nodded "Yeah I recently started".

The man gave a smile "How would you like a slave".

He was taken in surprise "I'm not following".

"Adventures have slaves because they are more trustworthy than other adventurers, the have a curse that if they kill their master or betray him they will have a slow death".

Rex began to understand why an adventure would have a slave but he couldn't imagine himself forcing a dude to fight with him. "Maybe at a later time".

The man bowed his head "Very well but could you return in 3 weeks".

Rex looked at the slave trader and smiled "You bet" and then he walked away.

Now Rex had to get himself some armor for his adventuring he could only wear his soldier armor when he was fighting in a war or in service for the Kingdom. He made weapons and armor for the skeletons but he had completely forgotten about himself. He asked around for a blacksmithing shop and found a small blacksmithing shop said to be worked by dwarfs.

He entered he found 3 busy dwarfs "Hello, can I ask one of you a question".

The oldest looking one walked towards him "What do you want,'' he yelled.

"I was wondering if I could make myself some armor I will pay 2 silver and 3 more for 3 ingots of iron".

They all laughed "What do you think that you're better than us".

Rex shook his head "no I just want to wear things made by me".

"Alright, kid you have a deal".

Rex began working on guards for his shoes. He made scale-like decorations on them, he had made so many armors that he wanted to make himself something good. He then worked on his knee and leg guards, he gave them the same design but with claw-shaped objects looking downwards to make injuries more unlikely since they would block strikes.

He bought another 3 ingots and use them to create the rest of the armor and a matching helmet. They all looked amazing when he looked around he found that the dwarfs had stopped working and had begun to watch him. The one who had received the money walked up to Rex and returned the 8 silver.

"Young man if you ever have to work on anything just come here and start working".

Rex gave his thanks and went to buy some alcohol, he delivered it and then went back to the Inn. He laid and began looking at his skills "most of my magic that I use often is dark magic" he began to look for wind type magic and bought both wind-step which allowed him to run on-air and wind-blade which produces a thin layer of wind that could cut a tree in half. He purchased both for 3 skill points which were extremely cheap.

"I have armor, money, living area and a source of income, I'm all set". The next morning he went to the guild to find a quest since he was told not to show up in the army camp until he was summoned.

The quest for D ranks are mostly collecting herbs or the killing of monsters where you needed a piece of the animal, like the ear to prove that you had completed the quest. Most herb quests were with 1 silver and the monster killing was worth 2 to 3 silvers. If an adventurer couldn't complete the quest that he took then he would be forced to pay a fee that was the same amount that the quest was worth. Rex took 4 monster hunting quests and 2 herb quests.

Then he went to the receptionist "Hi I want to accept these quests".

The receptionist looked at the 6 quests "are you sure you want to try to do so many at once".

Rex nodded and she simply shrugged "Well then, good luck and stay safe".

Rex went back to the INN and changed into his armor then he went to pick up Nova and rode out of the city. He went into the forest and brought out two spears. He had practiced dual spearman ship since it as far as he knew no one had done before so it wasn't easy to defend against. The quests asked him to hunt 2 boars, 4 horned rabbits, and 3 fire foxes.

Rex chose to hut first since the herbs weren't going anywhere, he used scan and found all the monsters he needed. He rode on Nova and charged at the boars the first two he stabbed and then threw his spears at the other two that had begun to run away. After killing the four boars that he needed he stored them in his storage and put away his spears, bringing out 2 curved swords. He scanned the forest for foxes and found some nearby, this was the first time he would go against one. He called out to Nova and told him to stay hidden.

He used his new magic and began running in the air until he was right on top of them. Then he swooped in and killed one of them, the rest began to burst into flames, they ran around him tackling him from all directions.

"So this is the way they attack" he quickly killed them taking of their cores and sending one of them too base and sending the other to the base the rest went to his storage box. He looked at his armor and found that the foxes had darkened a few spots but he didn't mind the armor was still good just a few dark smudges.

He switched his weapons for a bow and arrows, using his wind steps he began shooting the rabbits from above, where they couldn't detect him until it was too late. He took the cores out of all the beasts and put them back to his storage. "Well, that ends the beast hunting quests now to the herp picking". He went back to Nova and scanned for the herbs and went back to the guild.

The receptionist looked at him empty-handed, with his armor burned and she probably thought that he had failed "Took more than you could handle huh".

Rex smiled "No I'm here to collect my rewards". He brought out a bag with the animal ears and another 2 for the cores and lastly 3 for the herbs.

The receptionist was surprised "you get all that by yourself".

Rex nodded and answered, "well me and my horse but other than that yes".

"But you were gone for about 2 hours, how did you manage it".

Rex just looked at her "Business secret".

She apologized and handed him 10 silver coins, he thanked her and went back to the quest board. He had finished way earlier than he had planned and had nothing to do. This time he went to the C rankers board.

He found one that was worth 7 silver coins, the quest asked for someone to go and destroy a goblin nest that had recently been found. There was another for 4 silvers that was to look for a medical herb. The last one that caught his eye was one to build a small house that was worth 8 silver.

He took all three and headed once again to the receptionist "Hey again I want to take these 3 quests.

The receptionist seemed shocked "but didn't you just do 6 quests".

Rex was confused "do we have a limit on how many quests we can take daily"?

The receptionist was embarrassed "no it's just that not many do that". She wished him luck and he headed out again.

He found the goblin nest and went inside, he used shadow chain and trapped all of them then he used his sword and stabbed them in the head. Then he took their ears and cores then he stored them and the bodies and grabbed the herbs and began to head to where he would have to build the house. The person who made the request was an old man that needed help to build his house. Rex took over the building procedures after asking the man details about what he wanted and in two hours the house was done and the old man was happy that he tried paying an extra 4 silver but Rex couldn't accept it.

He went back to the guild once more and saw the receptionist. This time she looked at him and seemed worried "did you complete your quests" she asked and Rex nodded bringing out the goblin ears and cores, herbs, and letter from the old man when she read the letter she began tearing up.

Rex was a little confused "are you okay".

She looked at him and replied, "yes I'm sorry it's just that this letter has a lot of love in it, anyways you have completed your quests congrats". She handed him 19 silver coins.

He went back to the Inn and counted how much money he had left "225,000 dollars in simply 3 days, I love this world if I keep earning 29,000 dollars a day I'll get land in no time.

He went out and began looking for a butcher, The people he asked told him about one that buys things for a fair price. He entered the shop and found a buff man in front he was bald and had a dark tone. "Hello, what might I get you today".

Rex lowered his head in greeting "I'm actually here to sell some things".

The butcher seemed interested " well what is it that you want to sell".

Rex brought out the boar, firefox, rabbit, and goblin.

The butcher inspected them "These animals were killed swiftly, I can buy the pelt and the meat of the boar, and rabbit, but I can only use the pelt from the firefox not it's meat and I can't buy any part form the goblin".

Rex nodded and put away the goblin and brought out another 3 boars, 3 rabbits, and 2 fire foxes. He was handed the fire foxes peltless bodies and 2 silver and 3 copper coins.

"Hey Mr, can I ask you a question".

The man nodded "ask away my friend".

"Well, I was wondering why the Inns are so cheap since money is so easy to get".

The man looked at Rex with amusement in his eyes "How much is the Inn where you are staying".

"2 bronze" the man nodded his understanding "you're in an F-rank Inn, they are really cheap since F rankers don't get much money".

Rex thanked him and headed to his room in the Inn

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