4 Beginning Of The Path (4)

Once he turned five, he finally convinced his father to start his training. He began practicing his sneaking and dagger skills. He noticed that in his status the sneaking and dagger skills appeared as level one.

"So I can get skills without spending any skill points but If I want to skip training then I can use skill points to improve my level".

He was desperate to go outside and go into the forest and see if he could level up by killing monsters. After 5 weeks of training nearly from morning to midnight, he had leveled up his sneaking and dagger skills to level 4.

"Father I want to go out to the forest today".

His father looked at him and stayed silent for a minute. "Okay then take four members with you".

Rex shook his head " no father I want to go out alone. I've earned it. I've been stuck in the village for 5 years and most of that time was inside our house".

Leo looked at Rex with a big grin "wow kiddo you really are a chip off the old block ain't ya".

Rex nodded and replied, "fine then let's have a little match if I win then you have to take the guards with you".

"Kay then, but I don't see myself losing this one".

They went to a clearing in the village that was used to spar, by now there was a crowd of people that had been hearing their conversation. Even though his mother was there she didn't seem to be happy. Rex went to one of the tables that had weapons his father went to the other one at the opposite side of the clearing. Rex took 2 daggers similar to the ones he had trained with, but also a chain that he had been practicing in secret.

He put the chain in his storage and purposely tipped the table making it look like an accident, he didn't want his father to notice that there was a chain missing. He looked at his father's hand and saw the same two daggers that he had in his hands. Rex got a glimpse at his father's table but there didn't seem to be anything missing.

"I know that I'm your son, father but don't hold back.''

Leo laughed "If I didn't hold back then you would die".

Rex laughed nervously "yeah I guess that's true".

An elder gave a hand signal starting the match. As soon as the match started Rex and his father were off running toward each other. Rex used his mana to strengthen his body and to improve speed. Using one of his daggers to counter his father's dagger and this process was repeated over and over. His father seemed to be surprised at first that a 5-year-old could take his hit and in each cut, he seemed to be putting more and more strength in. After several exchanges, they stepped back from each other for a breather

"Not bad kid, for a five-year-old, your strength and speed are unbelievable just what crazy training have you been up to".

Rex shrugged and ran towards his father again looking at his screen. He saw that 10 minutes had passed but it felt like hours. He had been giving consecutive lashes but his stamina and mana were nearly half their regular amount.

"I might have to use my trump card" he taught.

He ran towards his father and threw both daggers one by one. His father dodged the first one and rex teleported behind him trying to swipe one of his daggers from him, but his father dodged and caught his hand and began to try to throw him. As soon as Rex felt his feet get pulled from the ground he brought out the chain from his storage and wrapped his father with it. Leo froze for a second but then he stepped backward pulling Rex towards him and then Leo head-butted him. This made Rex begin to lose consciousness.

He opened his eyes and found his mother and father looking at him differently. "You have many things to explain young man," said his mother in a low tone.

Rex looked at his father who seemed happy but was hiding it because of his wife.

"What do you mean mother," he asked.

"You gave us a few surprises, like for example since when do you know how to use the chain and your speed and strength were beyond the level that they should be" answered, Leo.

"I was training during the five weeks all day during". His mother looked at him suspiciously "fine but that does not explain the magic that you used because it was magic wasn't it".

Leo looked at his wife and son "you used magic?"

His wife nodded "to you it might have been hard to see during the match but to the audience, it was a little clearer".

Rex let out a sigh "yes it was magic, I used teleport I've been working on it for some time now".

His mother looked at him worriedly "you're only a 5-year-old child how are you able to achieve that and how did you even know that magic exists there's only a few of us that can use it in the clan".

Rex pointed at the study "there were some documents there that had a few things about it".

His parents seemed even more shocked "you know how to read" asked his father.

Rex shrugged "I've been locked in for 5 years, I picked up a few things".

Leo began laughing " You really gave me a scare, at your age, I was nowhere near your level, and to top it off you can use mana which is rare, you may go to the forest alone".

Rex looked at his father in surprise "but I didn't win".

Leo laughed again "You're a five-year-old who might be able to defeat a 15-year-old apprentice, besides the only reason that you didn't win was because of your small body that was easily pulled, now go to sleep that you have a big day tomorrow and an even bigger future".

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