31 Battle Amigos

Rex looked at James "Sir what's this place".

The general looked around "this is a beast training market".

He waved at a fat old man that was walking towards them "Oh, hello general good to see you". The man looked at Anna and Sarah with curiosity "Are they part the three that you mentioned".

When he saw that the general nodded he looked at all three of them with a smile "Well any monster that you see here is for sale so take your pick".

They began walking to a room full of monsters. When Rex looked back he found the two sisters betting two blue wolves".

The tamer quickly opened the cage "you two have good eyes these two are River Fanged Wolves, they can temporarily turn their whole bodies to water. They are pretty hard to catch let alone train".

That caught Rex's attention "Isn't there someone like me with the taming skill" he thought. He looked at the man "Well we have to catch them, then we give them daily routines, and lastly sell them off".

He could tell that the trainer didn't want to go into specifics so that he wouldn't reveal his secrets. He looked closer at the wolves "How long did it take to train them" he asked.

The trainer looked at the ceiling while calculating "well for these wolves it took about 5 months but others could take even more some take 1-year others even 3".

Rex looked at him with his mouth wide open, he couldn't believe how long the process took, "Looks like it's a good thing that I asked the goddess for the taming skill" he thought.

James who had kept quiet finally spoke: "How much for the river wolves," he asked.

The man gave the general a big smile and replied "40 gold sir". The general nodded and handed him 4 platinum coins. The trainer bowed and began making the seal on the wolf mixed with the blood from the twins.

After it was done the man looked at the sisters "Now you don't have to worry that they won't obey you", then he turned around and they began searching for a companion for Rex.

When they were about to reach the end of the room he stopped, one of the cages had creatures that he was very familiar with. Inside the cages, there were giant beasts that were half eagle and half lion.

He looked at them and asked the trainer just to make sure "Are they griffins".

The man chuckled and "Yes that's exactly what they are".

Rex began to get closer to them "How much are they" he asked with excitement.

The trainer turned to the general he couldn't hide his large smile "They are 9 platinum" the general was about to grab the money but Rex stopped him by grabbing his hand."

He turned around and looked at the man "do you have any that you haven't trained yet?"

The man hesitated "Well we have one but there's a reason why. I'll show you when we get there." They entered another room with animals growling and hissing at them from every corner. They stopped in one of the big cages, there they saw a griffin with big feathers and about twice the size of the other griffins.

They looked at it in amazement "As you can see this is a Titan Griffin we haven't been able to break its spirits. When we bought it we wanted to sell it to the Royal Griffin Squadron but it's proven impossible".

Rex looked at him and then at the general, he looked like the 10-year-old kid that he really was. At first, he thought that he had heard wrong "Did this dude just say that there was a griffin unit". James had seen Rex's reaction and began laughing.

Rex looked at the man "How much would this one be?"

The trainer looked at the general "Sir it's dangerous." James just shrugged "trust me this kid can handle it, as of yet I haven't seen him try to do anything that he wasn't capable of".

The fat man nodded "well since it's you general I'll take your word for it. I'll sell the griffin for 8 platinum". James smiled and gave him the money, one of the guards of the trainer began shaking as he thought about having to draw the seal on the wild monster.

Rex patted his back "There is no need to do that". In the end, they had to drag the cage out using horses and then put it in a flat platform with wheels. The general and the sisters were in the carriage with their new battle companions. Rex decided to stay in the back with the cage.

When they were going back he noticed that they were not taking the route that they had come from. He jumped down from the platform and got inside the carriage while it was moving then he looked at the surprised faces of his group.

He sat down and looked at the general "Sir where are we going?"

James simply gave a smile and kept his eyes closed "We are going to take you to your new home".

Rex couldn't help but stand up from excitement. He went to the window and looked at his surroundings. He found that they were going towards the center of the city and began to get curious, the closer that someone was to the center the more important they were.

They stopped inside of a gate with 2 guards and quickly opened the carriage when they saw the crest of the general. Then they stopped in front of a large mansion that had the same roman touch as the general's house.

There was also another large building next to it. In front of the mansion, there was a circular water fountain located in the center. He was stunned this mansion was huge even if it wasn't the same size it was at least twice the size.

James had finally opened his eyes and saw Rex with his mouth open, he began bursting in laughter "I gotta say to see you make an expression that fits your age in one day is quite a treat. You're always too serious for a 15-year-old, so what do you say like your new home".

Rex looked at him "Sir I don't understand why would you give me such a large house, I have to admit that when I asked for one I was expecting for a large house but never a mansion."

The general smiled "Well you didn't expect the King to leave the two rewards that you never accepted forgotten did you. When you asked for a house he made sure that the value was close to the 3 rewards put together."

Rex's face was nothing compared to the twins, they were actually crying. The sisters couldn't believe that in less than a year they went from living in a cage to living in a mansion. Their feelings towards Rex were getting stronger than they had ever been.

The general led them to the stairs in the center that lead to the entrance of the mansion. When they were at the doors he turned around and pointed at the doors, signaling for Rex to open them.

Rex hesitated he still didn't believe that the mansion was going to be his, after shaking his head to clear it he pushed the 10 ft door open. As soon as the doors were open wide 10 maids and a butler quickly spoke in Unison "We welcome you, Master Ray".

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