9 ARMY (9)

Fang was in front of 110 skeleton warriors in armor.

"I take it that these are the dead warriors," asked Rex as he walked towards the demon.

Fang turned around with a huge smile, "Yes sir they are all under your command".

Rex looked at the skeletons "How strong are they".

Fang thought for a minute "They should be as strong as when they were alive so it varies".

Rex patted Fang back "These men are under your control you are their creator, after all, also we have another 30 bodies in the arena those 30 after they are turned put them under Hawks command".

Fang seemed pleased

"Hey Fang just curious but can you train them to battle with other weapons".

Fang nodded "Yes they are basically still living the only difference is that they are slower and have the instinct to protect and listen to you or anyone they are ordered to follow".

That made Rex even more curious "does that mean that they have feelings".

Fang thought for a moment "Well to a certain limit as long as their orders are clear then they might even seem alive but they will still be a sack of bones that will keep coming to live as long as their skull isn't destroyed".

Rex nodded "tell Hawk that he will be a commander of 30 men also let me know if any of you want to switch the weapons of your men".

Rex looked at the 110 skeletons and sighed "we might have a battle ahead of us".

He went home and let his mother know that he would be in the base forging armor to do his part in the war, his father was also managing the ninja. He left Jemma, the female demon, to keep his mother company. After 8 days and nights, he finally finished creating armor for his troops.

All the beasts had armor covering their head and body with iron claws. Their helmets also had fangs in the structure of their snout so any bite was actually two. Hawk asked for 20 bows with 300 arrow s and 10 shields. Fang, on the other hand, asked for lances and boar armors, Rex was confused at first but when Fang showed him 7- undead boars apparently anything could be reanimated as long as all the bones were put together. Fang got all the bones they had stored and now had mounted skeletons.

Rex had everyone move back and forth to make sure that they all got accustomed to their armor. He began to make hollow holes on trees that he could teleport and use chains on the enemy. He also made a sphere-like armor to protect the slimes core, the only way they could be killed would be getting hit my piercing arrows 2 or 3 times, they would serve as surveillance on top of trees while they hit the enemies with acid spit.

3 days later he received the notice that around 3500 men were marching toward the direction from a slime. He quickly went and found his Leo.

"Father it's time they are close by".

The slimes transformed into ninja and he teleported them and himself to the edge of the forest, he had about 60 slimes disguised as ninja and they came out of the forest. He got a bow and quiver from his storage. He shot 4 times all the arrows hit their mark as four bodies hit the ground hard. All the soldiers began looking around at where the arrows had come from and soon they found Rex and the 60 "men".

The slimes ran back into the forest but he continued shooting hitting 5 more infantry. He ran back into the forest and started hearing horses running. He turned back and found around 400 horsemen and infantry chasing him. He ordered slimes to transform into snails and begin shooting the soldiers with acid from the treetops.

He teleported back into a hollow spot that he had dug in the tree he waited until he could hear all the horses and then used shadow chain and trapped the 250 horsemen he gave the order for the beasts to attack the ones that were not chained. The slimes attacked form above and the beasts attacked from below, In a matter of minutes all the warriors were killed. The surviving horses were brought to the village.

He teleported back to the edge of the forest and threw a bottle of poison gas into the enemy in the clearing and everything turned into chaos. Hawks men and the ninja began shooting arrows at the enemy.

Fangs mounted men charged into the masses, they were unaffected by the poison since they were undead. He got closer and was guarded by 5 Hawk's shield men. He used Shadow chain on the horsemen so that they wouldn't run away from the poison smoke. The remaining horsemen were taken care of by the skeleton troops and arrows. In the end, the only thing moving was the skeleton soldiers.

They all went back to the village after they healed all of the hut beasts. Everyone was congratulating him.

"Didn't expect we would win, especially without any casualties" he whispered to himself.

Fang transported all the bodies to the base and began using his reanimation skill he had learned recently after leveling up. Rex had leveled up 7 times after killing all the men. He returned home and slept. He was woken up by the slimes. He cooked something for his parents and himself and then went into the base.

He went into the practice arena where 3,500 men were standing. There were some on horseback since many of the horses died of poisoning and the rest were infantrymen.

"Good morning master do you like the men you see".

Rex nodded "yes having an army this size is really interesting".

Once again Rex complemented Fang "Give 1000 men to Hawk, Jemma, and yourself keep the 110 men you had originally as well. The other 500 men will be for me".

Fang looked surprised. "are you sure Master, you only receive 500 men when your servants receive twice as much".

Rex looked at Fang with a confused look "what do you mean servants, you and all the bears, lions, and wolves are my family".

Fang looked at Rex with teary eyes "thank you so much master we will forever stay loyal to you and only you".

He smiled "I'm glad, but now we have to prepare for the worst".

Fang seemed confused "what exactly do you mean master".

Rex began thinking "What would you do if more than 3,000 men disappeared without a trace".

The demon thought for a second "I would investigate what happened" answered the demon realizing where his master was going.

"yes, that's one of the main reasons that I'm worried".

Fang now understood "But master I'm sure you'll find a way like you did yesterday".

Rex shook his head "yesterday we got lucky in the forest I covered their mouths and chained the soldiers in case they could use magic but if someone in the group could use fire magic then it would have gotten messy. It also would have gotten messy if someone was able to use wind magic in the clearing and blow the poison in our direction".

Fang looked at Rex imagining the events he had just pointed out "I see what you mean young master".

"Yeah, unfortunately, I don't have much battle experience fighting armies that's why I believe that I should travel to the Silver Kingdom who is currently at war with the Diamond Kingdom and learn about the battlefield".

Fang was surprised "but master why not just learn tactics from your father".

"no, if there's something that I've learned is that nothing is the same as learning it yourself and my dad is more into ambushes and assassinations not leading an army".

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