22 Ambush

When they arrived at the gate he found the general waiting with about 500 horsemen. Some of them recognized him and looked at him with respect as others simply looked surprised by the actions of their peers.

James walked his horse towards him "let me guess these 2 young ladies come from that slave trader you spoke of".

Rex nodded "Sir they might be slaves but they are mine. I plan to treat them like friends and if anyone disrespects them or bosses them around then there will be consequences. I take it that Edward already told you what happened on my first visit to the castle".

The general laughed " Yes he did".

Then he rode past Rex and turned his horse around "I wouldn't expect any less from my student. Remember to treat them with respect".

They began to march towards the gate. James was riding at the front, with Rex who had Anna and Sarah behind him.

They were about halfway there when the general has an order "let's let the horses rest here for a few minutes".

Rex got down from his horse and went towards James "Sir what's going on sure the day is hot but the horses can still make it to the walk with ease".

The general nodded and looked at him " Ray can you tell me what you hear".

Rex at first didn't get what the general was talking about but he still did as he was told. The end he didn't hear anything

"Sorry General but I don't hear anything".

James looked at him and smiled "that's part of the problem we are a group of 500 men there should at least be growling. It's been this quiet since we left the gate".

Rex began to understand where the General was going and he used search. He was surprised when he found 17 people that were surrounding the area where the general and he was.

He looked at James "Sir I think that we should move away from the group to let them avoid a hard time".

The general caught what Rex was saying and he began to think in the end he nodded and looked at his men.

" There's something that I want to show my student, we'll be back in a minute".

They walked toward a nearby river and pretended to wash their faces. "We have 10 archers on top of the trees, 3 swords, and 4 daggers".

The general chuckled "might I know just how you happen to know this".

Rex looked at him and looked at the sky "a little secret of mine".

His sensor skill began spiking and he quickly brought out a shield and put it behind the generals head in time to stop an arrow from hitting him.

He handed the shield to the captain "How about I take care of the archers and you of the ground units".

James nodded and laughed "Ray are you sure that you are not my son".

Rex smiled "Positive I'm too handsome to be your son".

He brought out a bow and shot 6 consecutive shots. The assassins must have been caught off guard because after he shot the arrows 6 bodies came down from the trees.

The other four archers started to shoot at him, he used wind blades and cut down the trees that they were in and now they were in the ground. He looked back and found that the General was still fighting but didn't seem like he needed help. Rex killed another archer with a throwing knife. The other three were trying to escape but he brought out a sword and cut them down.

When he looked behind him he found the general watching "did you enjoy watching the show General" he called out.

The general laughed "not my fault you took too long".

"Well, it's a lot easier when the idiots come to you and not the other way around".

After Rex took all the valuables and weapons they headed back to the group. When they got back they found 3 men arguing with Anna and Sarah. Rex looked at the General and James simply shrugged and looked away.

Knowing what it meant Rex couldn't help but make an evil smile.

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