2 Adjusting To The New (2)

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a woman smiling and tearing up, Then a man that was looking at him what's going on he thought. That's when he saw that his hands were really small. "Great I'm in the baby stage," thought Adrian "So the women must be my mother and the man my father".

The woman was young and pretty. She had blond hair. His father was tall with short silver hair, he had a scar on his cheek about 4 cm long. Days passed and most of the days consisted of him being stuck on the crib.

On the 4th day of sleeping nonstop, he began thinking about using the magic that he had asked the goddess for. He remembered that he had chosen dark and wind attributes now he had to find an application on what they might be used for. When he began focusing and thinking about his magic a screen appeared in front of him. It showed it showed the level of the skills he had asked the goddess for. Space magic, taming, and disguise all showed up as level one. Another thing that he noticed was that his name was Rex Silver.

"Man what a bad name why did they make it sound so cringy".

He tried using his teleportation skill but it wasn't working does he tried meditating he had seen mangas and games where characters improve magic by meditating or something like that.

He imagined energy flowing around his magic and he began feeling something "well better than just sleeping all day, might as well continue".

His parents were rarely around, after weeks of meditation he felt the force that circulated his insides had multiplied. He tried teleporting again but suddenly he felt the cold stone floor. "Yes it finally worked, it's finally time to explore that one place".

While his mother had carried him in her arms he had gotten a glimpse of the study room.

There were many books and scrolls that had gotten his attention. He tried to read them but noticed that they were written in another language, but he could still somehow understand what the document was about. They were records of settlements and cities nearby. The document was really descriptive from the number of troops in it to the daily routines of the king or barons.

"Just what the hell is my family involved in" he wondered.

He kept searching and later found a book on magic he took it and managed to put it into his storage box, which even at level one could store some pretty useful things. Once that was done he headed back to the crib.

He began reading the book when he was left alone. He found out that the people called the force in his body mana. Meditating and making it flow on your body allowed you to consume it and your mana capacity increased. This was okay since the mana was depleting slowly but if one was to run completely out of mana it would cause your body severe pain. Knowing this he dedicated himself to meditate over and over until he was a year old and finally decided to be seen walking.

The first one to see him walk was his father, who entered the room without warning while Rex was stretching his legs. When his mother found out she was pissed that she missed her son's first steps. Rex used the fact that they were happy and pointed at the door showing them that he wanted to go out. For some reason they never let him go out. His parents seemed to think about it but then they put him on the crib and left. Rex was confused but he enjoyed his time alone because he could read more, he went over what dark attributes can do. Some people could do shadow duplication, shadow strings which allow you to cut your opponent with invisible strings, and necromancy which was rare since it was banned in many cities.

He was about to check out wind magic but was interrupted by the arrival of his parents.

He quickly put the book back into his storage box and stood up at the side of the crib. His mother was carrying a white blanket in her arms but then she put it on him and it turned out to be a suit. It covered his whole body except his eyes."I know that you don't understand yet but this is needed in case someone is spying on us from another clan". Before his mother and father opened the door they pushed a button on their ring and clothes started to form covering his parent's bodies completely.

Rex didn't like to speak when they were present so instead he pulled on his mother's suit inspecting it. His mother's suit wasn't as decorative as his father but the fabric was super soft. He looked at his father and mother and then it finally hit him they were ninja.

"No freakin way I was reincarnated as a son of ninja".

His father patted his head and then opened the door they both took one of his hands to help him walk. The village didn't seem that advanced everyone was wearing the same black suit with the same amount of detail as his mother.

Only the children in the village were wearing the white suit that he was. People in the village were getting water from well, buying things from stands training or eating in an open area. "Sorry, you couldn't see the village on its good days for your first time, but we've had a few troubles, but you might not understand yet your, only a year old after all". All the villagers gave a greeting when they saw his father.

"Is he the chief or someone a bit lower in rank" wondered.

They walked a little longer and Rex was able to see that there were guards up in the trees looking towards the forest, way more than was needed.

"So they are currently expecting some trouble" he taught.

They returned home and began eating dinner. "Are you sure they are going to attack?" asked his mother.

"Unfortunately yes it's only a matter of time, they are training new recruits that are younger than usual. By the look of things, the new recruits should still need to train for another year, but it's better to be prepared than sorry" answered his dad.

His father looked at him and smiled. "Why don't we do the same," asked his mother.

His father looked at her and his eyes began to show anger " what they are doing is wrong and there is no way in hell that I will lead innocent children to a war" as he talked he pointed at Rex "The adults are the ones that have to be fighting for the family, not the other way around. Even if others disagree I will not budge from my decision and that's final ".

Rex listened to his father and was almost stunned by the charisma coming from him, that's when he remembered something important "wait if my father is the village leader which is more of a clan and I'm his son doesn't that make it my responsibility as well".

Once his parents were asleep he teleported to the study " Okay then let's see who exactly is the enemy".

He began digging around through his father's desk until he found a document containing information on another clan. They seemed to have a decent amount of warriors no reason why young recruits were needed unless they were planning something.

"If they do want to attack then what exactly is their motive" wondered Rex "still before I start worrying about these things I have to start strengthening myself".

He really wanted to go out into the forest and by the way that his parents were now the only way possible is if he can defend himself.

6 months passed since he heard about the opposing clan. During the months he has spent his time meditating and improving the amount of mana that he could hold. He had now started working on controlling that power and fusing it with his body to strengthen his physic. He had walked another 6 or 7 times with his parents outside and only for a few hours. For a year and a half, he had spent his time couped up in his room, and he was sick of it.

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