27 A Noble General

"Ray you surprise me more and more. I didn't think anyone your age could be so mature. Most men would love to gloat that they alone repelled an army yet here you are hiding it."

Rex nodded he knew that the General was right in a war most of the youth wanted to gain war merit and go up the ladder.

James smiled "anyways by tomorrow night there will be another general coming and I'll be leaving with my wife. I would like it if you came with me so we can begin your studies".

Rex looked at the General the only reason he was in battle was because of him anyways.

He nodded "I would be honored General but I'll be bringing these two with me".

James laughed "of course you will, my lovely Norma hasn't stopped talking about them".

Rex, Anna, and Sarah went to their tent and stepped comfortably. When they woke up they packed and went to the top of the wall to look out for any enemies.

Halfway through the day, there was a noise of troops marching from behind them. One of Jame's guards notified him that the new general had arrived.

They opened the back gate and let the new general and his troops enter. James went up to the new general and greeted him, "nice to see you Sam how has life treated you".

Sam had extremely fancy armor, he got off his horse and shook James's hand, "It's been good, I heard that you need a break".

James nodded, "Yeah defending against 5 attacks is more than enough for me".

Sam laughed and showed a glint of hatred for James in his eyes, "Yeah you old bag of bones should just retire, let the young ones take the reins."

Jame's face couldn't help but reveal some of his anger. Sam on the other hand completely ignored it and looked around and his gaze stopped at Rex.

Or at least this was what Rex thought but after following Sam's gaze he found that the targets were Anna and Sarah.

"What are these two pieces of trash doing here" yelled Sam as he walked towards them. All the frightened soldiers stepped back making a path for him.

Rex stepped in front of him blocking his way before he reached the twins.

He looked at Sam with a slight smile and said "Sir I'm afraid that you're too tired after your long trip and made a huge mistake of mistaking my companions for trash. I find it really rude and I would appreciate an apology".

The new general froze in bewilderment "Who the hell do you think you are to get in my way and talk to me in such manner".

Rex looked at Sam's eyes "Sam, I'm just a mere soldier, however, both my companions and I are on your side so I believe we deserve some respect".

After hearing his name being called by someone of a lesser rank made his face turn red with anger.

"Your name soldier?", he asked, putting his sword in Rex's neck. The two sisters immediately put their own swords in the general's neck. Everyone was surprised by their quick movement.

Rex couldn't help but roll his eyes while thinking, "What the hell is my neck some sort of sword magnet".

Without flinching from the sword's movement since he could see that Sam was slowing down halfway to his swing he answered the question. "My name is Ray, It's a pleasure to meet you, Sam".

At the moment the new general could care less about Rex's words. The attention of everyone was currently at the golden swords of the twins.

Rex sighed and thought "shit I knew I went to freakin overboard".

Sam began stuttering while looking at the two swords "where did you steal these treasures".

He began to reach for one of the swords but Rex used the sword he had in his waist. He deflected the sword that the general had on his neck and sheathed it again.

He looked at Sam and spoke loudly, "my companions did no such thing, I gave it to them".

Sam and everyone who hadn't seen him battle began laughing, "kid where would you get all that gold. Let us say that you managed to get it why would you give it to these filthy beasts".

Rex shook his head "I'm ashamed of you General".

Everyone stopped laughing immediately. Sam looked at him and released killing intent, "what did you just say?"

Rex shook his head and laughed "You just called my friends beasts, do you not remember that they are called Demi-humans. Their appearance is more human than anything. Yet based on your statement you're saying that our human bloodline is inferior".

Everyone stayed quiet, Rex could tell that they were all thinking of what he had just said. After a few moments, he could see some people nodding as they realized that he was right.

He just kept staring at Sam who was leaking an insane amount of killing intent. Rex wasn't afraid of him, he had already checked his stats as soon as he laid eyes on Sam.

The new general was nothing compared to James. Sam was a little weaker than him. Now James was on a whole other level. Rex could see that the experienced general more than tripled his stats.

Rex sighed "well anyway I made it for them," he said as he made a hand motion for Anna to give him her sword. He began walking around showing his signature imprinted on the sword.

Everyone was shocked he could hear people whispering "But how did he make it and where did he get all that gold from".

The general tried to gain back his control and he reeled in all his killing intent "well anyways you have committed a crime and these swords will be held as evidence of drawing against a general".

He reached for the swords again but Rex quickly touched them and stored them in his storage. He brought out 2 rusty swords and slashed at Sam cutting bits of hair.

He was careful not to cut Sam since he didn't want to give him Tetanus. With the daily practice that he had Rex had managed to max his level of swordsmanship to level 20. He now had full control of his sword.

After giving Sam a new hairstyle he stabbed the swords in the ground and smiled. "There we go Sir, these are better evidence since they actually caused harm. Luckily in your case it wasn't to your body, but I can't say the same thing about your image".

Rex pointed at his hair and grinned. Sam's body was shaking from rage.

He gave a small bow and grabbed the hands of Sarah and Anna. The three of them began walking towards James and Norma.

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