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Interstellar Terrarium


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We were left. We learnt and we taught the youngest of us what we learnt. It wasn’t easy with our mamas and papas gone but we did our best. One day when we were out looking at the crash site of our escape pod we found something new there. Before we knew it all of us were taken and brought to a strange world. We were put in glass boxes and the strange creatures stood outside and watched us. One day, the creatures took us to a new home, one none of us were familiar with. A place called Toronto. ~~~~~~~~ A research facility that was drifting in the depths of space, discovered a strange package, what it contained? No one knew. During their investigation of the mysterious package a toxic gas began to kill all those who breathed it. The scientists ran in a hurry and brought their children to the escape pod and ejected it, it’s coordinates, a planet with a breathable atmosphere. They could only hope that their children would survive. WARNING R18: For graphic violence and mature content. ~~~~~~~~~ This is the author’s first sci-fi novel. If you like it, try her other works :D


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