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Space warrior (1-9)

Space saint

Space king

Space emperor

Space supreme

Space Legend


Galactic Liberator 1-9

Galactic saint

Galactic king

Galactic Emperor

Galactic Supremes

Galactic Legend


Universal warrior 1-9

Universal General 1-4

Universal Emperor

Universal Legend

Universal Ancestor

More will be known later as the story progresses.

Planetary/technological levels

Tier 0: a primitive planet or a non technological planets, meaning the planet is not an advance one.

Tier 1: a relatively basic technological advance planet.

Tier 2: a medium level technological advance planet.

Tier 3: A high level technological advance planet.

Tier 4: ??

Tier 5: ??

Tier 6: ??

Tier 7: ??

Tier 8: ??

Tier 9: ??

Between every tier there are nine small tiers for example: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and so on.

A tier one planet is the current level of earth, tier one planets are only capable of exploring a little outside their planets.

A tier two planet is capable of exploring their galaxy with some even capable of going to another galaxy.

A tier three planet is capable of exploring their universe also exploring other universes is also not a total pipe dream .


Any federation with space in their name means a low level federation which basically mean they only operate within a galaxy with a technological level of at least tier 1.5, they basically only operate in conquering mainly planets or solar systems within a galaxy. The highest realm in this federation is the space Legend realm.

A mid level federation will always have galaxies or galactic in their names and mainly conquer entire galaxies. A federation at this level must have at least a tier 2 technological level.

The highest realm in this federation is the galactic Legend realm.

A high level Federation have universe or universal in their names and also a tier 3 technological level, they also mainly focus on conquering universes.

The highest realm in this federation is the universal ancestor realm.

All soldiers of federation or cultivators have their own elements namely:

Basic elements: Air, water, Earth, fire.

Secondary elements: Ice, metal, wood, lava, blood, poison, mist, thunder, light and darkness.

Supreme elements: space, time, life, death and destruction.

Universal elements: space-time, fate and order.

Origin element: Chaos.

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