1 Chapter 1

"BRITNEY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WANT TRUTH!" Ala say angry (Ala is a fake name and she is your best friend.) "I'm sorry I just don't want to but... I will do it for the next one." You say. (You are Britney.) "Okay if you say so." Ala answered in a sarcastic voice.

Time skip

It is you turn again and Ala asked those word again " TRUTH or DARE! " " dare-e-e " you say in a manic voice. "Okay good." Ala says in a relived voice. "Because ... you are going to ... enter Internet Icon!!!" "Ala... but I-" you start but Ala cuts you off saying "Nope your going." Ala finishes "Fine" you answered but didn't want to fight and you were sleepy so you say "Okay girls I'm going to bed. Goodnight." You said as you went on the blow-up bed and went to sleep.


"Okay good luck" I heard mum say I answer saying. "Mum where are you?" You hear giggling from other kids you tried to scream but nothing then you started to want to go to sleep. So you curl in a little ball and start to cry then I started to open my eyes and I find myself back in prep the worst year in my life. Then all of a sudden I was in school and in a class about bullying a couple of other kids for the teacher ask them how, they got bulled then I put my hand up but she didn't asks me so I put my hand down. Than I put my hand up again after a couple more kids and she asks me how, I answered with "I w-w-was" I started slow but then saying my next words very fast "I was fat shamed" I started to cry first softly then it started to get to much and I started to cry uncontrollably.

**End of dream

I woke up not by mum but by Ala she herd me cry and I started to hug her for some reason and said "Ala I NEED to make that video NOW!!!

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