4 Chapter 4:Intense

Bang! Rumble!

I snap my eyes open and instinctively get ready to transform to fight whatever the hell was making a racket. I toss my legs to the side of the couch and step forward, then proceed to see the floor coming closer.

Before I call for my claws to catch myself my nose makes friends with the floor.

Okay now I'm ready for a fight with whoever the hell woke me up from a shockingly peaceful sleep and two for the throbbing in my nose. Whoever thought it was okay to wake someone up and get them so worked up I trip over the damn baked bean can is seriously gonna get an earful.

I push off my hands and stumble to the window, yanking the rag back to be blinded by the sunlight. Squinting through the glass I see a for sale sign outside the building being hammered into the ground as the excavator trails along the building scooping up walls and small trees in its path.

Shit. This can't be good. If they sell this building. Then they will have to come and inspect inside which means I'm screwed if they find me.. First things first it doesn't say sold yet so I have time to relocate. Second of all, I need to go beg today to get some pennies as I can do anything if I starve.

I feel the fluttering build in my chest as the panic threatens to take over, I shake my head vigorously refusing to be incapacitated right now as I have crap to do.

I scurry to the drawers and yank some clean clothes out. The jeans have seen way better days but this was all I could steal without getting caught out. The rips have spread till have my quad hangs out but oh well not like I gotta impress anyone.

I yank my cropped blue t-shirt on and for the final touch my green hoodie. There you go I look like a typical teenage delinquent so no one will look my way twice. I scramble my hair into a high pony with my purple curls flicking in all directions.

Finally ready I hurry to the window and peer out to see any civilians ready to catch me but as usual I'm invisible to all the 'normal' people.

As I slip down the banister, I feel myself for a small moment feeling euphoric as the wind blows past me. One day I will be free enough to run where ever I like. That hope is what keeps me begging. Keeps my training.

I land on the street with a thud as my scuffed combat boots find contact with the crumbling streets of Westminster. I shove my hands in my pockets to keep any contact with the passersby to a minimum no need to attract unwanted attention as they say.

As I'm nearing my begging turf I observe the life around me, cars everywhere, cyclists whizzing past, and people lots of people. These people are what I don't understand they have the freedom to go where they want. They can have jobs and families yet moan about what's on the tv tomorrow. They walk around ignorant to the world's injustices yet they still ain't happy. My chest feels hot and my hands burn with rage. People like me are dying for them to have this life they have no gratefulness for. My friends might be dead fighting monsters for these people and we are still monsters even in death. Us freaks don't even get a burial. As we were what do they call it 'collateral damage.

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A wet feeling on my hands jolts me back to reality. I wince and retract the claws I had unknowingly let out in rage. Geez I have got to get a hold of my emotions, especially when I'm out in public like this.

Eventually, I see the 17 Broadway Starbucks and perch on my usual spot. As usual, the security guy just looks through me and returns to his Daily Mail. Typical conservative and I cannot say im surprised. So, I recline back and call out to all customers strolling in and out of Starbucks. Of course, you get the usual Karen who makes under breath comments about typical homeless drug-using teenagers but I've learned to ignore them by now. Then you get the older couples who look with pity and throw some pennies at my feet, no doubt remembering the war their parents fought. But most of all I get ignored because the truth of the street is no one sees You. They see a druggie, a rough teen, or pitiful sight, now the reason they don't see ya is that they don't care too. So, I spend my sitting there and observing spoilt kids yelling, watching the pigeons gather around crumbs and to an extent I do feel at ease here.

Before I know it lunch hour has passed and the customers have slowed so I count the pennies I've made today. 78p. Well, it could have gone worse and this way I can get a view tins but it means I have to hunt more which leads to substantial exposure. I drag a hand down my face feeling the exhaustion of life in every pore.

I push myself off the ground and decide to walk to contemplate whatever move I can come up with. So, I turn down Victoria street and head to Westminster Abbey to see if any solace can be found from talking to some God. As I stroll along, I think of my friends and their will to fight for life. Uriel throwing fireballs at dark entities right next to her Kyran electrifying anything that dares come within the 20m radius of us. Grayth leaning back on the wall to catch his breath after a massive Poisonous fog attack. Peter soaring through the air like the Peter pan 2.0 everyone compared him to. Peter took out the dark entities with one hand gesture of wind and I followed him attacking the hooves, claws, paws and tentacles of whatever ankles I could find using my fox form. We were such a team. Their will to fight gave me strength and I wish I had that right now.

I walk alongside Westminster abbey and turn to face the building onwards although I never go in and I don't need the stares. Looking at this building always gives me this clarification similar to those who built it looking to find their path through a God. But my clarification is the next step I have to survive. I must see my friends again. I will be free and I can't let anything stop me.

It's going to take forever with all these officials, battles, and laws but by god, I will be free. I swear it. I nod towards the abbey silently thanking it for being there for me to lean on whenever I need it. As I walk down the street Old palace yard street, I make note of how the day went determined to give myself credit where it is due because I won't ever get stronger if I tear myself down consistently. Before I know it I'm waiting at the ring road to cross when some guy stands to my right. The dude looks wealthy with his blue overcoat on and leather shoes besides his well-groomed face the guy shouts rich. He seems harmless enough except for that look that keeps shooting my way I shrug it off and proceed to cross to the corner of Old Palace. I drag my feet along the pavement determined to act normal and wait for the creepy guy to pass by me but he doesn't. He stays exactly a meter away but heads the same way as me all the same. Okay if I go back on myself then I will know for sure whether it's coincidence or purposeful. So, I stop suddenly and turn back round to the crossing and cross back over to Victoria street. I walk a few meters down the road before I sneak a look over my shoulder…Shit. He is still following me who could this guy be? A government official? A guard? Have they come to take me back? No Erza be calm stay calm. Do not lash out and give them cause to get you when you could be wrong.

I speed up the pace into a fast walk in an effort to lose the guy in the big crowds of London but I sense his pace fastening too. Fine. If he wants to play it that way I won't be disadvantaged. I call my fox eyes forward and instantly I can see peripherally better. This man is following me. Okay, I need to disappear down a road or something to shake him off. As my feet bring me alongside the Abbey again, I see an alley turning to the left and so quickly dive down it.

Shit. It's a dead end. If this guy follows me down here and his intentions are pure, I've got no choice but to expose myself by fighting fox form. Before I turn round, I hear the snap of leather sole on the pavement four meters away. As my heart paces, I turn round and narrow my purple fox eyes towards that man hoping to ward him off.

But he smirks cockily and strolls over purposefully his arms swinging like a child.

'Nowhere left to run Freak?' he speaks confidently.

I straighten my posture and bring my hands to my sides ready for anything.

I find my voice and force it to be strong. 'Who are you?'

'Just a wealthy business curious in finding out what a freak like you is doing on the streets' He keeps coming closer and closer his eyes crinkled in amusement at my obvious anxiety.

I clench both fists and step back once I want distance from this guy.

'Freak? I'm just a normal teen.' I attempt to lie.

'HA normal with that color hair? No, you are one of those freaks the government keeps as pets. He is now a meter away.

I can't step back anymore or im corned to the wall so I sidestep to the right determined to keep out of range from this guy.

What are my options here...if he knows im what the government wants he could turn me in and get a good paycheck? But if act all vulnerable then I may not get out of this okay.

'What do you want.

He stands still as his face breaks into excitement.

'I want a taste of you. Whenever I'm in this area I've seen you scavenging for pennies like some peasant. Normally I don't do charity but I'm bored of the regular whores I frequent; I fancied some new meat' He walks towards me his hand outstretched.

Fear strikes my gut. I don't want to fight this guy. But I ain't being some experiment.

'Stay the hell away from me.' I put one foot back ready to fight.

'What are you going to do to stop me?' The guy who less than a meter now and he keeps walking towards me.

'This.' I swoop down and roundhouse kick him in the side.

The guy falls off balance. I attempt to move around his weakened left side but I feel a hand on my wrist preventing me from moving any further. I try to yank my arm away but he squeezes earning a grunt from my mouth involuntarily.

'Come on freak I will pay you if that's the worry. You know I have plenty.' He leans in and whispers his cigarette-smelling breath drifting to my nose.

All the self-control goes out the window. 'RAAAAH'. The roar rips from my throat as I shove him off me, my anger is boiling.

The smirk on his face shrinks. Good. He may never smirk again when I'm done with him.

Claws sprout out my hands and my hide legs grow. Before I know it I'm a five-foot-tall fox who is fuming.

The pitiful idiot starts to stumble back clutching his arm as it seeps with blood thanks to my claws.

'Okay. I will leave just don't hurt me you beast…' He covers he shuffles back on his but as I stroll towards him a snarl rumbling my chest.

I don't know how I'm this size or why but right now my focus is this jackass.

'YOU.' A deep voice bellows from my snout.

By now the coward is pale in the face as realizes his back is against the wall and there is nowhere else to scurry to.


My paw slams on the floor pinning his foot under it. Bye bye fancy leather shoes.

'Nno I'm sorry just let me live! I won't say it again.'

'LIVE? SAY IT AGAIN' My other paw slams right into his spread legs an inch from his crotch.

He is visibly shaking and I am reveling in it.


His eyes are wide with fear. 'No, you can't. I direct an HR company im ruined without a voice...'

'QUIET. I DIDN'T SAY MY PREY COULD TALK. My snout leers over his head close enough I smell the sweat radiating off him.

He winces but says nothing.


He nods fearfully.


I lean my head down so he can see my eyes for how serious they are.

'I... I…I understand.'


'Karl…. collier.'


He nods tears in his eyes and crawls on all fours into a run without a look back.

I turn back quickly before anyone sees a massive purple fox down the alley.

I look down at my hands now covered in Karl's blood and let out a shaky breath. I may have just screwed myself but god that felt good.

I look to the floor and spot a Valentino wallet; I scoop it up take the cash and throw it back in the puddle.

I don't feel guilty the last thing he can do is compensate me for being such a creepy ass.

I push myself to stand and force my weary legs to move.

I cannot believe I transformed that big. I mean I have no idea how I did it but it was awesome! My training is making me stronger. Finally.

As I turn back on Victoria street no sign of the wimp. So, I continue the walk to the nearest pound shop and think of what to buy with the £200 I found. I mean who is dumb enough to carry that much cash with them. Ah well, his loss is my reward.

The pound shop is about twenty minutes away when I hear screams and get jostled by the crowds running from the sound.

My god is today a busy one for me. I'm tempted to avoid the ruckus because what if it's an entity. I don't want to die today. But a scent catches my attention.

I have no idea who or what it is but I recognize it. So, I find myself dodging the blows from the bags of people running and I weave my way all the to the House of Fraser or what was it.

The windows were smashed and mannequins fluttered about the road and street looking like they had been thrown out. Water covered the street…odd.

I force my way through the entrance only to have my fears be correct.

A huge dark entity lashed about the main floor of the clothes shop. Hooves stood strong on the floor as its tentacles lashed out smashing everything meters away. Its eyes were pitch black with slick black skin adoring its features. The sight makes vomit rise in my throat. Quickly something catches my eye on the right. A young girl is fighting that thing.

She stands strong water shooting from her palms as she aims to disrupt its vision but the issue is the tentacles are making it impossible to succeed. The girl is so focused on her task she doesn't a long tentacle coming up from behind her. Before I can think about it, I yell.

'Watch out!'. I transform in a blink to an average fox this time. As I dive high and grasp the tentacle between my teeth. The girl dodges as the tentacle swings with me attached. She looks bewildered to see me but also relieved.

She continues her attack with more success and I bite down separating the tentacle in half. The foul taste fills my mouth but shakes it off determined to help this stranger. I hop to the floor and land on my all fours. The next goal is to knock the hooves off-balance to make them vulnerable. Despite the lack of fighting with these beats, I find my training coming back to me in a blip. I shout the girl. 'Add more power and I will knock it off its hooves.' She nods at me and I see the determined look take over as the water comes more forcefully.

I run and slam my side into the right side of the hooves. The entity sways but stands tall so I ram again and successfully knock it off balance. I run and nudge the girl shouting' Move back!' The girl steps backward with uncertainty as we watch the entity struggle.

I turn to the girl 'Attack again! I will go for the throat just subdue it!' The girl nods and the sage green water flows again from the girl's palms.

The entity is restrained from the power of water and I enlarge my fangs before I pounce. My teeth slide into flesh and a squeal is released from the entity before the body finally stills.

I hop off the body and turn to the girl who stands there pale. I transform back and wince at the soreness of my muscles. I turn to the left and ask the girl.

'You alright?' The girl turns me to and nods but sways…before she falls, I catch her.

Great. I have a stranger in my arms and a dead entity next to me. Suddenly sirens ring in the air and people gathering around the door.

Shit. No choice I have to get us out of here but I cannot leave this girl here.

I heave the girl on my back and I thank my luck she is light. I hop over the entity and shove my way through the crowd running towards my home.

She jostles on my back and I sense she passed out for exhaustion.

I activate my power and force my legs to carry us faster. Sooner rather than later we arrive that the apartment buildings. I swoop my head around searching for any stragglers due to today's events. My paranoia is at a sky-high place.

I jog up the fire escape working hard to not lose my balance. I throw the window open using my foot and roll in care to not knock the girl on the window sill.

As I dump the girl on the couch I sprawl on the floor and just relax. I am seriously exhausted. How the hell did my life get so hectic in one day.

I turn and look over the girl. A few cuts and bruises but she looks okay. I wonder how she got so powerful and I wonder where she comes from.

Maybe she knows my friends…

Oh, I forgot to eat maybe I should just_

Everything fades away and my eyes drift shut.

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