12 Chapter 12

'Erza. Wake up.'

My eyes flutter open heavy from sleep, and I look around searching my surroundings.

I feel a weight under me and see brown curls to left and i remember im still on Will.

Jesus how embarrassing.

I push myself from Will and fall onto the pavement straight on my butt.

'Sorry.' I scratch my head awkwardly. Will who looks startled at me throwing myself off, stretches out his hand to help me up.

'Aw its lovely to see how comfortable you are with little Will here PP..' A smug Varian states his head turned back just to see my reaction.

The annoying idiot. 'Shut up. Why did you wake me.'

Will speaks up 'Well birdbrain we know what building you stay on due to our surveillance but not the room so you may need to show us you know.' Will looks resigned.

Jesus these guy are sarcastic. I am injured, sleep deprived and starving yet they expect me to be at full awareness. Give me a damn break.

'Lets go'. We step onto the rumble garden, the damn council are getting closer so its probably for the best that me and Lay leave here today.

I climb the fire escape stairs on step at a time and its frustratingly hard to do so. Every muscle his aching and my mid section is unrepenting in the pain.

By the time we've got to my window Im drenched in sweat. Will goes ahead and hoists the window open and hops inside. Varian follows gracefully before i finally voice myself to climb in too.

Will is beside Layla who is shuddering and looks even paler than before. Jesus please tell me it isnt too late.

Will places his hand on her forehead and closes his eyes. Before looking at me 'She is scared and in pain but worried about you. Her thoughts havent slowed down which is a good sign.' The tension leaves me. She is there.

Varian observes Layla and chews his lip in what looks like apprehension. His eyes are downcast and hidden by his black hair as he walks to the bed and scoops Layla up princess style.

I vocalize a warning hiss to him. He better not hurt her more. Instead of rising to the challenge Varian turns to me and says ' Gather your things quickly.' Before he steps over to the window and climbs out with Layla.

After a moments hesitation I grab Laylas bag and what little things I have. In the space of five minutes I am ready to go which is pitiful really. Will takes the bag of me and gestures to the window, with one final look around I step out the window too.

Going down is easier thank god but Im still unsteady so takes double the time it normally would. However when I get to the bottom Will is crouching and I gratefully accept.

All three of us conscious ones walk in silence. Will seems to be observing the area no doubt looking for the authorities to come. Varian however is humming to himself whilst looking down at Layla clearly feeling guilty.

'Where is this factory of yours?' I am curious to how far we have to go.

Varian speaks without turning around ' The SE18 area. So about an hour from here.'

An hour. 'How do you guys expect to carry us for an hour without being questioned or noticed.'

A sigh sounds from him before he answers. 'There is a vehicle waiting for us at Victoria Tower Gardens south side. Not far from here.'

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They have vehicles?

'How'd you manage vehicles without being spotted?'

Will speaks up sensing Varians irritation. 'We change the plates regularly plus we paint the vehicles'

That makes sense. The journey to the Gardens is a short one but as we pass Westminster Cathedral I feel sorrow. This will be the last time I am in this area and I dont know what im getting into with these guys without realising a sigh escapes me.

'Erza in time you will learn to trust us okay? I know you dont know us but we are the same as you.' Will whispers in hushed voice.

I cannot be arsed to argue so I just reply with 'Sure'.

The gardens are in front of us in no time.

Right in front of the entrance a dark blue van is parked up and upon closer inspection there are fish painted all over the back. How obnoxious...thought they are meant to blend in.

The door swings open and a short women hops out, her gold hair is shoulder length and her eyes are blue like the sky on a good day.

'Hey guys! About time! Who are the girls?' She grins. Her personality is bubbly as hell.

'New recruits. But both are injured so put your foot down.' Varian says in a harsh tone.

But the women doesnt seem remotely phased. ' The names Lin. You?'

'Im Erza and the girl is Layla.' Lin looks towards Layla a warm expression on her face and I immediately relax.

'She is beautiful is she your sister?' Raising my eyebrows in shock I sputter a 'Nno.'

Lin looks surprised 'Oh really? You some similar features. Anyway lets get you to the warehouse come hop in.'

Will climbs in the back and places me on a chair before taking Layla off Varian and doing the same. Varian slams the door shut and gets in the front of the van with Lin.

Lin turns the engine then jolts forward jerking us forward. 'Lin could you drive with some skill please.' Varian moans.

Lin chuckles. 'Sorry I am excited to get home to my daughter ahah. Speaking of which who finally punched you V hmm?'

Varian gives Lin a sharp look before stating 'an animal.' Lin catches my eye in the mirror as she smirks.

'Did the animal happen to have purple hair Varian?'

'Lin just shut your mouth.' Varian seethes.

Lin bristles at his tone but her smile doesnt drop just her eyes harden.

For some reason every instinct in me is telling me not to mess with this woman. The women just oozes a dont mess with me vibe despite her sunny personality.

I turn my attention to Layla who hasnt moved once. Her skin his clammy and as i brush the hair out of her face I find myself praying.

I pray for her health. I pray for her peace. I pray for her childhood. We may not be related by blood but by circumstance I would say she is like my sister.

The steady movement of the car lulls me to power nap and for the first time in forever I sleep soundfully.

In the distance I hear Will's voice but its not until the door is pulled open that I am pulled out of sleep.

Will lifts Layla from the chair and hands her to Varian who begins to walk to a building in front of us.

Lin helps me down with Laylas bag in her hand. Before me is a derelict building about five storeys high and in the shape of a big L spread across a rumble ground.

The building exterior looks old around 1900's old and damaged but there is not a soul in sight. As the others head towards the big white door ahead I am stuck admiring the sheer size of this place, if this is what they are working maybe they could have an impact at some point...

I hurry over to the others who are disappearing inside. The inside has pealing paint along the corridor and chipped floorboards that creaky with every step I take, there are overhead lights with what look like little gas switches. How old is this place to not have any wires anywhere...

We come to a sign that points left called Left wing.

Varian ushers quickly down the hall way with Layla in his arms and we come to a medical area at the end.

Beds are lined a meter apart with IV drips and everything. I am shocked because they have equipment and seem to functioning..this was not what I was expecting for this organisation Varian spoke of.

Varian calls over a women who looks in charge and places Layla on the bed, I shake myself out of my awe and focus as Layla is priority. I scurry over determined to know of Laylas condition, and get a dirty look from the women straight off the bat.

'You. Should. Not. Be. Moving. In. Your Condition.'Suddenly I am on a bed myself right next to Laylas, I am too wary to respond considering this woman is now in charge of my health.

The woman pushes Varian onto the bed on the other side of me despite his protest, at the end of my bed Will is laughing hard.

Varian and me give him a look at the same time which causes him to crease harder. I am too resigned so I lay back and enjoy the bed.

'Whats her condition?' I croak.

The womans black eyes are on me in a second...no emotion at all. 'The wounds are infected due to the exposure and if not treated soon she could develop sepsis'.

Sepsis....I have seen too many die of that when i was being trained at that facility...

It must be clear on my face what I am thinking because Lin approaches.

'Dont worry Erza, my sis here is brilliant at saving people despite her standoffish demenor. Layla will be okay.'


Bloody hell. I thought siblings were meant to have similarities but one looks like death and other life....

Will bursts into a fit of laughter and i cringe at my forgetful mind. Of course heard.

Lin shooes of Will before closing the curtains around me. 'Right lets get out of those filthy clothes.' In her hands she has plain overalls of a greyish colour. I lean to peak at Laylas curtain but my mid section protests.

Lin motions at me to lift my arms which reluctantly i obey because the adrenaline I needed for today is well and truly gone. She strips me with great care as to not irritate my injuries and when I am fully naked she dips a cloth in a bowl that i hadnt even noticed she brought in.

Although I am uncomfortable as hell as every silver scar is visible. But I trust this woman so I allow to wash me and wrap my wounds. The purple bruise in my midsection is huge and her lips purse when sees the injury and with what seems a loving intent, she brushes my forehead with her finger as she wraps it tight

I flinch back not sure what her plan was. However she continues to wash my hair gently and by the end im fully at ease. I need sleep but i refuse until i know whats going on with Layla.

Lin pulls back the curtains for me and Layla looks okay. Her cheeks have a rosy hue and her hair is wet splayed around her, she looks her age instead of a warrior and thats brilliant.

Tears drip down my cheeks as I smile. Even Varian who is lying with his eyes in tape seems relieved at Laylas condition.

Rubbing my eyes I turn to Lin's sister. 'What did you do? She looks normal.'

The woman looks unimpressed but responds nevertheless. 'My power allows me to manipulate body functions. For your friends case I controlled the blood flow, cells and forced the body to heal itself. She is now on the mend. For you your ribs were crushed, your sternum cracked and you have over used your power. The incisions you have were not as deep as your friend so you will both heal.'

The woman turns to walk away. 'Wait!' She halts. 'What is your name?' At that she looks at me. 'Mara.' Then struts off.

Hmm. Peculiar name. Varian coughs drawing me from my thoughts. I turn my head and lock eyes with Varian. 'We are even now PP.' He turns over and pretends to sleep.

Yeah we are even. But where does this leave me and Layla now. Ugh another problem.

For now I have to rest then first things first meeting the dude who runs this organisation. I want to know his plans and intention for us. No more the blind leading the blind. I refuse to let Layla be put on the front line like that again. I reckon Peter and the others would agree.

A smile is pulled from me at the thought of Peter and the others. Every concern of mine disintegrates when i think of them.

In my gut I am getting closer to them...step by step.

I have to get stronger for everyone's sake, more forms..more training. Just thinking about it exhuasts me which is good because I need some goddamn sleep.

The last thing I see before I drop to sleep is a red headed boy with emerald eyes smirking back at me. Hm he looks so proud.

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