1 Gatcha definition (in my own terms)

Have you ever wondered that if your wallet is still living and full of money, do you want to spend it on a gatcha game? Of course, most people gamble their money in order to get the desired hero that they want.

Except me, a F2P who is barely save the crystals since the banners are too tempting.

Oh, want to know who I am? I'm Northbright. Call me North like the direction, just your ordinary F2P player who is struggling to save some resources in order to get the desired hero that I wanted.

And what gatcha game that I mention?

Glided Heroes Chronicles.

A Gatcha Game published in Japan that take the mobile gaming world by storm. The story of the game is breathtaking and the game characters are astonishing, with both Japanese and English voice actors provided (and they are top tier voice actors, I mean it) and amazing gameplay. It won several game awards and have many crossover in other gatcha games. I heard that it will have an anime adaptation and movie soon.

Before I elaborate further, let me tell you about gatcha games. They are like when you are gambling in a casino. When you bet on a higher value, you will either win or lose. If you win, you will get much more than you bet for. If you lose, you will loss that value.

And by value, I mean your resources in game.

The resources in the game are called purple crystals, and you will obtain it if you cleared story chapters or limited events.

And hoo boy, they are very hard to save up. And in order to save it up, you have two options: Be a F2P or a PTW.

For those who don't know what those terms mean, F2P means Free to Play. These are the players who never spend a dime on a game and saving every damn crystals that you can hoard, so that when a banner released with your desired hero, you will summon on that banner.

And the PTW, or Pay to Win. These are the players who spends a LOT of money to purchase the crystals every time a new banner appeared. Worse, these guys are also dominated in Arenas and competing on the highest rank in the defense section of the game called Castle Defense, where the highest Tiers can reap the glorious rewards. And they are using a maxed out characters!

In short, the PTW players are also called the Whalers, since they spends a lot of money on gatcha.

In the country that I reside in, the game is also very popular and most of the students and working people are playing the game. I heard that most of the players are became streamers , and they also give advice to the players who are struggling to keep up.

At first, I wasn't interested in the game or mobile games in general since I'm a top student in my school and my family forbid me and my siblings (I have three younger siblings by the way, and I'm the oldest of the four) to play video games and play board games (such as chess) instead. Actually, I came from a very wealthy family but my parents wanted us to stand on our two own feet so that we are not depending on our parent's money some day. (By the way, we own a big corporation focused on architecture and my father is the CEO and my mother is the Finance President)

Anyways, want to know how I transformed from a Top Student at my High School to a Gatcha Gamer, and how I hide this from my parents and not spending a money on the game using my school allowance (by the way, my parents only gave us money as only an allowance for school. The rest you need to work it out)?

I think I should blame my best friend for this.

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