9 8th Move

AN: The infamous exponential curve of Inspired Inventor is here folks! Watch on as enemies are crushed underneath the tidal wave of self-replicating nanites.

Over the next few weeks, my Industrial Base expanded rapidly as more and more were put in Specializations like [Mass Production], [Automation], and [Factory Design], essentially anything related to industrialization, I've sunk at least 3 charges into.

I've worked constantly every day over the past weeks and only taken a break after 3 days worth of tinkering.

This resulted in a massive improvement in the quality of life for the many hobgoblins and Tempest Wolves within the old village as well as a functioning internal economy with every goblin within Groups 1 to 3 holding jobs that were recommended to them through the Federal Jobs Agency.

Group 4 still were Security Guards, albeit now armed with a stun rifle that shoots out paralyzing blasts of electricity.

What was once dirt shacks now stood a 60-meter tall skyscraper that's got an ovoid design, allowing for it to become a truly unique architecture even in my old world. This singular building now contained every hobgoblin within the old village and with plenty of rooms to spare.

The rooms within the apartment were much superior to their old suburban homes. Improvements included a working plumbing system, electric lighting, and air conditioning.

With governmental subsidies offered through the Uplift Program, the hobgoblins were able to live in a 90s equivalent of luxury apartment and still earn a living despite normal apartments such as these would've made them broke within mere days of rents.

When the Stellar Gold Coins I got from the dwarves ran out, I was finally able to push forward with the creation of the National Bank of the Jura Tempest Republic and issue out new Tempest Dollars fresh out of the printer.

The Tempest Dollar (or simply referred to as 'Dollar') is our own type of currency that's worthless right now on the international scale, primarily due to no one besides maybe Dwargon knowing about our existence. However, the Dollar is backed by the Gold Standard, basically meaning that every Dollar that exists will have its equivalent value in gold within the Federal Gold Reserve (FGR) established in the second week by Congress. Ensuring that massive inflation would not be a problem.

One of the main crises we as a fledgling nation is facing at the time was the lack of any manpower, what with the size of each department within the government alone could easily eat up every single adult hobgoblin and still have room left over.

That was until I had created Administrative Artificial Intelligences or AAIs. These dumb AIs that aren't sapients are capable of doing basic tasks but more complex ones like negotiation? they fail spectacularly and until I'm willing to go full AI, they are but a mere band-aid solution at best.

Said solutions came in the form of a monster attack, oddly enough. Because of the disappearance of Veldora, many other goblin villages within the Jura Forest were razed by rampant monster attacks.

As a result, we now have over 500 new hobgoblins, and President Rimuru, after a quiet Inauguration Ceremony, named them all.

Very fortunate for us as I was extremely tempted to create AI bureaucrats but very unfortunate for them as they had lost their families.

After they were situated, the issue of the center of governance was brought up as a bipartisan problem that both the Modern Progressive Party (MPP) and the Conservative Party agreed upon.

Thusly, with the aid of the new electric mining machine and railway tracts to open-pit mines deep in the forest, we were able to extract enough resources that the Congressional Center of The Jura Tempest Republic is projected to finish within a year.

The Congressional Center is a large pyramid structure that is about as large as the Pyramid of Giza within my old world. on each of the slanted sides of the pyramid contained many runic symbols of protection that can be projected to cover the entirety of Metropolis and beyond should the need arise. These symbols depict the frozen outline of a stormy sea. The 4 corners of the pyramid each contained a tower decorated in Roman designs.

the indoor of the Pyramid is going to be the most advanced part of Metropolis (Rimuru decided to name the village that) a source of pride amongst its residences with the savvy, geometric designs that their primitive eyes have never seen before. It will be so overwhelming that some of the newcomers are projected to faint when they see how grand everything is.

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Normally, making such a large building would require thousands of workers and years to complete, however, the advent of charges into [Nanotechnology] has cut down the time into merely weeks. After all, Controlled Self-Replicating Nanites (CSRN) with kill-switches that consume whole blocks of materials to fashion more of themselves are much faster than mere people can assemble, even with mech support.

Different species of CSRNs are used for different parts of the building, for example, I designed one group CSRN by making them interlock easily, thus are used for the pillars whereas another group is extra conducive for them to become the wiring.

Sort of like cultivating bacterial for your gut, but instead of maintaining a healthy gut biome, I am instead cultivating a fully functioning building.

Looking out from the penthouse on top of the 'Egg' as people have begun to call it, I saw the half-complete Pyramid, pre-programmed CSRNs working at it constantly both day and night.

I felt a scowl on my face when I faced the difficulties when working with Nanites.

That being the fact that a Grey Goo scenario is unlikely to ever happen unless I invest more charges into [Nanotechnology], but more specifically [Nanite Engineering] as [Nanotechnology] also includes how to create molecular assemblers.

Like, my first batch of nanites burned itself out due to the Laws of Thermodynamics. The law made it so that creating themselves (or just moving in general) creates heat, and with millions of these tiny robots moving constantly, that burned a hole through my desk despite it being capable of containing fresh lava spewed from a volcano.

So instead I tried to make one that runs on ambient heat or magicule but those are too slow since the collection range of a single nanite is pathetically small.

Which lead me to the 13th version currently building Congress that's now over 34 meters high.

The solution to my burning nanomachine problem was solved when, instead of a single type to solutions, I had changed to making different breeds of CSRNs, each for a different task.

Surprisingly, this idea had come from [Biology] of all things.

Back in my old world, there are these creatures called Hydrozoans. They are an entire colony of different species living together and working in harmony. The most famous of these Hydrozoans are called Portuguese Man O' Wars.

Taking inspiration from that idea, I crafted extremely specialized CSRNs for each part of the building.

In the end, it took me almost a week of nonstop tinkering for me to be satisfied.

Finishing thinking about the past, in casual modern female swimwear one would often find in a medium-end fashion store, I laid down on the sunbathing chair next to a rectangular pool and relaxed for the first time since the week-long stay at the cabin.

I decided to embrace the Lady Scientia persona, trying to change it would be a mere waste of time.

But it would make for a good laugh or two. That thought had me crack a smile. Oooh, the trolling...


The sun burned bright on the daytime sky, "Jarvis, bring me some drinks," I ordered the servant drone as it headed inside, the sounds of an engine that can easily be mistaken for an R/C car disappearing as it had gone inside the penthouse.

Despite my unnaturally pale skin, I'm unaffected by the sun in any way, shape, or form.

The penthouse of the Egg is the current residence of governance until Congress is completed. Concurrently, there exists a distinct lack of Senators due to the lack of any city. Technically, as of right now we are more akin to a City-State than a proper grand republic, unfortunately.

Hearing the sound of the Autonomous Servant Cart as it draws near, I'm reminded of the fact of sometimes I get distracted when I stretch on a tinkering session for too long.

The small servant machine is nothing more than a fad, a temporary flight of fancy that my desire at the time had wanted.

Looking to my left, I'm greeted with the sight of the Roomba-sized drone pulling a massive Cooler. Never doubt the power of my technology, I highly doubt anything that small could pull something several times their size and weight back in my old world.

The Cooler is a Factory-made© mobile fridge, it's the size of an average kitchen counter in my old world so quite large.

The Servant then detached itself from the massive cooler before opening the side door by pushing a piece of electronic ID into the special keyhole.

After opening the door, a side compartment opened up to reveal a robotic claw. The claw reached in, grabbed a glass bottle, turned around, and gave me it.

However just as I was about to grab it, the Servant malfunctioned and dropped the glass bottle, shattering it everywhere and splashing some onto my clothes.

"Ah! Damn so the AI in this thing was the last I had created before getting [Longevity]." I noted loudly and in annoyance at this oversight.

Part of the reason why I'm currently here is also due to a gut feeling I had yesterday, whether it's due to me overworking myself lately when I finally began to create the military or something else, it had told me relaxed for today and stop worrying about the future.

Since my gut had helped me immensely, I decided to not think about work and emptied my mind.

However, just as I stood up to check on the state of my drinks, I saw a large number of birds fly off in the distance and a VERY bad feeling descended into my mind, like how a parent would feel when their children died in a plane crash but it wasn't reported yet.

Rushing indoors, I reached a kitchen counter and pressed my middle finger onto an area right beside the sink.

Seconds later the counter lit up as blue lines exploded from where the finger touched the marble.

As suddenly as it had begun, the lines then combined and focused into a very specific area just left of me, and the marble that was once there crumbled like sand that's become too dry to form anything.

A pocket revealed, inside the cave-in was a very high-tech watch.

Putting the watch on my left hand, I pulled on a special pin on the side of the face of the watch-


-and powered up.

"Teleport: 1-E," I said and as I pushed the pin into the watch once more.

I disappeared in a flash.

And reappeared once more within the confines of a dark room lit by only a table lamp, tools scattered all over the place, to those who can see the bigger image they would then realized they were stumbling upon a field of organized chaos.

My private laboratory is given to me by the Senate, a political curtsey I gave them to help gain legitimacy in the eye of the people.

The room is rather large, like the size of the living room plus the kitchen and dining area in a mid-sized American condo in Manhattan. A multitude of tables, chairs, and many different machines, some recognizable to modern science while others haven't even been invented yet.

However, the thing I want isn't the machines.

Stepping out of the teleport pad, I am greeted with the sight of a metal suit at the end of the room, its colors indistinguishable in the darkness. On its chest area is a perfectly cut circular hole, waiting for something.

Grabbing a black orb with wires jutting out of it from a table with many mechanical arms attached to the sides, I approached the suit and plugged the wires into specific holes.

Once all wires are slotted, I pushed the orb into the chest and back away.

This is Mark 1 of my Iron Man series suit.

The orb lit up so brightly that the darkness of the room was bathed in blue.


Blue lines began to sprout from the core like mushrooms after a heavy rain, the grooves and the space between different armor plates lit up as the Suit hummed to life.

"Iron Man Mk.1, Online." a mechanical voice said, one that wouldn't look out of place in the I. Robot film

The backside opened up in its entirety, allowing for easy entrance into the suit.

Going into the rather buff armor, the backside closed as metal plates shut themselves over my body, sealing me inside the metal suit.

If anything were to go wrong, there's a special command I can issue to eject myself out of danger.

"Striker, how're all the systems?"

"All Systems online, Lady Scientia," Another synthetic voice said. While the voice is unnatural sounding, this one falls out of the uncanny valley, unlike mine which is just too creepy for most people.

"Good, now open the pot bay door, Striker."

"Pardon me, Lady Scientia but I do not see a pot bay door to open, perhaps you meant by: garage door?"

Smiling to myself, "Ahhhh...I should introduce some movies if goblins aren't willing to become producers/directors..." I said quietly to myself

[Silenced Emotion: 40%]

"but Yes, open the garage door." before turning serious and commanding the AI in a serious tone.


The metal shunters at the other side of the room lifted themselves into the ceiling as natural lighting bathed the darkroom.

"Also Striker, leave a message for Rimuru that says I'm investigating a potential disturbance while also doing a field test of the Iron Man Mk.1-A to see if it's ready for mass production," I said while walking outside, the few people who were in front of my lab on the other side of the city looking on in wonder at the suit.

The suit is painted schemes of black and grey, in fact, it more closely resembles War Machine than the classic Iron Man armor.

"Testing thrusters..." I said, my voice augmented by the suit into a voice that's much different and is said by a pair of speakers on the outside of the armor.

The burning thrusters on my ankles slowly caused me to rise into the air. My armored body slowly started to shift as I try to maintain balance.

That was until my Internal Balance Synchronization System (IBSS) kicked in and I finally stopped acting like a toddler taking their first step.

"Thrusters success, Balance Sync success. Striker, now where was that-"

"Alert: Massive Disturbance registered in Area 2-4."

Inside the helmet, I'm shown a live feed of a group of-

Wait aren't those the adventurers that I stole- I mean 'traded' the clothes from?

And now they're begin attacked by a group of extra-large ants that seems to come out of a horror movie.

Well shit...I hovered mid-air and thought about what to do, I mean they probably won't recognize me since Rimuru knocked them out before they saw me but...

Is the Jura Tempest Republic ready for outside contact? If I had established the military I probably would save them without a second thought, allowing for them to see me and the Republic in a good light.

But the thing is, I've only made some railgun prototypes ready for mass production and zero body armor, I'll probably need to speed up the creation of The Citadel and Metropolis if I do save them.

Damn, both choices have their upsides and downsides.

On one hand, if I do save them it'll result in a better reputation and a source of information, however, they could also learn about us and become an unwanted information leak.

However, if I don't have them I could be missing out on some political information, the maps I got from Dwargon were good but they don't fully encapsulate every political intrigues or the geopolitical situation well enough, and since this is a Tolkien Knockoff, likely, the map is already out of date...


POV switch.

How did it come to this? Kaval wondered, wearing his new stylish armor and bashing another Ant's head in.

How did my life come from low ranking adventurer into trying to find the one who made the crystal knife that somehow ignites if it's slashed too fast?

Dodging the bite of another ant, Kaval continued his thought, like two months ago, we were only tasked with investigating the disappearance of Veldora from the cave-


He leaped out the way as their mage, Eren, a blond girl with a black cloak over her blasted the insect with a spear of ice, killing it instantly.

After his party had reached the Cave, they were knocked out by an unknown monster that took only some of their stuff and left them an ultra-fine knife as a...gift? money? tribute?

None of Kaval's teammates had any appraisal skill or magic, but even then they could tell it was miles ahead of their current equipment.

When they presented to Guild Master Fuze, he freaked out at the fact that it was made with Magic Ore but NO MAGIC was used in the process of its creation.


Fuze at first thought the grooves on the side of the knife were runes, and when the Guide Master played around by swinging the knife, it suddenly ignited the air.

As in, the knife had a coat of fire.


Fuze had it checked by every magician and blacksmith in the city and they all confirmed that the knife doesn't have any magic, not even Engraving Magic.

Fuze had estimated it to easily be a Rare Class item, and tasked them with a new objective:

Go to the Jura Forest, find whoever made this sword, and come back alive, and he'll give them enough money that his 3 member team can retire comfortably right after the mission is completed, plus he promised to even throw in a medium-class house in the merchant district paid by the guild.

Looks likes not gonna happen. He thought as after the ice spear launched fired from Eren's magic at the ant, only to reveal more.

"'Kill one and another two appears'. God damn." He said grimly, not liking their odds he proposed another idea, "we need to move." he said as he cut off the left mandible of the ant, he can claim a baker's dozen of silver coins if he turned the monster part in at the guild.

His team nodded and was just about to leave before a continuous roar was heard, like a symphony of lions each roaring after the other's peaked, ensuring that it's always there.


Instantly, all the ants that were shredded by something that caused holes larger than Kaval's head appeared many times over each of the ant's bodies, insect blood spilling everywhere as even the ground themselves were displaced with massive explosions of dirt filling the air and clouding everything.

The sound was so scary that his entire team, aside from the newcomer Shizu they had met on the Forested path, had basically fallen onto the ground in fright before the roar suddenly stopped as a humanoid covered in armor flew out of the treeline and into view.

Landing in the middle of the carnage and blowing away the clouds of dust with its landing.

Upon further inspection, the metal man was heavily armored everywhere. On its arms were the thickest gauntlet he had ever seen, how does one even lift such a large pair of gauntlets much less fly with it? he thought before he continued his observation. On his chest area is reinforced with even more armor and a circular light source. The leg is also covered in additional armor that seems a bit excessive, but it seemed to have generated...wind magic? possibly.

On his left shoulder is a pair of metal rails covered by white plates that runs parallel to each other, electricity still buzzing every now and then.

"hello there.."

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