1 001

"Today we have some new students... i'm going back to sleep so introduce yourselves and sit down I honestly don't care what you do just don't wake me.." Aizawa said as he slowly crawled back into his sleeping bag. "Name's Hitoshi shinso and i'm not here to make friends" shinso said before going to sit in an empty near a blonde haired boy " My names Alistor!" she said before sitting in a random empty seat near the right side of the class room " Nico hamada" they said as they sat near Todoroki who was sitting in the back of the classroom. " why do you keep saying that.. we'd be great friends! we could go to starbucks together, shopping... watching movies... cuddle..-" Denki said before he was cut off by shinsou who was slightly annoyed by kaminari's pursuit " That sounds more like you wanna date me.. and I've already told you ; im not here to make friends so go away" kaminari was puzzled for a moment before a smirk formed on his face " I mean-" he said before getting cut off by mina " KAMI COME OVER HERE AND TALK TO THE OTHER NEW KIDS" she yelled from across the classroom " well, see you later dude" kaminari said as he walked away and waved at shinsou. everyone was huddled over a desk near the right side of the classroom. Denki peered through the crowd of people to see who everyone was looking at.