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Inside The Female Protagonist Story


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Regression. For someone who wishes to relive their life, they might take those words for blessings, but in truth what it actually grants them is nothing but a curse to see their world collapse one way or another. In my past, I didn't have much interest in such genres because if death did really come for me one day then I will happily embrace it. So, the only reason why I am talking about this topic is all thanks to that one single person. A person that I hate to the marrow of my bones. Or simply saying my boss. He is someone who can easily be hailed as the strongest, but somehow is abnormally obsessed with the story where the MC returns back to time with the mission of saving the world. And perhaps it is because of that damn cursed book he made me read the other day, I am now inside the world of books where a female regressor dies from time to time just for her to see the world getting annihilated. Now looking at the much worst side, I have been transmigrated in her 7th loop, the time when she didn't even know that the world is about to end. “…” “I swear to god if somehow I return back to my world, then I will strangle my boss to death!” See for yourself.


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