5 We Are One Family

~The Family~

"So, what do you think we should do today?" Dan sat across from Caitlyn who was finishing up her breakfast.

Swallowing her last bite she thought about it. "There's not much that I really want to do. I was just hoping to spend some time with you."

Smiling Dan responded, "Consider it done."

They spent the morning drinking coffee and talking about work and school. Caitlyn told him about how she had spent her time in the last two years and talked about Samantha and Tabitha, her roommates. Dan told her about the engagement and what little he knew about the ceremony. He told her about how his businesses have flourished. She asked if she could go to the groundbreaking of the new store, he accepted excitedly.

He then gave her a tour around the grounds. When she arrived yesterday she came straight into the house and looked around, she didn't notice the changes that took place out back. Dan built a guesthouse that was larger than the house she shared with her roommates.

"Why did you build this?" Caitlyn blurted out, amazement coloring her tone. This made Dan chuckle.

It was beautiful. The guesthouse was in an old cottage style. The landscaping included a spattering of peonies, roses and marigolds. In the back yard was a pergola that was covered with climbing vines with interwoven pink flowers. The pergola was situated over a patio with a marble table and four comfortable chairs. It had a wrap around porch with a wooden two-person swing to the right of the red oak door. There was a bay window that took up much of the front of the house; the natural lighting was gorgeous and plentiful. There was a wood fireplace in the living area and a gas fireplace in the three separate bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own full bathroom. The kitchen was fully stocked and upgraded. Caitlyn was blown away by the beauty and functionality of it all.

Dan stared at Caitlyn. It made her feel naked. He blushed out of embarrassment, running his hands through his sandy hair. "We built this for you Caitlyn."

"For me?" Her jaw dropped. "Why?"

He seemed to think about this for a moment before responding. "Marcy convinced me that if you ever came back home you would probably want to have your own space since you were so used to it by living away for so long."

Caitlyn had to admit that Marcy had covered her bases. She began to feel a greater appreciation for the woman. She never once allowed Dan to give up on the thought of Caitlyn returning home one day.

Yet another reason why she is an incredible person, Caitlyn thought.

"So why the three rooms? Why not just a smaller space?"

At this Dan laughed, "That was my idea. I wanted to splurge on you a bit and I figured you would want friends to stay over sometimes. I wanted you to have the coolest club-house on the block." He winked as he spoke.

Caitlyn was giddy. "Oh Dan, I love it! Thank you so much!" She jumped up and down then twirled. It was a decidedly immature thing to do, but she didn't care, she felt like twirling. Dan laughed as she continued to open and close all the cabinets and drawers. "Oh my god I love it! Its perfect!"

Smiling Dan said, "I'm glad you approve. Do you want to move out here now?"

"No, I'd rather stay in my room for now. This place is too big to be alone in, so I would rather wait."

"Wait for what?"

"For Tabby and Sam!" Laughing she twirled again.

In the afternoon, Dan made her take her Jeep to his mechanic. He agreed not to try to convince her to get a better vehicle as long as he knew that what she had was safe. One look at the rusted out confines and the mechanic told Dan it wouldn't be until the next day that he would have something for him. With that settled, Dan and Caitlyn returned home after grabbing a lite lunch.

"That was a nice of you to offer to have my car serviced Dan."

"Happy to help!" Dan plopped down on the couch, expecting Caitlyn to do the same. Instead she stood over him, taking in his relaxed form on the couch. She wanted him to take her right then, but felt guilty because of his relationship with Marcy.

"I'm a little sweaty. I'm going to go upstairs and take a quick shower." Dan smiled up at her, she didn't look sweaty and the most exertion she had done all day was when she was dancing around the guesthouse.

Shrugging he just took her words at face value, "Okay hon. I'll be here. Maybe we can go catch an early movie when you're done."

The thought of being in a darkened room next to Dan made Caitlyn excited as thoughts of what she could do to him in a sparsely crowded darkened room took control of her imagination.

Okay, so I need a very cold shower!

"Sure that sounds like fun. I'll be right back."

As she stood against the sink in the bathroom waiting for the water to get to the right temperature, she reflected upon the previous 24 hours. When she first arrived she was filled with angst and nervousness, now she felt peaceful, and a little sexually frustrated. She had Marcy and Dan to thank for that.


Yesterday, as the two girls sat on the couch waiting for Dan to come home, Marcy captivated Caitlyn. She was so calm, mature and confident. She moved closer to Marcy so she could inhale her fragrance, it was a mix of lavender and roses. It was a very earthy smell, and Caitlyn found it mouth watering. She couldn't stop watching the way Marcy moved; every movement was effortless and sensual. She obviously kept herself in great shape and it showed by the way she held herself. A small part of Caitlyn was jealous, hoping that she looked this good one-day or could move with such confidence and elegance.

Marcy would touch Caitlyn periodically while she spoke. Each time she did Caitlyn found herself get hot, sparks erupting from her abdomen. Propelled by the boldness granted to her by the wine, Caitlyn began to return the small affections. Her boldness caused her body to shudder, as she fantasized about having Marcy between her legs. Her imagination began to get the best of her as she started to stare at Marcy's plump lips or her small wet tongue as it flicked across her teeth when she talked.

Marcy asked Caitlyn a question; however, Caitlyn was too engrossed in her fantasies to recognize she had been asked anything.

"Caitlyn?" Marcy tilted her head, looking slightly concerned, she touched Caitlyn's upper thigh as she moved her body closer.

Caitlyn was shocked out of her daydream. "Yeah? Sorry." Her face quickly flushed.

Marcy smiled, "Don't worry about it. I was worried because you seemed to be in a trance. I didn't know if maybe you had too much to drink already."

Not able to hold her stare Caitlyn looked down. "No, I'm fine."

"Good, I'm glad." Marcy did not sit back to create any distance, instead she kept her body and face inches away from Caitlyn. "I said I love your earrings. Where did you get them?"

"Huh? Oh my earrings, I don't know. I think Dan bought them for my 18th birthday. They are the only pair of diamonds that I own."

Marcy brought her hand up to Caitlyn's ear, her fingers lightly caressing her neck on the way up. The light touch made Caitlyn's body shiver as goose bumps appeared on her arms. Her body was responding to Marcy, making Caitlyn hungry for more. Marcy leaned forward to inspect the diamond, her warm breath hitting Caitlyn's ear and neck in waves. Her closeness, her fragrance and her heat made Caitlyn aroused. She began to feel herself get wet by the multitude of sensations.

"Mmmm, you have such pretty ears." Marcy's smooth voice began to place Caitlyn in a trance. Caitlyn wanted nothing more than to turn her head and lock lips with Marcy, tasting her breath and the wine on her tongue. Marcy leaned a little closer and lightly licked the edge of Caitlyn's earlobe, bringing it into her mouth and sucking on it for a few delicious seconds. Caitlyn couldn't believe what was happening. She was frozen; she was so shocked and turned on by the turn of events that she didn't know what to do. Marcy sat back and eyed Caitlyn, the lust evident in her eyes. Caitlyn wanted more, but she had to work up the courage, she was shaking out of desire and nervousness.

"Did I make you uncomfortable Caitlyn?"

Shaking her head, "No not at all. It was hot. I mean--I really enjoyed it." Caitlyn blurted the words out quicker than she meant them to.

Marcy laughed and picked up her wine and took a drink. That was when she looked behind Caitlyn and saw Dan, smile on his lips holding flowers and a card.

Her body shook when she heard Dan's deep voice for the first time in two years. To calm her nerves she took another drink of her wine. As he moved around the couch she didn't know if she could face him. She briefly considered either hiding under the pillows on the couch or jumping through the window. Both ideas seemed foolish. When she first saw him her heart skipped a beat. She knew instantly that she still was head-over-heels in love with him. He looked at once shocked and happy that she was home. She made the decision to just act on her feelings and accept whatever came her way. She stood up and kissed him.

Let the chips fall where they may.

After spending time talking and drinking more wine Caitlyn's long drive and the day's excitement took its toll. She headed to bed. She changed and then went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she was walking out of the bathroom past Dan's room she saw the door was open a crack. Without meaning to she glanced into the crack. There was Dan in all his godliness standing over Marcy. She looked like she would eat him up. Caitlyn froze with the unexpected encounter. She never considered herself much of a voyeur but seeing these two in action got her motor running fast.

As Dan was focused on Marcy, Marcy looked past him to see Caitlyn standing in the partially exposed doorway. She smiled then took Dan's cock into her mouth. Caitlyn couldn't take her eyes away. She took all of Dan into her throat like a champ and still seemed like she wanted more. Dan roughly pulled her off of his cock and Marcy started to play with her sopping pussy. He said something to her and Caitlyn noticed Marcy smile, then she pulled Dan onto the bed. It was obvious he was not expecting her to do this, but he was game all the same. The fact that Marcy could control such a powerful man like Dan made Caitlyn all the more attracted to her. She was highly intelligent, extremely sexy, consistently confident, and always kind. Marcy was a role model that all young girls could look up to.

While Dan relaxed on the bed, his cock thrust to the sky, Marcy started to dance. Caitlyn was transfixed. She had never known that foreplay could be so damn sensual. Without thinking she opened the door a little wider and started to massage her own tits. Marcy saw this and smiled. Caitlyn knew Marcy was putting on a show for both her and for Dan. Caitlyn moved her hand into the waist of her sweats and immediately began to play with her swollen clit.

Marcy took Dan back into her mouth. Dan threw his head back with his eyes closed. As Marcy swallowed his hard cock she looked straight at Caitlyn, as if daring her to come and play with her. Caitlyn began to circle her clit faster and squeeze her nipple harder. She was going to cum from this show and she didn't give a fuck if Dan caught her watching them.

Still eyeing Caitlyn, Marcy lifted a small finger and gave a come-hither wave to her. Caitlyn was glued to the spot, she didn't know if she had the presence of body to move from the spot she was at, and didn't know if she could handle any more stimulation. She slowly shook her head left to right. She could feel her orgasm nearing and didn't want to chance a disruption of their sexy rendezvous, Caitlyn wanted to see where this would lead and found that she enjoyed watching. Marcy just shrugged and went back to taking Dan's cock into her mouth.

Shortly thereafter, she mounted him and he started to drive himself into her. Caitlyn was sweating. Watching the two of them fuck was like nothing she had ever seen. Dan and Marcy were two of the most beautiful people she had ever seen and they were going at each other with reckless abandon. Marcy looked like she was about to cum, Caitlyn couldn't hold on anymore. With a loud roar Dan pumped into Marcy as Marcy screamed, "Papi! Papi! Damelo! Damelo! Damelo!"

They all exploded together. Caitlyn fell to her knees as her powerful orgasm rocked her body, her mouth agape; her breathes short and swift, her body shaking. Marcy collapsed onto Dan, and Dan lied there heaving. After coming back to her senses, Caitlyn quietly shut the door and went to her room. That night all she could dream about was herself being consumed by a bronze tigress. She found the dream to be arousing rather than frightening.


The words Marcy said before she left was a challenge to Caitlyn to have the confidence and bravery necessary to take what she wanted from Dan. And what Caitlyn really wanted was to feel his powerful thrusts between her legs. Caitlyn wanted him to want her as much as he desired Marcy. Caitlyn did not understand how Marcy could be so brash and willing to loan out Dan, but Caitlyn would accept her offer. She just didn't know how she was going to get Dan to fuck her when he loved Marcy so much. She figured she would ponder this question as she showered.

The shower was less illuminating than she would have liked. She still had no idea how she would seduce Dan. She wasn't as confident as Marcy, and didn't feel as sexy as her either. Wrapping a towel around her body she headed down the hall, as she passed Dan's room she noticed he had moved from the living room into his bed. He was laying on his king sized bed with his hands behind his head, resting. She watched him as he breathed deeply and exhaled, his powerful chest moving with each breath. He looked comfortable and at peace. She began to remember how Dan had made her cum on that bed and how she watched as Marcy and Dan came last night. Her body reacted before her brain could stop her. She pushed open the door; it didn't make a sound as she opened it enough to enter. She found the silence emboldening. Tiptoeing across the room she stood above him towel still wrapped around her, her hair wet from the shower. She considered waking him, but had another idea. She slowly edged onto the bed, careful not to rouse him until she was ready. She positioned herself on top of him, straddling his hips. She bent down and pressed her lips to his.

Without opening his eyes Dan moaned and wrapped his arms around Caitlyn, pulling her down on top of him. When he noticed her body felt different from Marcy's his eyes snapped open. Caitlyn was kissing him; eyes open trying to read his reaction. His eyes widened in shock and he pushed Caitlyn back. She leaned up and sat on his stomach.

"Caitlyn? What are you doing? We can't do this! I thought we were passed this! Marcy…what about Marcy?" Dan was panicking. Seeing Caitlyn dripping wet, her chest flush from excitement and her cheeks a rosy red was enough to drive him over the edge. He instantly started to get hard.

"I'm not passed anything. Last time I tried to trick you into it. This time I'm planning on being upfront and honest about what I want." With that both of her hands went to her towel. She unhooked the towel and let if fall onto the bed. Her glorious breasts were two milky globes that sloshed from side-to-side, as they were set free. Dan licked his lips, his eyes moving down her full chest to her tight stomach to the groomed patch of black pubic hair above her waiting sex. This made Caitlyn smile. She enjoyed the look of hunger in his eyes.

She leaned over to him, close enough to feel the warmth of his chest and started to unbutton his shirt, keeping her green eyes on his. He swallowed hard. "Please understand Dan, I want you to marry Marcy. I think she is good for you and you are good for her. I enjoy seeing you two together." She reached the end of his shirt and let it fall to his sides, she marveled at the hardness of his chest. She shifted back a little so she had room to work off his belt. "I love you Dan, in fact I am in love with you so I want you to be happy. And I know that you would be happiest if both Marcy and I got along and if you could have both of us in your life. But I am not a strong enough woman to pretend like I don't want you when I do. So the fact is, if you want me in your life you're going to have to fuck me like you fuck Marcy." She could feel his hard cock twitch underneath her; she started to slowly grind her exposed slit on the outline of his hardness. "So the question you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to do what it takes to keep both of us?"

Dan moaned, he didn't want to cheat on Marcy but he couldn't deny his overwhelming attraction to Caitlyn. Then he remembered Marcy's words this morning, she knew they would end up in this situation, she wanted them to end up like this and had given him the go ahead.

She's always several steps ahead of me.

This small reprieve was enough to eliminate the guilt he felt, which was turning his gut. It was burned away by the lust he started to feel building. He grabbed Caitlyn's sides and started to move her how he wanted her to move. She gave him a toothy grin, "Yes!" She sounded triumphant. She fantasized about this moment for two years now she was finally able to have her fill of him.

She stood up and removed his pants and briefs, and his dick sprang to attention. He removed his shirt then she was on top of him again in a flash. She wanted to put his dick into her immediately but she wanted to play first. She sat on his hard cock, pushing it down so that it was pressed against his stomach. She slid her exposed slit up and down the length of his cock, making him slick with her wetness.

"I want to hear you say it." She looked at him as he writhed underneath her. She loved that she could make him feel this way.

Confused and lost in lust he questioned, "Say what?"

She tweaked his nipple and he gasped. "Until you can figure it out, I'm not going to let you inside my tight little pussy, daddy."

She started to move faster and faster, she bent forward and took his nipple into her mouth, nibbling and licking it. He seemed to enjoy the sensations.

She was making him feel a sensation he had never felt before. Her wetness and warmth encapsulated his cock; he was starving to get inside of her. But he couldn't figure out what she wanted him to say.

Her movements were hypnotic. Dan's eyes moved over her body from her smoldering emerald eyes, down to her sloshing breasts, down to her dark pubic hair. He watched as she slid back and forth on his cock. She was dripping, leaving a trail of clear honey as she teased him.

He reached up to caress her face; she stopped as she looked into his brown eyes. "I love you Caitlyn. I love you with everything that I am, and I promise to never let you forget it."

Without even knowing it, Dan told Caitlyn exactly what she wanted to hear. She smiled, nodding she sat up and positioned herself above his erect member. She had waited for this moment for two years; she wanted to enjoy it as every glorious inch invaded her tight snatch. She descended slowly, letting her body adjust to him. He was gentle, he let her take the lead and move how it felt best for her. When she finally sat down on him she shuddered, the familiar feeling of fullness taking control of her.

"Jesus! Dan! You feel so good!" She moaned as she started to move back and forth. Dan moved his hands back to her torso and squeezed, not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to get a good hold. He helped her move in a way that was pleasurable for the two of them. She was taking him deep, and he loved the feeling of being completely swallowed. Instead of pumping in and out they made love, slowly, sensually, and erotically. This was different from the first time they fell into bed together. Back then; they were both too engrossed in their own lust to take the time to enjoy the smaller intricacies of one another.

Dan was mesmerized by the control Caitlyn had over her body. Moving her torso like a belly dancer, her lovely tits swaying from side to side with her movements. Her milky breasts and pink nipples looked good enough to eat. Her long hair fell over her face and her shoulders, obscuring her pretty face. Her neck and face were flush with passion. And he loved the way it felt to have her sexy ass move on his upper thighs.

He wondered if she knew how sexy she actually was.

Through partially closed eyes, Caitlyn marveled at the intensity in Dan's eyes. If she weren't already completely exposed she would feel naked. He looked hungry, as if he wanted to eat her whole. She loved that he was so turned on by her. She didn't feel as attractive as Marcy and she clearly didn't have the experience with him that she did, but he still seemed just as focused on her as he did on Marcy the night before, and this made Caitlyn happy. His strong hands held onto her torso and she followed those hands up to two powerful arms and two rippling shoulders. Between those shoulders was a triangle of a hard chest filled with curly chest hair.

"Come here." He whispered, Caitlyn leaned over and softly pressed her lips to his. Despite his roaring lust he kissed her gently, their tongues danced. He wrapped his arms around her and swung her onto the bed. Moving on top of her he lined up his glistening cock and slowly penetrated her. The change in position and the depth in which he drove caused her to gasp. She felt her orgasm coming, she squeezed her tight pussy on his hard cock, praying this will help him cum the same time she did. He continued to saw in and out of her, his pubic hair butting up against her sensitive clit. He dove deep into her and instead of backing out he rotated his hips, hitting all of her corners deep inside. He pressed his firm lips against her and she drank him in.

He leaned back and hooked her legs around his arms and started to drive into her faster and harder. He knew she was close to cumming and he wanted a good angle to watch her explode.

"Dan, no, please don't fuck me so hard!"

"What you don't like it?" He teased.

"I love it! But you're going to make me cum."

"Good I want to watch you cum."

"No, no I want to cum--" It was too late she started to thrash her head from side-to-side. Her breath caught in her throat as her face turned a dark shade of red. "Oooooo! Oooooo! Oh my god!" She exhaled shaking as her orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy was milking Dan's cock but he was determined to ride it out and draw out her orgasm.

Her legs twitched in his arms, her chest heaved and her back arched off the bed while she was trapped in the throes of pleasure. Once her orgasm passed Dan slowly released her legs and paused while she caught her breath.

A little while later she opened her eyes smiling, "What I was saying was that I wanted to cum with you, you jerk!"

He laughed then leaned down to kiss her. She wrapped her slender arms around his powerful neck. She enjoyed feeling so close to him.

Dan leaned back and looked at her, a mischievous look was in his eyes. "Turn over. I really want to see that glorious ass of yours shake as I pound you."

She did as she was told. On her hands and knees she wiggled her ass for him as he lightly spanked it twice. "Mmmm that ass looks good, I can't wait to have it."

"Take it. Its all yours!"

Apparently this was all the permission Dan needed. He dove straight into her, not stopping until his balls slapped against her pussy. "Fuck that feels good!" He growled and grabbed a handful of her hair.

"Fuck me Dan! Fuck me good! I want you to pound me hard baby!"

She was going to get what she asked for. Dan released her hair, he loved the way her damp hair stuck to her sweat covered back. He placed both hands on her hips and started to ram into her. He watched his cock go in and out of her pussy, the act punctuated by the loud sounds of their bodies slapping together. He slowed his pace long enough to run his thumb against her dripping slit, getting it wet for what he was going to do next. Moving his thumb to her tight pucker he slowly inserted it up to the first knuckle.

Caitlyn loved having her ass played with and immediately started to rock her hips forcing his thumb deeper and deeper until it was completely in her ass. She moved a hand down to her clit and started to rub it, quickly bringing herself to orgasm.

Dan continued to fuck Caitlyn furiously. He barreled into her, desperate for release. He felt as much as saw her ass jiggle as he slammed into her. The sensation was enough to make him want to explode. But he could tell she was close again, so he focused on giving her pleasure so that she could cum.

It didn't take long. Within seconds he felt her walls contract around his cock as he continued to drive deep into her, his finger still deep in her ass. The muscles on her back began to ripple she threw her head back and yelled, "FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!"

He was seconds away from blowing, "I'm going to fucking blow Caitlyn! Where do you want it?"

"My mouth! Please let me taste all that jizz!"

He was shocked, he expected her to tell him to either cum in her pussy or on her ass. Not that. But what the hell. He pulled out of her and she quickly turned over. She crawled over so that she was eye level with his cock and immediately put it into her mouth. The suction she provided was second to none. He erupted, letting out a powerful roar.

Caitlyn took stream after stream of his hot thick jizz. Her mouth was overflowing with his cock and his cum, she did the only thing she could think of in that moment and swallowed all the cum he released. The taste was slightly unpleasant but the act of swallowing his cum made her feel hot. She knew she would learn to love it.

She looked up at Dan; he was covered in sweat and heaving. He smiled back, and the room suddenly seemed brighter. He began to soften so Caitlyn gave him on final suck, making sure to get the last drops of his cum out of him before she released him. After she swallowed the last remnants of his cum she smiled back. She was already getting used to his flavor, and it made her want him more. She knew he needed a little time to rest, but when he was done resting she was going to fuck him good.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sounds of clapping erupted from the doorway. Both of them snapped their heads to the location of the sound. Marcy was leaning against the door, her sweater was gone, her blouse was slightly unbuttoned and chinos had been removed, Caitlyn could see the red cotton boy short panties Marcy wore had a decidedly wet patch over her pussy.

Dan squinted his eyes, as if he didn't trust what he saw, "Marcy?"

Marcy glided into the room until she was next to the two exhausted lovers. Caitlyn was nervous. Sure Marcy seemed to egg them on, but saying it and allowing it are two different things. She didn't know what Marcy would do, and neither did Dan. Neither of them breathed while they waited to see her reaction.

Marcy kneeled down and pressed her lips against Caitlyn's soft surprised ones. Her eyes widened with shock, but soon she was kissing Marcy back. When Marcy pulled away she stroked Caitlyn's ear. "Buena, hija! Buena! But I had hoped you two would have waited for me. Now I don't get to join in on the fun." Marcy smiled.

Dan was shocked and turned on by what he had just witnessed.

This is going to be fucking awesome!

"Don't let me stop you Marcy. I might need a little time to recover, but I think Caitlyn would be willing to entertain you." Dan turned his head to Caitlyn, his eyebrow raised wanting to know if she was game. She beamed at him; a look of hunger and excitement in her eyes replaced her earlier confusion.

"Absolutely!" Then she pulled Marcy onto the bed with her. Dan took a seat at the end of the bed, knowing he would enjoy the show that would unfold. As he watched the two beautiful women, it became increasingly apparent that this wasn't Caitlyn's first time with another woman. Even without ever being with Marcy before, Caitlyn was able to find all of her sensitive buttons and exploited them expertly. Within moments she had Marcy writhing and moaning. Caitlyn removed Marcy's panties and immediately began to assault her dripping snatch. Marcy's head was thrown back on the bed and she was panting and moaning in ecstasy as she ran her fingers through Caitlyn's hair, forcing her tongue deeper into her slit.

"Dios mio! Caitlyn you really know what you're doing!" Marcy was heaving at this point, her orgasm nearing.

"Mmmhmm!" Was all Caitlyn could say as her face was deep between Marcy's legs. Marcy started to shake as she came, Caitlyn lapped up her delicious juices, and she felt herself begin to leak.

When her orgasm died down Marcy jumped up and removed her blouse and her bra, her large tits hung like two ripe melons. "Now it's my turn!" Marcy pushed Caitlyn over and climbed on top of her. When Caitlyn fell she fell onto Dan's leg, he caught her head and sat if gently on his lap, he caressed her hair as he watched Marcy take charge.

Marcy took Caitlyn's plump breast into her mouth; at the same time she inserted two fingers in to her wet hole, immediately finding her g-spot.

"Oh my god!" Caitlyn screamed. Marcy smiled and bit down on her nipple.

She moved up and locked lips with Caitlyn. She continued to massage Caitlyn's pussy. Pulling back she looked deep into Caitlyn's eyes, her lust was apparent. "I've wanted to taste this sweet pussy of yours for years. I'm going to have a bite, kay?"

All Caitlyn was capable of doing was nodding yes. Marcy moved down Caitlyn's body, leaving a trail of wet kisses in her wake. Once she got to her sex, she removed her hand. She plunged her long tongue into Caitlyn's waiting hole. This caused Caitlyn to gasp in pleasure, but Marcy didn't stop there. She continued to violate Caitlyn's entrance with her warm wet tongue. The wetness of her tongue mixed with its soft touch caused Caitlyn to shudder. Dan watched all of this, the corners of his mouth wet with salivation. He was ready to join in, but wanted to give Marcy more time to play.

Marcy removed her tongue from Caitlyn's pussy, Caitlyn moaned desperately, not wanting the sensations to end. Marcy didn't keep her disappointed. She moved up to Caitlyn's clit and started sucking and reinserted her fingers, quickly finding her precious spot.

The combined sensations where too much for Caitlyn to handle. She felt her orgasm approaching, knowing that Marcy would take her over the edge. She opened her eyes, desperately searching for something to keep her grounded. She found Dan staring down at her, he licked his lips and she knew what she wanted.

All it took was a slight nod and Dan gently untangled himself from her and leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. She loved the feel of being completely surrounded. But Dan wanted more. As Marcy worked on Caitlyn's gushing pussy, Dan stood up and put his swollen cock against Caitlyn's lips. She took the hint and opened up to him. He didn't waste time; he started to fuck her throat the same way he did two years prior. He wanted to imprint his shape into her throat. The harsh throat fuck mixed with Marcy's expert manipulations caused Caitlyn to explode.

She moaned around Dan's cock, causing pleasant tremors to ascend his body. Marcy felt Caitlyn's pussy gush as she came and continued to work her pussy making sure Caitlyn enjoyed every moment of her orgasm. With her mouth on Caitlyn's clit, Marcy watched as Dan roughly fucked Caitlyn's face. The image made Marcy hungry for the same treatment.

When Caitlyn's orgasm died down Marcy reached up and placed her hand on Dan's hard arm. She got his attention, when he looked at her his eyes were like a wild animal's. She planned on using his energy to bring her to orgasm.

Dan pulled out of Caitlyn's mouth; his cock was dripping with her saliva. Marcy offered her hand to Caitlyn who accepted in silence since her throat was sore from the hard fucking she had just received. Marcy pulled Caitlyn to her and kissed her deeply. Their tongues battled. Caitlyn tasted her juices on Marcy's tongue, and Marcy tasted a mix of her own juices and Dan's cock on Caitlyn's tongue. As if on cue both girls separated and lined up on the edge of the bed right in front of Dan.

Caitlyn and Marcy turned their asses in his direction and assumed the position. He was shaking, before him were two of the most perfect asses he had ever seen and he was going to get to have both of them. Marcy and Caitlyn continued to make out while Dan decided which one he would attack first. He bent over Caitlyn's ass and kneaded her firm round cheeks. She moaned into Marcy's mouth. Dan spread her ass and started to lick her waiting pucker. This made Caitlyn scream. Dan moved his hand over to Marcy's ass and inserted his wide finger into her dripping hole. He was fucking Caitlyn's ass with his mouth and fucking Marcy's pussy with his hand. All three of them loved it.

He switched over to Marcy's ass and started to eat her out while placing his finger into Caitlyn's dripping cunt. Now it was Marcy's turn to moan, Caitlyn kept her tongue pressed down Marcy's throat.

Dan stood up and pumped his cock a few times as he watch both of their asses waving in the air. He stood directly behind Marcy and drove into her, causing her to scream. He fucked her hard and deep, driving his cock against her womb. He fucked her while putting his finger back into Caitlyn's ass, as soon as he did Caitlyn started to cry out and rock on his digit. Both girls were going to cum.

Marcy came first.

She started thrashing on the bed like she was dying from lack of oxygen. She fell face first into the mattress, which gave Dan the perfect angel to drive into her harder. She screamed, her face was pressed into the duvet. Dan was merciless, he fucked her as she came, fucked her hard and fast. She tore at the duvet; her bronze skin was covered in sweat. Caitlyn watched her cum in awe. Being so close to the two of them as Dan abused her wet cunt was too much to bear. It was like being face-to-face with a natural phenomenon, like a hurricane. There was power and destruction, but at the same time there was a strange beauty to it all. Just seeing it was enough to make her want to cum.

He was fucking her like a mad beast, and Marcy loved every second of it. Her orgasm had left her out of breath and shaking like a newborn bird. The sweat from her exertions caused her hair to stick to her face; she used her hand to remove the hair from her eyes. Once she could see she saw Caitlyn staring at her, awe and lust battling in her eyes. Marcy fell down on the bed forcing Dan's cock to pop out of her. She turned over looking at him, "Fuck her for me baby. She needs you to cum deep inside her pink pussy!"

Dan obeyed, Caitlyn was grateful. He took the wildness he had fucked Marcy with and turned his attention to Caitlyn's pussy. He pounded into her, his force rammed Caitlyn down to her stomach where he promptly laid on top of her and continued to drill into her. The motions caused the entire bed to shake; Marcy watched them ascend the pleasurable heights.

Caitlyn was going to cum. "Oh shit! Shit! Shit!" She started shaking her head fighting to stay conscious throughout this hard fucking. "I'm gonna...Ugh! Ugh! Uuuugggghhhh!" As she milked his cock she felt the first sprays of his cum blast against the back of her cunt.

"Fucking shit Caitlyn! Take that cock you fucking slut! Take it!"

Caitlyn shook as she felt his hot seed impregnate her.

God I hope I get pregnant!

She was shocked that every time he came inside of her, her first though is how she wants to carry his child.

When he was spent he rolled off of her onto the bed, lying in between Marcy and Caitlyn. All three of them were breathing heavily and soaking up what just happened.

"Well", Caitlyn was the first to speak. "I guess this means I'll be coming around much more often!" They all laughed, Dan wrapped his arms around his two amazing women. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to be surrounding by such strength and beauty.

Marcy's smooth voice wafted across the room like a calming balm, "I would love to have you here more sweetie. Dan?"

"Oh that goes without saying!"

Caitlyn smiled. She was finally home and with the man she loved, and as she recently found out, with the woman she loved as well.

Smiling she chirped, "We are a ridiculous family!"

They all laughed.

They lay on the bed while exhaustion won out. They all slept on the bed, for the first time in a long time Caitlyn knew everything would be all right.


They spent the rest of the week hanging out. Dan and Marcy had to work so Caitlyn spent time around the house and also visited Dan and Marcy on different days during their lunch hours. Caitlyn went to the groundbreaking of Dan's new store and even took a picture with the governor. In the evenings they all ate dinner together then fell into the bed together. Caitlyn couldn't remember a time that she was happier. Dan told her the story about why her mom left, the knowledge did not cause her to hate her mom any more than she already did, it just added to her memories of the woman that didn't want her own child.

The week passed faster than she would have liked. It was time for Caitlyn to drive home. Her trusty Jeep was apparently a death trap so Dan refused to let her drive it across country. After inspecting the car, Dan's mechanic called the next day with a laundry list of hazards. Apparently the fact that she made it home at all was no small miracle. Caitlyn was sad to see her trusty vehicle go; she had bought the vehicle with her own money so it was one example of her independence she was hesitant to release. However, the next morning Dan surprised her with her very own pearl white drop top BMW. While she would miss her junker, she was over-the-moon about her new baby. She couldn't wait to show Tabby and Sam.

"Are you all ready, hija?" Marcy entered Caitlyn's room as she was stuffing the last of her clothes in her suitcase.

Smiling, Caitlyn shut her suitcase with a click before looking up into Marcy's warm eyes, "Just finished Marcy!" The complete 180 degrees change of Caitlyn's feelings towards Marcy was still surprising to her. She didn't even mind when Marcy called her, hija, instead it made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Regarding Marcy, Caitlyn asked, "So you and Dan are flying the girls and I out for the wedding?"

"Absolutely! Or would you rather drive 12 hours in a cramped car?" The question was ridiculous, of course she would rather choose first class travel over shoulder-to-shoulder driving. Caitlyn grabbed her suitcase and moved to leave her room, but not before stopping to kiss Marcy on the lips. Marcy's eyes widened with the unexpected embrace, but she returned the sweet kiss with one of her own.

A girl could get used to this!

Dan was out at the car making sure it was full of gas and was warmed up for her. He looked up as the Sun and the Moon came out of the house together arm-in-arm. He loved how close they had all become in such a short amount of time. Caitlyn smiled and waved to Dan, Dan could only smile back.

With her suitcase in the trunk and her safely secured in the driver's seat, Caitlyn looked up at Dan and Marcy, both looked like they would burst into tears. This made Caitlyn laugh, "Guys don't worry I'll be back in two weeks! And I will bring guests. Stop looking so sad!"

"I guess I just don't want you to go, sweetie." Dan's deep voice caught in his throat. Caitlyn knew she needed to leave before they made her cry.

"Don't worry I'll see you soon. I will call from the road."

Marcy chimed in, "But not while you're driving honey!"

The sound of Caitlyn's laughter lifted all of their spirits. Dan and Marcy waved as Caitlyn drove away.

"She's a good kid." Dan said to Marcy as Caitlyn's taillights disappeared beyond the hill.

"No she's a great woman." Marcy corrected.


Sam and Tabby's jaws dropped when Caitlyn pulled up in her brand new vehicle. She seemed different than before, more alive, and more confident.

Sam was the first to recover, "Wow Caitlyn, you look great! What's with the new ride?"

"I'll tell you guys all about it after we take her for a spin!"

"Shotgun!" Sam shouted. Then the two girls hopped in the car, Sam in the front, Tabby in the back.

They spent the day cruising and chatting. Caitlyn told them every single detail of her trip home.

"Wow! So you, Dan and Marcy? You all are like what? A couple?" Tabby was taken aback. Even Sam didn't have any words to express the shock she felt.

"Hmm no. No I wouldn't say we are a couple. More like a family."

"A fucked up family!" Tabby spat.

"Yeah, we are. But it works for us."

"Are you getting jealous again Tabs? If so I would be happy to give you another therapy session."

"Oh shut up Sam! This really doesn't bother you?"

Sam seemed to think about it for a moment before responding. "Well only a little."

Caitlyn was a little surprised, Sam usually just rolled with things. She looked over at her friend, "Really?"

"Well yeah. I want to meet this Dan and see what he's all about. And then there's Marcy, I just want to tear into her! If anything, I'm a little jealous that you got to have sex with her!"

Caitlyn laughed and slapped her friend on the shoulder, "You freak!"

"You're one to talk!" Sam hit her back. "You spent the week having amazing sex and getting this new car. It's unfair!"

"Well if you guys really want to meet him, they are getting married in a couple of weeks. They have agreed to spring for first class tickets. Anyone down for a little weekend trip?"

It took a little convincing, but eventually Tabby agreed to come along.


The day they arrived at the airport the three girls were in the packed terminal trying to find Dan.

Tabby looked at Caitlyn, terror shining in her eyes. "What if no one comes? Caitlyn, what if no one comes? What are we going to do?" Panic was evident in her voice.

Sam wrapped an arm around her and chuckled, "You do remember that Caitlyn grew up here, right? If no one shows up we will just hop a cab to her house."

Sam's cool logic seemed to calm Tabby down.

Placing her phone in her back pocket, Caitlyn turned to regard her friends, "Don't sweat it guys. I just got a text from Dan; he was running behind but is headed this way now. We should see him any second. Ah! Speak of the devil!"

Dan emerged from the crowd, a wide grin on his face and waving. "Caitlyn! Hey, I missed you! I'm sorry I'm late." He picked her up off the ground and swung her around in his powerful arms. Caitlyn laughed as she came back to the ground.

Clearing her throat she introduced her companions, who were standing behind her in open-mouthed surprise. "Dan, this is Samantha King, and Tabitha McCartney. Sam and Tabby for short."

Dan looked at the two women before him. Sam was wearing a yellow sundress, which provided a striking contrast to her dark ebony skin. Her high cheekbones and full lips were framed by long curly hair. Dan thought she was gorgeous. He moved his attention to Tabby; she wore tight booty shorts and a white halter-top. The shorts highlighted her toned tanned legs and the halter displayed her small but perky breasts. Her blonde hair was clasped high on her head, showing off two perfect little ears. Her hazel eyes were intelligent and her face was beautiful. She seemed to react from his eyes on her, as she shifted from foot to foot and her chest flushed.

God they both look good enough to eat! Such lovely ladies!

He greeted both newcomers with a bright smile and took both of their hands in his and bent down to softly touch his lips to their outstretched knuckles. Looking up he said, "It's a pleasure to meet both of you. Caitlyn told me a lot about you, but she left out how beautiful you both are."

This caused both girls to blush and mummer their own greetings.

"Well the car is this way girls. Lets stop and grab lunch before I take you home."

In unison the three girls responded, "Yes sir."

As they walked out of the airport Sam pulled Tabby in and teased, "He's quite something for...what did you call him? Oh that's right--a smelly old pervert!"

Tabby blushed and playfully nudged Sam in the ribs, "Oh shut up you! He might hear you!" Sam laughed. Tabby watched as Dan walked, he moved with the ease and confidence one would find in a big cat or another top predator. She thought Dan was the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. She immediately wanted to find out if he was more man or myth.

They ate lunch and Sam and Tabby got to know more about Dan. As they drove home Caitlyn caught the two girls whispering, Tabby couldn't take her eyes off of Dan. Caitlyn smiled as she saw that Tabby's pupils dilated when she looked at Dan.

I might just get to have more fun than I thought on this trip.

"Girls!" Marcy greeted them at home. She ran up to all the girls and caught them in a fierce hug. "How was the flight?"

"Fine, thanks for the tickets." Sam said after inhaling Marcy's perfume.

Looking between Caitlyn and Marcy, Tabby asked, "So where are we sleeping?"

Marcy raised an eyebrow. "Caitlyn didn't tell you?"

Both girls looked at Caitlyn, who was feigning a look of innocence. Tabby cut her eyes at Caitlyn before responding, "No. No she didn't."

Dan laughed and wrapped his arm around Tabby's shoulder. The act caused Tabby to shudder; her lower half began to get hot from their unexpected closeness. He looked down at her, "You ladies will all be out back."

Her eyes displayed her surprise, "You mean we are camping this whole weekend?" Tabby hated camping.

"You'll just have to see for yourself. Come on sweetie." Dan led them out back. Once they were outside he pointed towards the guesthouse.

Both Tabby and Sam were confused. They didn't understand why he was pointing at his neighbor's home.

"We're breaking into your neighbor's house?" Sam said as she looked back at Dan.

Caitlyn was giddy. She grabbed both of their hands, jumping up and down, "No silly, that is our guest house. That's where we are staying!"

Sam had to scoop her jaw off the ground, "No...Way!"

Then the three girls were running across the lawn. Laughing Dan and Marcy followed them into the guesthouse. Caitlyn gave them a tour of the grounds.

Exhausted from all of the day's surprises the three girls collapsed on the bed in the room they designated as Tabby's. Exhaustion and shock colored Tabby's voice, "It's bigger than the house we rent at school!"

"And nicer too!" Sam agreed.

"Well we want you both to feel at home here. You're welcome to the main house also, but we figured you would want your own space so you can do your own thing." Marcy was in the doorway her fingers entwined with Dan's.

"I'm going to go get dinner started, I do most of the cooking here", he said as an aside. "Rest up, enjoy the pool and come up to the house in a couple hours."

"Will do Dan! And thanks!" Caitlyn ran over to Dan and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his lips to hers.

Marcy watched the other girls to gauge their reactions. Sam was chewing on her lips, lust apparent in her eyes as she looked at Dan. Tabby's face was red, and without knowing it she moved her hand to the top of her pussy and was slowly stroking it. Marcy salivated, knowing that before too long she was going to get to fuck these two girls.

Releasing Dan, Caitlyn turned to Marcy, "And thank you too Marcy." She wrapped her arms around Marcy's neck and kissed her deeply. Marcy moaned into her mouth. Caitlyn was getting her revved up. When they pulled away they were both breathing heavily and every eye in the room was locked on the two of them. Dan knew he had to get out of here or he was going to do something he might regret.

"Okay girls see you soon."

"Yeah" Was all Sam and Tabby could say.

As they made their way back across the lawn to the house, Dan spoke to Marcy, "You know I saw you back there."

"Oh? What did you see?"

"You were checking those girls out like they were chocolate cake!"

"Yeah, they are delectable!"

This made him laugh. "Your libido is astonishing."

"What can I say? I like beautiful people. Do you think they will be willing to play with us?"

He thought about this for a moment, he recalled the hunger in Sam's eyes and the way Tabby played with herself openly in front of them. "Yes I do. I think they will once they are more comfortable with us. Are you sure though? I mean Caitlyn is one thing, but those girls..."

"Oh hush caballo! As long as we are together something like that doesn't matter to me."

"Okay" his tone was unsure but what the hell. He wouldn't mind having a go at those other two girls and if Marcy and Caitlyn were involved it could very well turn out to be the greatest sexual adventure of his life.


As they all sat around the dining table for dinner a knock sounded at the front door. Marcy got up to answer it while Dan continued to explain the workings of his business to Tabby who was getting her degree in computer engineering. Dan had just offered Tabby an internship at his firm when Marcy's voice came around the corner.

"Dan! Caitlyn! Get over here. Now!" Dan and Caitlyn looked at each other, Marcy's voice was cold and angry. It was unusual for Marcy to get angry so they both jumped up and went to go see what was going on, Sam and Tabby were close behind.

As they rounded the corner Dan stopped short as he saw who was at the door. Being shorter than Dan and not being able to see around Marcy, Caitlyn came up beside Marcy. She wouldn't have been more surprised if five leprechauns appeared and started to Moonwalk.

"Mom?" Caitlyn was astonished.

Amanda stood at the entrance, blocked by Marcy who was not moving an inch. Caitlyn looked at Marcy and was suddenly afraid, Marcy looked like she wanted to take her mom's block off. Caitlyn had never seen Marcy look so dangerous.

Turning her attention back to the unexpected guest, Caitlyn looked at her mom. It had been 5 years since her mom abandoned her. Since then Caitlyn had not once heard from her mother, she didn't even attend her own daughter's high school graduation. "What are you doing here?" She was confused, trying desperately to keep her own anger in check.

Amanda tried to step into the house, but Marcy was there to block her. "Hey baby! It's been a while."

"What are you doing here?" Caitlyn was quickly losing what little patience she had left.

"What? Can't I be concerned about you?" Amanda said cocking her head.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Caitlyn practically screamed, she would have punched her in the face if Dan didn't take that moment to step behind her and placed his powerful hands on her shoulders, anchoring her to the spot.

"I know why she's here." Dan's deep voice helped to calm her and keep her grounded. "Hello Amanda."

Caitlyn had never heard Dan's voice so full of flint before. She looked into his eyes and two brown eyes were full of anger.

"Hello Dan!" Amanda tried to sound sweet, but it came out patronizing.

Ignoring her greeting Dan continued, "She is here because Walt lost his business and is going to go to prison for 15 years. She has nowhere else to go. Does that about sum it up Amanda?"

Annoyance flashed across her face, "Yes, alright! I just need a place to stay to get things in order. So do you mind calling off your dog?" She motioned to Marcy. Marcy cocked her fist back to clock Amanda in her smug face. Dan grabbed her arm, stopping her movement.

"She's no dog mom! But you're a bitch!" Caitlyn slapped her across her face before anyone could stop her. Amanda's head snapped around as a big red handprint appeared on the side of her face. Years of frustration and hidden pain came bubbling to the surface the moment she saw her mom. Caitlyn could handle being abandoned, she could hand her mom's selfishness, but what she would not stand for was for anyone to insult the people she loved.

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Amanda stood there stunned. She hadn't expected that. Caitlyn was shaking. "You abandoned me and now you show up out of the blue thinking that you would be welcome? Dan had to fulfill the role you just gave up like it was a burden. Don't come here acting like you love me, like you miss me when you are still the selfish cunt you've always been!" This time she clenched her fist and pulled back, determined to break her mom's pretty little nose. Again Dan stopped her. If it wasn't for the rage burning inside her she might have fallen from exhaustion.

Dan placed himself between Amanda and the two girls. It disgusted him to have to be so close to her but he didn't want any more violence. "Go away Amanda, there is nothing here for you. You made your decision years ago. You're insane if you think I'm going to take you back."

Amanda took one step back, frustrated that this wasn't going her way. "Dan" she purred, "Please only for a few days. We could go back to the way things were. Remember that night we spent in Rio? It could be like that everyday."

"You've got to be smoking something pretty damn strong if you think he's going to pick you over Marcy, mom! She 1000 times the woman you will ever be." Caitlyn was trying to push her way past Dan so that she could give Amanda one final swat. Sam and Tabby stepped forward and held her in place.

Dan, Marcy, and Caitlyn stood threateningly in front of Amanda; accepting her defeat she retreated, but not before a few last venomous words. "Fine! You all deserve each other!"

"Yes, you're right!" Marcy responded. "You threw away your family to chase after money. You don't deserve the two of them. Have fun standing in the soup line."

With that they turned to shut the door as Amanda headed to her car, fuming and trying to figure out her next step.


The wedding was beautiful. Marcy looked like a dream in her gown and Dan was handsome in his tux. Friends, family, and coworkers came up to congratulate the happy couple. After their first dance, Dan and Marcy invited their guests onto the dance floor. Caitlyn cut in to dance with Dan while Marcy danced with her father.

"You look happy Dan."

"I guess I am. This is more than I could have dreamed. Marcy is incredible."

"Agreed." They danced for a few moments in silence before Caitlyn continued. "You know I had fancied I would be the one to marry you. But this is nice as well."

Dan kissed her on the cheek, careful because not everyone would be pleased with their true relationship. "Not to worry sweetie. You know Marcy wants you to be a part of our relationship as much as I do."

"I know but it would have been nice to be able to wear the dress."

"Maybe you still will one day." Dan knew that there was a good chance she would move on one day, he had to be ready for it.

"Hmm, maybe. But I don't know. I like what we have."

"Yeah, so do I." They continued to dance in silence.

The music was lively, the food was great and the drinks were strong. By the end of the night Caitlyn, Tabby and Sam felt light with excitement. They waved goodbye to Dan and Marcy as they departed the reception for their weeklong honeymoon in Hawaii. When the cab dropped the girls off at home they were all giddy and horny. As soon as they entered the guesthouse Tabby started taking off Caitlyn's clothes.

Sam interrupted, "So Tabby are you going to stay here this summer with Caitlyn and work at Dan's company?"

"Yes absolutely! If I'm lucky I might get a piece of Dan and Marcy!" She realized she had said too much and looked at Caitlyn to see if she was mad.

The thought of the three of them together with Marcy and Dan caused her pussy to get wet. Smiling she pulled Tabby into her, "I can't think of anything better if the three of us took turns with the two of them."

"I'm staying this summer too! Marcy said she could get me a job as a lab tech." Sam said while she removed her dress, not wanting to be left out. "I have an idea. How about we make them a little wedding present so they don't forget about us."

Caitlyn removed her mouth from around Tabby's erect pink nipple with a pop and looked at Sam. "Present? Like what?"

Setting her smartphone up on the table and angling it so it covered the room she started to record the three of them. "How about we make them a little movie and send it to them."

Caitlyn giggled.

This is going to be the best summer of my life!