4 The Return


"God today was awful!" I grumbled as I merged off the highway onto the main road that would lead me home. Business was going well. My previous 4 stores have grown in popularity over the years and so I added 3 more and we are breaking ground on a fourth new store in a couple of days. I earned more than enough money to retire in extreme comfort and I'm in my late 30s. I'm engaged to my best friend and will be married to her in less than a month. I love my job and I'm healthy, so there really is no reason for me to be in such a bad mood.

As a matter of fact work today was splendid. I worked hard to build a team that I could rely on. Nowadays they are able to handle most of the day-to-day happenings of my business so I'm much more relaxed. Today was no exception. The worst thing that happened between my stores and my software firm was that one of the printers at HQ ran out of ink. No, I definitely didn't have a reason to be angry. But I knew the cause of my crappy day.

Around noon I was eating a late lunch reading the online version of the newspaper. On the second page of the business section I saw something that made the pastrami in my stomach turn. The headline read, Chief Financial Officer to be indicted on charges of conspiracy, racketeering, and bribery. Under the title was a picture of my old friend, Walt Strokes. The paparazzi took a picture of him and his guest leaving a downtown seafood restaurant. He was pulling his guest with one hand and with the other was trying to bat away the cameras. I didn't care much for Walt, nor did I give a damn about his problems. It was his guest that my eyes went to.

"It's Amanda." I said aloud. Suddenly reliving our initial meeting, how she brought me home after I convinced her to go out on a date with me and I met her daughter Caitlyn. And how she eventually left me for Walt, who had been my friend for over ten years. She left me because Walt had more money than I did at the time. Based on the current situation, even if his company wasn't about to go bankrupt I could have bought his company three times over and still have had enough money to retire to Italy.

Seeing Amanda after so long made me reminisce about Caitlyn, her daughter, who became my stepdaughter and later, for a short period, my lover and now she was nothing to me. Rather I was nothing to her. Over the last two years I tried to respect her space and give her the distance she asked for. Besides the few holiday and birthday cards I received from her I had not spoken to her in two years. I missed her a great deal. Even though Caitlyn is not my biological daughter I still love her. At first I thought it was in the way a father loves a daughter, but all that changed the day she went off to college. That was when I found out that I loved her as a man loves a woman. After royally screwing up our relationship the least I could do was make sure she had a shot at the future she deserved, so I kept her school bills paid so she didn't have to worry about taking loans. I kept a savings account funded with money in case of an emergency. Over the last two years she never once used it. And I waited until she was ready to come back home.

I knew it was a long shot but I kept her room just the way she left it so that if she ever decided to come back home she would know she never left my heart.

However, in the time that Caitlyn was out of my life a new love blossomed. Marcinita McDowell, my old childhood friend and I reconnected and have been almost inseparable ever since.

When I was younger a girl I dated broke up with me, but in our teenage hormone induced delirium we continued to hook up even though she was seeing another man. One day she asked me if I believed a person could truly love two people at the same time. At the time I told her no. I said that people who think that way are only lying to themselves or trying to spare someone else's feelings. It took a long time for me to understand but now I know that it is possible to love two people at the same time with all of your heart. Because that is how I feel about Marcy and Caitlyn. However, only one of them agreed to stay a part of my life.

After dating for a year, Marcy accepted my proposal for marriage. The biggest change for her was that I asked her to move in with me into my large house, which meant her simple surroundings had to give way to my taste for more luxurious things. She let me splurge on her, I bought her new clothes, a new car and we renovated her existing home and gave it to her parents who moved from Florida so that they could be close to their only daughter. For me, she made my house feel like a home. She didn't make a lot of changes, but the few she made helped me feel more at ease in my own home. I love her for that.

One morning I surprised her with a brand new lipstick red with cream interior Aston Martin, she just stood there frozen. I was worried for a moment she would make me return it, Marcy had never liked expensive gifts; she preferred more thoughtful ones. She looked at me and kissed me deeply then said, "You know Dan. I make plenty of money, you don't have to buy me things like these to show me you love me."

I smiled then and explained how this wasn't a gift solely because I loved her, but because I wanted to thank her for making me feel whole again. She contemplated that for a moment and then held out her hands. Confused I just stood there staring at her splayed hand as if there was a cobra in it.

"Hello, Earth to Dan! I need the keys if I'm going to take it for a spin!"

Then it was my turn to smile as I dropped the keys into her hand and we took her new car for a spin.

Thinking about Amanda mad me angry. Thinking about Caitlyn made me sad. Thinking about Marcy made me happy and calm. I decided to take a small detour and pick her up a couple dozen roses and a card. We haven't had a lot of time together since she came back from that conference a week ago so its about time I do something nice for her.

Roses and card in tow I continued home. It had been a few weeks since the last time we had made love. My earlier aggression mixed with the thought of releasing the pent up tension between her bronzed legs caused me to race home. I was desperate to devour my lovely goddess.

As I approached the house I noticed there was a rusted out Jeep parked in my driveway. As I pulled into the garage I noticed it had an out of state license plate. I don't remember Marcy telling me about any guests so I was anxious to get into the house and check it out.

I entered through the garage into the kitchen. Marcy's laughter greeted me. Her honey and whiskey voice washed over me like a warm ray of light on a cloudy day. I didn't hear another voice so I moved to investigate, card and flowers in hand. As I approached the living room I saw Marcy, eyes closed and face tilted backwards as she drank from her glass of wine. She didn't notice me there so I took the opportunity to soak in her beauty and natural gracefulness. Next to her was a woman whose back was completely to me. She brought her own glass of wine to her mouth. I noticed that her hand was shaking while she brought the glass to her lips and then her hand and the glass was obscured by the back of her head and her raven hair.

Marcy opened her eyes and saw me standing at the entrance with roses and a happy expression on my face. Her smile brightened, I felt like my heart would explode.

God I love this woman!

"My love! Welcome home!" She looked at me to her guest and back to me. I thought it was strange that her guest did not turn around once she knew someone was behind her, but I didn't think too much on it as my attention was fixed on Marcy.

I took a step into the room and held up the flowers. "These are for you." She smiled brighter. I felt like I was floating on air. "So who do we have here?" I asked as I circled around the sofa.

The world stopped. All I could feel was my heart thumping in my chest; all I could hear was the sound of the ocean crashing in my ears. I almost fainted.

Caitlyn looked up at me with eyes as green as new leaves in spring. Her face, which had been pretty with youth before college, had begun to show signs of the fineness of beauty that came with her increased age, foreshadowing the gorgeous woman she would grow up to be. She smiled. It was a shy smile. It told me that she was unsure or maybe uncomfortable.

I thought I was seeing things, a hallucination caused by an overactive imagination. I tried to blink the images away, but they stayed constant. Caitlyn was really there, on my couch. Caitlyn was finally home.

"C—Caitlyn? Oh my god, Caitlyn!" I couldn't see my face but I could feel it stretch as a goofy and toothy smile spread across it.

"Hey, Dan." She smiled sweetly. I glanced over at Marcy; she looked back at me with a bemused expression on her face. I looked back at Caitlyn, I was overjoyed to see her, but I didn't know how to react. I feared that if I did the wrong thing it would push her away. I had to squeeze the flowers to keep from wrapping her in a bear hug and never letting her go.

"What? How? When did you get back?" I couldn't think straight I was too excited. The goofy grin never left my face. I heard Marcy chuckle.

Caitlyn smirked and nodded, as if she had made a decision. Then in one smooth motion she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down to her face. I was too stunned to do anything but let it happen. She locked lips with mine, my eyes widened in shock. I heard Marcy whoop as I glanced over at her she had a more feral smile on her lips and her eyes seemed hungry. I was only too familiar with that look.

After a few seconds I returned Caitlyn's affection, melting into the kiss. After about a minute she pulled away, her green eyes appeared steamy and mesmerizing, I was at a loss for words. I just kissed another woman in front of my fiancée. I looked at Marcy. She was smiling, but she ran her tongue across her lips as she looked from me to Caitlyn back to me. Caitlyn blushed and said, "Its good to be home. I missed you, daddy."

I laughed hard then. Setting the flowers down on the table I encompassed Caitlyn in a fierce hug.

Even if the ground opened up at my feet, I will not let this girl go a second time.

Marcy came over then and encircled us both in her arms. "I am so glad to have my family here." We stood there, after two years I finally felt like my family was complete.


"I can't believe you did all of that!" I was staring at Marcy, the shock evident on my face. The lengths she went to just to bring Caitlyn back home astounded me. Astounded, but grateful.

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We all sat around the island drinking wine and having a light dinner. I listened, entranced, to every word Caitlyn said about her last two years. I was proud of her, she stood up on her own and made sure she could cover her living expenses. When I asked her about the savings account all she said was that since I continued to pay her tuition she thought taking the money from the savings would be greedy, so she just left it alone.

"Yeah but it would have helped you buy a safer vehicle. I don't like that you're driving around in that Jeep."

"Hey the Jeep is fine. It's a little beat up but her and I have scaled mountains together."

All I could say was, "Okay". I was just so giddy at finally being able to see her again. Even in my wildest dreams I didn't think we would all be here like this. Marcy, Caitlyn and me just sitting around chatting like nothing else in the world mattered.

We continued to talk throughout the night. While the girls talked about the wedding I just sat back and looked over the two women. Marcy was as dark and lovely as a full moon over freshly fallen snow, Caitlyn was as beautiful as the bright like the sun shining through falling leaves in autumn. I was struck by how different they both were, but how I loved both of them so completely. Something had happened between them. Caitlyn was no longer hostile towards Marcy, and Marcy seemed to greatly enjoy Caitlyn's presence.

Caitlyn yawned loudly and I looked at the clock. It was midnight. "Well I guess that means we should all go to bed."

"Yeah" they both said in synchrony.

Caitlyn leaned over and kissed Marcy on the cheek, "Thank you for everything Marcy, really."

Marcy rubbed her back a few times, "Anytime sweetie. Remember, this is your home. Never be ashamed to come home."

Caitlyn turned her attention to me, "We'll talk more tomorrow Dan. Goodnight."

Smiling I said, "Of course Caitlyn. I think I will take tomorrow off so we can spend some more time catching up if that's okay with you."

"That would be great!" she beamed. For a second I saw a flicker of that 18-year-old girl that went off to college, I was slightly sad to see her go but I was captivated by the 21 year old that stood before me. After Caitlyn went upstairs I looked at Marcy who had an open grin on her face.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing. But if I didn't know any better I would say that you have the hots for your stepdaughter."

"Oh shut up! The woman I have the hots for is the same woman I am going to marry." I pulled her into a kiss. I held her in my arms as the kiss turned into a hug. "Thank you Marcy. I don't know how you did it but I am so grateful that you did. I don't know how to repay you."

"Oh I can think of one or two ways." The subtly was not lost on me.

"Lead the way my love."

"With pleasure."

As we walked out of the kitchen she continued, "So you mean to tell me I didn't see you salivating over Caitlyn just a little while ago? And then there was that kiss, you didn't hold back did you."

I sheepishly responded running my hand through my hair, "Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I got carried away."

"Don't be sorry. If you had arrived even five minutes later I would have taken her myself. She is a jewel that Caitlyn."

"Really?" I was only slightly surprised I saw the way she looked at Caitlyn, as if she wanted to devour her. I knew she had experimented in college and even dated another woman for a year before they went their separate ways and she met her ex-husband.

"Yes. I was working up the courage for it when you came in. Tell me that wouldn't turn you on." She stopped and turned to me, daring me to tell her anything but the truth.

"Honestly, I would fucking love it!" I smiled from ear to ear. She slapped me on the arm.

"Caballo estúpido!" Then she pulled me down to her and I immediately felt her tongue dart across my lips into my mouth. I loved that she was so hot for me. I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to our bedroom. She wrapped her legs around me, clasping her ankles above my ass. Our mouths never separated. She started to gyrate, moving her pussy along the hard ridge of my cock.

When we entered the room I kicked the door with my foot, I didn't have enough room with her wrapped around me so it didn't close all the way. I would need to remember to be quiet as to not wake up Caitlyn.

I fell on top of her on the bed. It was as if we were teenagers, both pawing at each other's bodies and clothes. I leaned back to remove my tie and my shirt. She sat up and started to undue my pants. By the time I was done removing my shirt she had my pants and briefs down and was working my hard cock in her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head off my dick. She gasped at the sudden pain, but then moved her hand down into the waist of her skirt and started massaging her clit. The entire situation turned me on. I knew I wouldn't hold back.

I brought my lips down hard onto her mouth. She didn't shy away from my ferocity. Instead she met my ferocity with a bit of her own. As we separated she bit down on my lip, sucking it as she released me.

"You are such a beautiful woman. I love you so much."

She seemed to look past me for a second before focusing back on me and saying, "I love you too. Now give me that gorgeous fucking cock you stud!" Then she took me back into her mouth.

She was fierce. She grabbed my cock and squeezed hard as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft, and with her free hand she massaged my balls. The moment I felt my cock move into her throat I felt like I was in heaven. But I knew I needed to get control of myself or I might cum just form this. I haven't even had a chance to taste her sweet pussy.

I pulled her off my cock and grabbing her chin I made her look up at me. "Get on your back." I commanded sternly. A shiver rippled across her body. She looked into my eyes and I could see mirth dancing in her eyes.

Smiling she said, "Not this time." Before I had a chance to comprehend her words she quickly shot out her hands and grabbed my arm, pulling and twisting me onto the bed. I laughed as I hit the bed. Sometimes it was fun to not be the aggressor. She stood up to remove her clothes. I loved when she gave me a strip tease. Again I laid back and enjoyed the show.

I had fantasied about ripping her pink cashmere blouse off of her body. I had fantasized about tearing her panties and roughly pulling her skirt off of her body. While it would've been fun to do those things, watching her remove each layer of clothing with excruciating slowness was much more arousing.

When she had finally removed her blouse and her full tits were being held in place by her bra, she leaned over me and put my cock back into her mouth. I so was transfixed on her beauty and her effortless movements that I didn't notice I had been working it with my hand as I watched her undress. Her sucking my cock was just a tease, a little reward for being a good boy and not letting the beast take over me. As she pulled my cock out of her mouth I felt frustrated but not shocked. I knew she would do that and I knew I would get a much better reward if I were only a little more patient.

She seemed to get lost in the song that was in her head. She was dancing slowly at times she would look at me with lust in her eyes, at times she would close her eyes and sway her hips and move her arms in an erotic tango that I found irresistible, and at times she seemed to look behind me. I wanted to see what kept grabbing her attention but her sexiness demanded my full attention, I couldn't look away.

When she finally removed her skirt, panties and bra she stood still, both hands cupping her overflowing breasts. The bronze skin and brown nipples made my cock jump. I was salivating. I wanted nothing more than to taste her sweet skin.

I knew she liked that I appreciated her. I knew it turned her on. She slowly lifted one leg onto the bed to give me a better view of her glistening slit. She ran a finger across her slit and stuck her dripping finger into my mouth. I sucked it clean.

She smiled, pleased with herself. Then she leaned over me and immediately took the length of my cock into her throat. It felt so good I growled--throwing my head to the bed my eyes closed in rapt pleasure. I just laid there with my eyes closed as she went up and down my shaft, building me closer and closer to orgasm.

"Marcy, please." I groaned.

Removing my cock from her mouth with an audible pop and licked her lips and looked down at me, "Please what my love?" She intoned the most innocent tone she could manage, I smirked thinking about how I was going to make her pay for teasing me like this one day.

"Bring that wet pussy over here and slide it on my cock. If you don't I'm going to get up and fuck you until you can't stand. Your choice."

She smiled and moved on top of me. "What kind of choice…" she inserted me into her waiting snatch as she did she convulsed a little. I laughed to myself.

I love it when she cums a little from just putting it in.

Regaining her composure she finished her question, "What kind of choice is that?" She started off slow, wanting to enjoy the moment more and get her body acclimated to my size again. I placed my hands on either side of her hips as she rocked her body back and forth, moving her torso like a snake dancer. As I felt her body open up more for me, I knew it was time for me to take charge.

I began to drill into her from underneath.

"Oh…oh shit!" She gasped as she collapsed on top of me. Her long dark hair fell across my face. The smell of her perfume and the feel of the perspiration as her chest pressed against mine propelled me on. I grabbed her ass in my hands and lifted her slightly to give myself more room to ram into her. I started fucking her with authority. She bit down hard on my shoulder that also spurred me on.

"Fucking god, fucking god! Oh my god!" I knew she was cumming, even if she didn't scream. I could feel my cock getting massaged by her rippling walls. As she came she sat back and threw her head back and screamed. "Yes Papi, damelo, damelo, damelo!"

"Fuuuuck!" I growled as that last outburst pushed me over the edge. I lifted her completely off the bed as I slammed into her one final time and blew my load deep inside her. I knew there was no chance that Caitlyn didn't hear us if she was awake, all I could hope for was that she had quickly descended into a deep sleep.

She collapsed on top of me shaking as the last remnants of her orgasm still rocked her body. "Oh my god. That was amazing!" she huffed.

I kissed her neck and her lips, "You are the one that is amazing my love."

She just smiled, we lied that way for a while, hot and sticky from the mess we made. At some point I must have drifted off to sleep and Marcy must have moved off of me, because when my eyes opened it was past 4am and Marcy was cuddled into the crook of my arm. I kissed her shoulder and wrapped my other arm around her body. We slept that way until the sun came up.

The next morning I was like a brand new me. More like I was like the old me. I was happy, content, calm, centered, in love, and at home. As I sipped my coffee and made breakfast for three, I couldn't get rid of this Cheshire Cat grin plastered to my face. I didn't care if it made me look like and idiot, I was happy and that was all that mattered.

Once fruit was sliced and the smoothies were made Caitlyn came down the stairs. It was like she had never left. The only thing betraying that thought was the maturity and confidence in her barring. I felt myself swell with pride. She had truly become a beautiful and competent woman.

"How did you sleep kiddo?"

She yawned, "Fine. Oh is that coffee?" I poured her a cup of coffee and sat the cream and sugar next to her. She commenced on adding a ridiculous amount of cream and sugar into her coffee cup.

Well maybe some of the old Caitlyn is still in there.

I laughed to myself.

"What's so funny?" Caitlyn asked.

"Oh nothing, I guess I just missed you is all."

"Yeah? Well if you cared so much why were you and Marcy so loud last night? I couldn't sleep for all the screaming and grunting I heard." The mirth in her eyes let me know she wasn't upset.

"Well you know, when you need a good screw you need a good screw." Marcy's voice came around the corner. She was fully dressed in a tight fitting light blue sweater and a pair of chinos.

"What's going on?" I asked, "I thought you were taking the day off too."

She smiled sadly, "I was but I got a call from the lab. Last night one of the simulations finished and had some exciting data. I was called in to review it for accuracy. I know I promised to spend the day with you two, but I will have to take a rain check. I'm sorry."

"No problem Marcy. I'm here for most of the week so we can catch up." Caitlyn got up and gave Marcy a hug. It made me happy to see the two most important women in my life getting along so well.

"Okay babe, well I made breakfast. Do you want anything to go?"

"Umm sure! I'll have the breakfast smoothie." As she took the mango/banana smoothie she turned to Caitlyn and winked. "You know, I keep him around because he knows how to cook."

Caitlyn laughed. Taking a bite of her spinach and goat cheese omelet she responded, "I know what you mean. At least he has one good trait."

Both girls laughed.

"Hey!" I said feigning displeasure. "If you're both going to go making fun of me you can make your own dinner."

"Sure!" Caitlyn chimed. "Anyone down for pasta al-dente? I have the process down."

We all laughed.

Marcy gave us both a hug. As I wrapped my arms around her she turned to whisper in my ear. "Go easy on her today. It's been a while since she's been with someone like you."

I felt my ears get red. "Marcy!" I chided.

She shrugged her shoulders and kissed me on the cheek. As she glided out of the kitchen she turned and regarded Caitlyn, "I'm sorry I won't be able to join in on your fun day today, hija. Just remember, the theater is more enjoyable if you act in it!"

Caitlyn blushed. Marcy glided out of the house. I was confused. I didn't understand the meaning behind those words until much later.

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