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What is Insect King

Insect King is a popular web novel written by the author MikXL_23, covering KINGDOMBUILDING, EVILMC, NONHUMANMC, REINCARNATION, WAR, ACTION, ALIENMC, FUTURISTIC, SCIFI, SPACECOMBAT, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 287.6K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 27 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Michael was a gamer who loved to play RTS games. One day, he got into a car accident and died. But, what If... Instead of the typical isekai transmigration novels, you reincarnate as a tiny alien insect, alone, and stuck in a foreign planet filled with extra - terrestrial Monsters? Words from the author: Insect King will be a kingdom building plus sci fi novel, with elements from RTS games like StarCraft. Also, The cover wasn't made by me. Here is the source of the Cover: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/15/3e/9f/153e9f8ab2bace231ebc7144e994ee54.jpg

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This is my first ever written webnovel. What can I say... I'm really happy and proud about it, despite knowing it isn't exactly a "amazing" work. I'm forever grateful to my readers who supported this story despite it's terrible release rates and mediocre quality. Well, as you can see, Insect King is a kingdom bulding space civilization novel about a protagonist who reincarnates as the last living member of an allmighty alien species who has the potential to conquer the entire universe. Michael (the MC), is just a depressed gamer who has no choice but to follow the path of domination and evolution. Going from a ordinary human to an evil alien insect!


The story has an interesting concept and decent writing quality, so I would recommend other people to give it a read. Its a good story that I would like to read more of but the updates come whenever the author has time to work on the story. I know that personal life gets in the way of writing, but I had to reread two previous chapters because I forgot what happened before due to the gaps. So be warned, this isn’t one of those stories where there is a 5k - 10k word update every day.


I love giving 5's to promising novels. The idea is unique and has a lot of potential. I hope you could proofread it in the future as that's the only concerning thing I found while reading.


Can't wait for the next chapter to release. looking forward to reading more. it is so sad that there is so few chapters right now wish i could read more.


Love this story binged it today and now I’m out of chapters please update it soon can’t wait for the empire arc along with him getting revenge on the alien groups who wiped out his race


Great backstory --- --- O. .O < (____________)


Promising premise, hope you keep it up. You won't truely get many readers till you have atleast 25-30 chapters to show that you are actually dedicated. I know personally I don't read novels before 25 chapters just cuz I dont' want to find a novel I like and then see it dropped within first 10 chapters. Anyways, keep up the good work, and i'll come back around to read this once a few more chapters are out.


Mooooooaaaaaar this is a really a good novel with a promising story(if handle right) And does the new civilizations now don't know about the insectodominus race?or that it's because a myth or forgetten over time because that I alot of years I mean millions!!!


Bro I swear I came here just for one more review exchange, but when I read the synopsis, I already thought "my kind of novel" and when I read the first chapter, my God, I only stopped when I had no more. The story, the way of writing, the world plot all incredible, only what kills is to have few chapters.


Recently found this hidden treasure and I've got to say for what it's worth it's an amazing concept and story. The only down side is how it's no longer being updated but if the author doesn't want to be posting on it it's their choice and I wont argue still amazing in my book either way


Nonononooooooonononononononononononooooopoooooooo nonononoooooooooo UPDATED!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! STILL WAITING FOR YOU AUTHOR SAMA KINDA


It’s a good novel , only problems I’ve seen besides NOT ENOUGH CHAPTERS is a steady update time for chapters of course bad grammar / wrong words used but honestly a good novel! Good luck author and I hope you stick to the book if possible tell us the readers your update schedule or if you can’t just say I don’t have a definite time to update thanks! Ps: I love potatoes and potatoes love me....😂👌


Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍


Hey this is Brandon gould I just read chapter 4 of Insect King and it is very interesting and I enjoyed it. But I think if you expand on detail for your world like if you told me a little more about Maxazar's character and The Suprme Lord I just would not mind knowing what some of your people look like, and you could expand in detail on what the world will look lik as well These are just suggestions I like your book as well as the feedback you give me I am giving you advice to help you


The unique idea with the great world building easily caught my attention and I hope that reader would be hooked as they read the opening chapters. Doing great job author Goodluck


Well this novel is new to me. The concept is really amazing. Reincarnation is not a new concept but reincarnated as an insect is surely new. This is really interesting. Keep up the good work.


Hi my name is Brandon gould I am responding to the review swap. I reviewed your book and I think it is a very good book and you should write more of it


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Fantastic read. Writing quality can be improved further but other than that, plot is good. Reminds me of a video game story. Looking forward for more development of the story.


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