Insan yang Mencintai

Author: alvanalkhaf
Romansa Fantasi
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What is Insan yang Mencintai

Read ‘Insan yang Mencintai’ Online for Free, written by the author alvanalkhaf, This book is a Romansa Fantasi Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Namanya Davinna. Ia wanita yang mendekati sempurna dalam meniti segala kehidupan. Danny beruntung bertemu wanita selembu...


Namanya Davinna. Ia wanita yang mendekati sempurna dalam meniti segala kehidupan. Danny beruntung bertemu wanita selembut malaikat itu. Namanya Danny. Ia lelaki yang berantakan, cerdas, selalu memberikan kejutan terbaik untuk orang di sekelilingnya. Davinna beruntung bertemu lelaki yang terbilang unik. Cinta mereka tidak selamanya mulus. Rintangan, persaingan, dan dendam menyatu menjadi satu. Akankah mereka bersatu sebagai insan yang saling menyayangi dan mencintai?

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The sound of guns... The darkness... The smoke... Then, oblivion. Everyday, I am haunted by my nightmares. Everytime the thunder roll and lightning strikes, I shivered. Looking outside my window, I am writing my daily journal and poetry today... To release all the pains and tensions from my past. And I wrote.. December 18, 1980 Myshkin, Russia My beloved, Have you ever ask yourself... What's your life purpose? If.. Are you doing the right thing? Are you on the verge of confusion, loneliness, unhappiness and being stagnant? Day dreaming into your own world? Too much questions filled in your heart and mind. Too much of everything that you don't want. Too much! To clear out my confusion and to have more clarity about myself, I dig deeper inside me. Reminiscing my childhood moments and cherish them. Facing the darkest and painful moments of my memories. Those memories of repeating horror, memories of loss, memories of death. Yes, I did face it all. I cried hard. After decades of those patterned memories... This is the first time that I realized.. How I treated myself so badly. And I really wanted to give back to myself. By appreciating my past. Appreciate yourself more... Love yourself more... And you will discover more... I have discovered each words, all feelings, expression, harmony just fits well to take steps in writing this poem for my past. ***A LETTER FOR MY PAST SELF*** My dearest self in the past... I have been visiting you lately in a vast... You are carefree, immature and FEARLESS, You go out more, loving the sun and grasses, Full of sweat and sun-kissed from above. Joyous days, feet touching stones and green Oh How glorious those days have been Flowing like water in every storms within And wind touches, caressing my skin Telling me, It's ok dear, everything has it's purpose". A path full of journey and a dead rose All those rise and fall, I am with you... All those tears and laughter, I am with you... I am always with you til the end of time. You have no choice, we are both destined. Oh loving sun and dreamy moon, Grace us the light in our path divine, My past self, I thank you! For the wonderful memories... In my troubled present, found peace in you. Beatrix ********************************************** As I closed my journal... I just hear my Nana's footsteps and call out. "My princess, it's dinner time. Don't forget your coat, it's a bit freezing today!." "Yes, coming Nana!." I checked myself in the mirror for the last time, before sharing the table with Nana. The beauty in the mirror speaks of simplicity and elegance. I'm tall at my age of 15, around 183cm, with soft silver wavy hair and emerald green eyes. I'm looking at the reflection of my mother. And before my tears fall. "Beatrix?" A hint of annoyance in Nanas voice. "Yes, sorry Nana." Then, we silently eat our beetroot soup. In the same month, in different year. Our mother gather all of us, her children, near the fireplace hearth, made of granite and marble stone. My eldest brother Maxim played the piano while my older sister Annika played the flute. While me and my mom, cheerfully singing. Then, our beloved father Dimitri, joined us in our joyfulness. Amidst our liveliness, the commotion outside the House of Oblonsky raised our fears. People shouting with torches and guns. My father Dimitri was stunned. I'm crying in horror. I hugged my father...for the last time. When.... My small voice... bellowed "NO!!!!" "Mama, Papa..." "Maxim, Annika..." 

L_stellaluna · History
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Regency Rogues Box Set

Love historical romance? Looking for something a little different? Then take a chance on M/M author Ruby Moone! This box set contains four fabulous stories filled with love, heartache, and passion set in an era when men falling in love with men could mean ruin or the gallows. Contains the stories:<br /><br /><strong>Fallen</strong>: Major Oliver Thornley never expected to find Daniel, the man who rescued him from certain death from the battlefield at Waterloo. He never expected to give in to the temptation that Daniel presented, and never expected Daniel to feel the same. Faced with overcoming the class difference between them, Oliver is faced with a stark choice. Admit he has fallen in love, or lose Daniel forever.<br /><br /><strong>The Heat of the Moment</strong>: Milo thought the disease that ravaged his legs as a child had damaged him inside too because he only became aroused by men. His new valet rescues him from life inside and changes his life forever beneath an ancient willow tree. Overwhelmed and in love Milo pushes him away, but when Robert tries to leave he has to find the strength to believe in himself and convince Robert of his love and to stay.<br /><br /><strong>The Wrong Kind of Angel</strong>: Christmas 1817. A reluctant angel, three not terribly wise men, two gorgeous men on a starlit chase to find a child. Captain Charles Farrington accepted he was destined to be alone until Harry Valentine crashed into his life. Harry is a man with secrets, a man on the run with no time to fall for the angel who rescued him, and Charlie knows he is the wrong kind of angel for happy endings but ... <br /><br /><strong>Trapped</strong>: Sam Holloway is a desperate man. Trapped in Dante&#x2019;s, the high class London brothel, his only hope is a rich protector, a young aristocrat with sadness in his eyes. Tristan Barrington, sixth Earl of Chiltern frees him, but when the corruption at the heart of Dante&#x2019;s is exposed, and Tristan finds Sam&#x2019;s declaration of love was a lie, he has a choice. Leave Sam to his fate, or help him once more.

Ruby Moone · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
129 Chs


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