15 Visiting Sairaorg Bael.

After the visit of Seekvaira They continued to train again.

After some day's Hex said to Quera and his peerage members " i wanted to visit Sairaorg and his sick mother"

Quera smiled and said " yes we should visit them Hex as they are your relative "

Albedo said " then I'll prepare and warn them about your visit "

Hex nodded his head and said to Jisoo " prepare something good to eat after breakfast we are going to visit them" after finishing breakfast.

Hex then wore is recently acquired royal dress ,it was a full Black and Golden set of clothing,Black shirt,black Pants,black shoes with golden laces,black coat and a Black Overcoat with golden chain's surrounding it ,with his Halo black crown on his head with long Black hair he looked enchanting. Golden colour was Bael Clan's symbolic colour.

then Albedo came out from a Circle seeing Hex she smiled and said " all set But they only have hand full of maid and a Butler "

Quera said " I won't be going with you , I'll be here "

Hex said " Alright Mama You don't have to come we're just visiting anyway "

Then Albedo casted magic and they disappeared.

Inside the mansion of Sairaorg

After Hex and others appeared only a butler was there to receive them.

Butler said " Your Highness Hex i am sorry as i am the only High-class Devil in the mansion apart form Sairaorg sama as your Queen's instruction so i am the only one to greet you"

Hex nodded his head and said " that's alright,where is Sairaorg?"

Butler replied" Sairaorg sama trains day and night so he's in the gym maid has gone to call him"

Hex then said " Alright let's go see Misla Sama "

while walking butler explained" Misla sama suffers from Devil's curse and is currently in coma , this kind of curse is impossible to cure only she can come back from it or die in coma"

Hex nodded his head and they went to A room there lies a young women sleeping soundly without any worries.

Hex seeing her came beside her bedside and sat on a chair his peerage stood behind him and butler was other side of the bed.

Hex as he can see some emotion from any being saw although she was sleeping soundly but she was actually struggling from something.Then Hex took her hand and felt what she was struggling with it was very tiny mumble jumbled emotions thing,without his extraordinary emotion senses it will be hard to imagine such thing.That chaotic emotion thing was on her heart and she was struggling with it.

Suddenly door opened and Sairaorg came in seeing Hex holding his mother's hand he frowned a little but didn't say anything.

Hex then gently put down her hand and said to Sairaorg " how are you?"

Sairaorg said " i am good"

Hex said " your mother's condition's are not that great"

Sairaorg said " it doesn't take a genius to know all the underworld tried to cure her but failed so i know she's not in a great shape"

Hex then looked at Sairaorg directly then he saw a huge Golden lion Behind him for a second then disappeared.

Hex was confused and asked " what's that golden lion?"

Sairaorg hearing this looked shocked and said " you can even see that? that's my Sacred Gear"

Hex was really intrigued by this he never saw a Sacred Gear before but before he could say something Sairaorg said " it's [Regulus Nemea] but i am not strong enough right now to fight you but I'll challenge you don't worry"

Hex nodded his head and said " as cousins we could do a little sparring don't worry i also train physically like you but demonic energy is my main weapon "

Sairaorg then laughed and said " you inherited the demonic energy and i got this Sacred gear let's fight after we done with our training"

Hex nodded his head then said " your mother's condition is very poor i can maybe with my [Power of Destruction] destroy that. it's very complicated emotions altogether doing damage to her heart. my black [Power Of Destruction] is a little special it can destroy non material things such as Desire, Motivation,Hunger but I'll need at least 2 more year's to remove that thing from her "

Sairaorg Said then " can you please help me heal my mother ? i will serve you if you want ,my mother is everything to me "

Hex nodded and shook his head.

Sairaorg asked " what does this mean? you won't save my mother?"

Hex said " it's not like that Sairaorg it's like i have a condition if you want me to save her"

Sairaorg said " anything, anything you name it I'll be your slave if necessary "

Hex said " no it's more like it's necessary to do rather than condition "

Sairaorg asked " tell me what is it?"

Hex said " your mother have to be my concubine if i were to treat her curse"

Sairaorg had raged look he ran up to Hex and pulled his collar and said " bastard how dare you? , I'll kill you you fucking horny motherfucker"

Albedo Almost Killed Sairaorg with her Scythe-Axe but Hex waved his hand.as Sairaorg was mid tier High class devil and Albedo High tier Ultimate class devil.

Butler got out of the room seeing the situation to call someone.

Hex then said calmly " look it's not like i wished to take her as a concubine it's just if i destroy those pent up emotions her memories will also effect and she'll lose her devils power for 3 or 4 day's and will be like a mortal and you know what happens when a mortal sees me either they die or do as the heart desires and if she does what her heart desires then I've to take responsibility you know and it's not like i am not losing anything look i promise you I've already two fiance and she'll be my only concubine and I'll never take another women "

Zekram Bael came with a butler and said " I've heard what Hex has said and I don't see a problem because we Devil's live countless year's and her husband is already gone so she can have a partner but If Sairaorg say's no then let us forget about it and search for new treatment for her"

Sairaorg Removed his hand from Hex's collar and said " umphh I'll find someone to cure my mother "

Hex nodded his head and sincerely said " I'll also help you, let me tell you what happened actually, as you know i can sense emotions so i can feel her heart has chaotic emotions pent up and it needed to be cure so you can find someone who can deal with those emotions "

seeing Hex sincerity Sairaorg said " Thank you and sorry"

Hex said " it's okay cousin, I didn't want her to suffer so i just suggested that i am sorry for Being rude I'll take my leave , Grandpa Bye bye "

Waving his hand Hex disappeared with his peerage from the room.

Zekram Bael said to Sairaorg " Sairaorg boy you know Hex said this all innocently, he's a prince he can take any women in the underworld or any world with his looks but he never did any of it,we decided his marriage without even asking him , I've also asked you about marriage but you declined so don't hold a grudge against him"

Sairaorg nodded his head and said " i know he did what he could and said what he thought without thinking, those eye are so pure that it's scary "

Zekram Bael nodded his head and said " yes it's very scary for a Devil to possess those eyes ,he was borned like that and didn't change much although I've heard that Agares little missy made him Red ahahahaha"

Sairaorg didn't understand anything like what that Seekvaira did or how he got red as he was man of less word he didn't even bother to ask.

Zekram Bael said " as he said he'll take your mother as a one and only concubine as a responsibility i think you should think about that,even if someone can cure her and i am saying even if because nobody could even detect her problem in the first place she'll wake up and you know pure blooded Devil's like her are rare so she'll be plotted against and those lecherous old bastard's will do anything to get her if she gets his protection it's not bad "

Sairaorg knew that behind this good underworld facade there's a group of old timer's from the past generation who plot's with underprivileged pure Devil.

Zekram said " Look If they come I'll do anything with my power but you can think of that offer Hex made , he's a good boy and very pure and your mother is very gently,i guess your father's emotion scare left her like that but Hex can heal her with his pureness and innocence in her life"

Sairaorg Said " let's see what happens, it will take him two year's any way to cure my mother"

Zekram Bael nodded his head and disappeared.

Only Sairaorg his sleeping mother and his mother's butler remained.

Butler said " young master in those day's lady have to bear with a lot even her husband shunned her in corner of the territory so that's why, if our mistress came back from this state she'll need something to heal her emotions and i think Prince Hex can be used as a healer he's so pure that even i can see or you can marry someone and give her a grandchild so she'll heal with baby's pure emotion "

Sairaorg nodded his head and said " let's wait and see if i can find someone to cure her then I'll marry and give her grandchildren but devil's have low birth rate and if someone can cure her from this disease.Otherwise we have to rely on that innocent bastard "

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