4 The Gate and Queen Of The Peerage

While The Underworld was in Chaos but not everyone Noticed Little Prince Of Underworld because What can a Baby do with Cuteness? Nothing At all.Chaos Were mostly from Serafall Leviathan's Show Fanbase And That All.

Next Morning,

In the Mansion Hex's Room

Hex was Sleeping On His bed Which was massive compared to Him.Bed looks Like it was made for Giants or something 15×10ft bed.

Hex is 3 Year's old Toddler with a body size of 40 inches while sleeping in that giant bed with his extremely cute Face he looks enchanting.

Hex Was Dreaming Actually in His Dream He's Seeing His Back garden and There's This Gate Which was Calling Him,The Gate Was Like a Portal Full black But Hex felt There's something in there and He needs to go there to take it.

While He was Dreaming He's Room's Door Opened very Quietly and Quera Entered and looked at Hex and Was Happy to See that enchanting face and thought ' no matter which day it is ,no matter how he Sleeping he looks Extremely cute,My baby boy But why is he Growing that fast?he should be tiny for at least 100 year's '

Quera Got closer To sleeping Hex and While combing his hair gently massaging his Long Haired Head lovingly Said" Your Highness Hex Good morning Woke Up"

Hex Feeling His head was getting touched and Sound of Quera said sleepily " Quera Mama Good Morning" While Rubbing his eyes cutely.

Quera Hearing Him calling her 'Mama' she was so happy, she unconsciously hugged him Into her chest and Started to Rub his face . From Time to Time Hex would call her Mama And It makes her So Happy that her entire day would go Humming various song's.

Then After her little Happiness She took him to Take a Bath after getting changed in To A Simple Yet gorgeous Blue T-Shirt and Black Shorts Which as always looked good on him and they held hands But Quera Was not satisfied as it seems she took her little baby in her embrace then They proceed to Dining Hall.

While Sitting On her Lap Hex was Eating But Unlike other day's when he would just eat contently today he was thinking a little about the Gate in his back garden which he saw in his Dream.

While They were eating and feeding Suddenly Dining Hall's Corner Lit up with magic Circle unknown to Quera but she can Guess Who it is.

From The Green Magic Circle That appeared In The Dining Hall Two Person came out of it.

Hex Looked at them And He Knew one Of them it's his grandpa and other person Has green hair and very sharp face he didn't knew him.

Zekram Bael Seeing His Grandson A Smile Appeared on his Face from bottom of his heart and said " Hex you're eating breakfast this late? oh well You're Prince after all ahahahaha.

Quera After hearing Her baby was Late she had a displeased expression and said " Lord Bael My baby is not late you're early " she usually called Zekram Bael 'Your Highness ' but his comment made her a little Angry.

Zekram Bael Seeing This Didn't get displeased or Anything he was more happy it seems In his expression and said " Quera You love this Child Like your own Son hah! And yes Sorry i am early " Looking at his clock Which Showed it's 7.45 in the morning so He was a little early.

Then He Said With Tenderness to Hex " Hex let me introduce you to " Pointed his finger at the green haired man and Said " He's One of the 4 Satan's in the underworld you know 2 of them already,This Is Ajuka Beelzebub "

Ajuka Beelzebub Came forward and smiled while looking at the 3 year's old Boy who was extremely Cute and Said " Ah your Highness Bael I've heard about your Beauty but looking At you now with my own eyes Those Rumours didn't do any Justice to your Beauty "

Hex Listening all that Smiled widely and Said " Ajuka Big Brother you're like Sirzechs? "

Ajuka Beelzebub who heard his Voice and Seeing his wide smile had a Little heart palpitations and thought ' So this is [Devil's Temptation] not bad at all' and smiled At the boy said " yes Hex I am like Sirzechs and Today i am Here to give you this " He took out 16 Chess Pieces's From Who knows where.

Seeing The Chess Pieces Hex Tilted His Head cutely and said " You want to play chess ? like Quera? but You need more "

Ajuka who heard Him was stunned By His Word's or Tilting Cute little head who know,Then suddenly he laughed out loud and said " This Is The Evil Pieces Your Highness Hex as you've Reached A certain strength so you can have them at a Early age of 3 and You'll be the King "

Hex Got more confused and said " I am the Prince Though"

Ajuka Didn't know he should laugh or Cry at this moment explained" This this 16 evil pieces given to High Born Devil's in the underworld when they reached Proper age Or Strength for you it's strength as you are very strong i mean You're magic is strong right?" Hex just nodded Then Ajuka continued" Yes as you're very strong you'll need A Lot of friends and Companions so You'll be this evil pieces King and You'll have 15 more Friends with you All the time"

Hex Who heard this Understood a Little and Nodded His Head .

Quera Who has Hex or her lap touched Hex's Cheek and said lovingly" Your Highness This Is The thing we learned Last night from the books you remember it right? "

Hex who heard her His Little Eye's Lit up and Almost shone he said to Ajuka " Ah i know yesterday i learned That Devil Children Have to Be King And Take in Followers To Protect them I'll Protect them With my Magic yes "

Ajuka Beelzebub Thought ' This is A good explanation For Pure Child next time I'll do that but wait next time? where can i find a 3 year's old child who has Satan Level Magic? ' and sighed.Then he give 15 pieces To Hex and King Piece Vanished into Hex's Chest With Ajuka's magic.

Zekram Bael smiled and said "you'll have to find Devils Now to Make them your companion Hex"

Hex Nodded His Head And Said "un granpa I'll Protect them "

Zekram Bael And Ajuka Beelzebub talked with them for Sometimes Then Left The Mansion as both them were busy with work.

Hex Seeing No one Was Here anymore He said to Quera Who was Fixing The Dining Table " Quera I'll go To Back garden? "

Quera Smiled and Said " Sure Your Highness I'll be back after i finished Cleaning Dining Hall "

Hex Nodded then Walked Into His Room Then proceed to His back Garden.Back Garden was Hex's Personal Garden Joined with His Room with a Gate.

Back Garden Was Big Almost Like A Basketball Court Size with Lot's of Flower and fruit trees but today In the Middle Of The field Hex can see a Portal Like Gate which attracted Him.

Hex Looked At the Portal Thinking,then little by little He came Infront of the portal And Tried to go inside and he Vanished From The Back Garden And portal Was Vanished with him.

Quera After Coming Into Back Garden happily after finishing her work but Looking around she couldn't find Her Baby She felt Despair and anxious. She searched The whole Mansion with physically and With magic but she couldn't Find a Trace.She slumped into the ground Crying then Got up Called Zekram Bael, Sirzechs Lucifer, Grayfia Lucifage, Serafall Leviathan to come.


Hex after coming Into the gate seeing it was dark a little Panic came in to his eyes because he was never left alone even in his Mansion sometimes even Quera Would sleep with him but after he entered the Gate ,Gate closed and It was Black inside but he can see Clearly Where he is ... it was a Red Field without any end and Sky was Red as well but that's not what make him panic.What made him Panic there was this Hideous creature Eating Disgusting things and it was big very big Almost As big as His Room but not that powerful Hex was more powerful than That Beast.

Hex Was Little scared And wanted To call Quera but he remembered last night His Quera Mama Said ' You are King Hex you're very strong and can fight monster To Protect you have to fight and As a Devil although I'll Protect you but sometimes you can be alone you have to fight with all your might never Underestimate your Opponent '

So Hex Made A Tough decision and with his Hand gesture He made Ten's of thousands Pure Black Spear Made of [Power Of Destruction] and Launch It.Whole Ground Trembled After He launched His spears And That Disgusting Looking beast which was Infront of a Red Mountain disappeared and Mountain Disappeared with That beast As well.

Hex was A little surprised because Has Learned 2 type of Casting with his Magic one was [Black Spear Destruction] other was [Black Sword Of Destruction] And Sword was more powerful than Spear. Sword was Also Made of Same Energy but as it was Pure Energy in Hand He can do More Thing's and Spear was Just for Throwing.

Hex Was Surprised but not Shocked because He has Done some fighting with his Grandpa in Some Other Spaces And with sword He Can Destroy Whole space it self so yeah that's that.

Hex Continued To walk Beside A Red River and Saw A Little Cabin He went there to look who lives Here in endless Red field. He was a Little Panicked First because He Couldn't Go back to his Home but still Resolve Appeared in his Little beautiful eye's and Halo Crown on His Head Got a Little Bigger but he didn't notice that he Walked to the Cabin.

After Reaching the Cabin he saw The gate of of the cabin was sealed with long iron Bars And Cabin Had no windows.it was Dark inside He thought Some kind of Beast was Inside but Feeling he got after using magic to probe what is Inside,The response he got was Very little Life force and Inside Was a Devil?

Hex was confused But He thought ' There's a Devil Inside it is very weak let's save him'

Hex Brought out [Black Sword Of Destruction] From one hand It was Made of Pure Black [Power Of Destruction] like a Angel's Energy Sword but Made Out Of Destruction and Cut Down the Bars.

When Inside He could see in a Corner there was A Person lying down. As he was a Devil he could see In Dark so He Saw ' A person Maybe two years older than him Deep Black Hair Length reaching Toes Like him but In her head There was Two white Horn's coming out and from That Beings lower back, Fallen angel like 2 big Wing's are coming out, she was wearing tattered White Clothes '

Hex Approached Her and said cautiously " are you okay? I am Also a Devil so You can Be at ease"

That Girl Said In a Low voice Without even looking at him " I am waiting for someone with A Crown and Named Bael*

Hex was Stunned Because he was also a Bael and He has A Natural Born Crown. He said " Me? "

The Girl Looked Up and Saw Him Her Eye lit up And Got up From lying And came Too close to Hex and Said Eagerly" I was waiting for you My King , I was Born Here and am strongest Being In This Red World but Everyday I would Dream Of you to Save me Take me with you to a Brighter world Far from here "

Hex Was Perplexed and Didn't know What to say but hearing her dream he Asked" What do you see in your dream? just me or more?"

That Girl Took His Hand and Said " I see many thing's but i see you Take me as your queen My King Most often "

Hex then Was little confused but took out his 15 Evil Pieces which he Got Just earlier From Ajuka.When He took out 15 pieces His Queen Piece Floated Automatically and That girl Also Floated and His Queen Piece Disappeared In her Chest.

And That Girl was in ecstasy and Came to Him Hugged him Tightly and said " Ah my king My Hero you'll Take me with you Now I'll be free ... You'll protect me right?"

Hex Was shocked That His Queen Piece was Vanished and His Body Automatically Released a Little Magic power to help her merge.

Hex Was being Hugged So he saw the Face of the Girl Clearly She was Very pretty and After Hearing her ' You'll protect me ' He said " You're my queen Now I'll Protect you Forever "

That Girl Had a Very Happy face couldn't control her happiness she let out a Sound 'kyaaaa' blushed and Said " you're my light in this Darkness "

As this was Going on space it self was Rumbled and they Saw a Portal Hex understood This Was a way back He didn't Say much Got out of her Hug and Took her hand Out of Portal.


It was Half an hour Since Prince went missing In the Garden.In chair Quera Was crying endlessly and Zekram Bael Had an Anxious face. Grayfia Lucifage was Trying to Calm Quera Down. Serafall and Sirzechs were trying to Locate Hex With their Magic.

Ajuka Was Sitting and using his Brain to Think what happened.

When Quera Told Prince Disappeared Everyone Left their Work For the Time being as situation emergency but after arriving everyone tried To Locate any kind Of Magic Movement but there was none. No Evidence no Space Magic no nothing was found.

While Everyone Was Doing There Thing Space Trembled and a Portal Appeared In The Back Garden. Everyone was Shocked Because No Magic fluctuations was Detected.Even though they Were very powerful But They didn't See any magic in that Portal what just Happened?

After Portal Appeared 2 Child Came out of it One Was They knew who it was .The Ultimate Beauty Progenitor Baby °Hextorias Ceresc Bael° And A Beautiful 5 years old Girl But With A Little weird Horn's and 2 Fallen Wing's on her back.

Everyone was astonished because that girl was a Devil-Dragon Hybrid at least High Class Devil.

She was A genius Although Not comparable to Baby Bael but still she's very good.

Sirzechs was shocked to see a High Class Five Year's old Devil and Dragon Hybrid At that.

Ajuka , Serafall , Zekram and even Grayfia's Mouth went Like 'O' to see the girl.

Quera Who saw her baby Didn't even See the girl or She didn't want to see anything else but her baby.She ran To him Pick him Up Kissed His Cheek forehead endlessly,Then Checked For any injuries Seeing he was fine She breathed a sigh of relief.

Quera Asked A little Angrily " Where have you been Hex I almost died from anxiety "

Hex Said While Lowering his head " Sorry Mama i didn't Do it On purpose " He was a Little scared because he has never seen Quera Angry before.

Seeing Him Like that Quera Smiled Hugged Him Tightly in Her embrace and Said " You know Mama Loves you alot Right?"

Hex Nodded and Makes a Sound" un"

after hearing that sound Quera Thought ' Sooo cuteeee' before She could even say it out loud she heard From Side " Soooo cuteeeee "

when she looked she saw Beautiful girl With Horn's she was 4-5 years old But she didn't recognize her.So she asked The Girl " Who are you? "

The Girl Said proudly " Me? i am His Highness Hex's Queen and Maybe Future wife"

Hex Nodded His Head and said " Mama She is my Peerage Queen "

Everyone Present Was Astonished because This Little Girl was A High Class Devil so Young She had Unlimited Potential and She becoming His Queen means Both of Them Are Suitable.

Quera Smiled and Said " I am His Mama, Quera Is My name,what's Your name?"

The Girl Replied a little meekly Cause She is His 'Mama' so said a little shyly " My Name Is Albedo Your Highness"

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