10 Dispute Between Peerage.

After They came out of Portal Hex Just Ran to To Quera and hugged her tightly and water droplets were coming out of his eyes uncontrollably and the air was refreshed with a sweet smell.

After Hex Albedo,Erza And Jisoo came out of the portal had a Bitter face.

Sirzechs seeing both of the new Members said to everyone " that girl with scarlet hair is half Devil and half valkyrie but not the norse valkyrie, she possess Satan class strength and the girl with black hair is a bird siren and half devil has power over her voice to control any creature's emotion there are two kind of siren one mermaid other one is bird siren both of them possess power over voice.One is a sea predator another one is sky predator like her. she has a strength of High-class Devil "

as the strongest being present Sirzechs usually explain everything to others.

Everyone was shocked to know scarlet haired girl was a Satan class being.

Quera didn't heard anything she was just trying to console her baby in her arm ,while consoling she wanted to know what happened but Hex was not in a shape to talk so she asked Albedo who had her head down " Alba what happened?"

Albedo hearing this trembled and looked up to say something but word didn't came out of her.

everyone was shocked at this because she's a ultimate class being what happened inside that portal that would make even her like this.

Albedo then reluctantly told everyone how Erza planned to see Hex in a Desperate situation and how she also indirectly supported it.

Hearing All this Quera's body trembled she held Hex tightly and Anger flashed in her eye's.

She remained Silent.

Every Adult had a look of rage Zekram Bael almost Killed everyone if not Sirzechs Stopping him.

Erza said meekly " bbbut we found his sins it's Anger and Greed"

Sirzechs who also had an angry face said " he possess all 7 sins of the devil but he also possess none.He is not like us, his mind doesn't work like us devils,his mind automatically tries to nullify his sins if it appeared on him but little bit here and there which only compliments his innocence.His soul is something even I don't understand.Do you even know what a Celestial Class Devil can do if he was possessed with anger and greed? that space which you were in would have collapsed the moment he think he doesn't need it, Celestial beings are not something you can fathom girl,and that puny low tier ultimate class being that you planned,let me tell you girl i guess you were a Peak tier Ultimate Class Devil before ? and got into satan class by evil piece? "

Erza Nodded her head.

then Sirzechs continued" that puny little monster monster maybe resilient against your Peak ultimate class strength from long range but a Celestial Class Devil could just annihilate whole space that is carrying that monster and he is a Devil who possess [Power Of Destruction] at it's finest. Girl you made a mistake and he didn't act like this because he was consumed by rage no if he was then you wouldn't be alive and he won't be able to talk with you calmly as he did.he was angry but not with you or that monster but i guess he was angry at his Queen for betraying his feelings that's all and the thing you said greed to possess? Girl that's normal he didn't even say much just to possess the strength to protect what he love so yeah your assumptions and tricks didn't work at all"

After hearing this Erza just slumped on the ground with a shocked face and the black haired girl was dumfounded and and gulped at how strong her King is.

Albedo after hearing it was all her fault she started to cry Loudly.

Everyone had a look of anger on their face for what the 2 girls has done.

Quera who was hugging Hex burying his face in her bosom said calmly " Everyone my baby needs rest I don't care what you say and want to ask it can be done later"

Everyone agreed and left one after another.

Hex who was in His mothers embrace said to Quera" Mama that's my two peerage arranged them 2 room's and Albedo will also need a room "

Quera Just nodded her head at her baby.

Albedo who was crying profusely after hearing Hex she just fainted because ever since she came here she never slept in the any other room she always slept with Hex.he always accompanied her. This was too shocking.

Erza Had A Very bitter face she thought ' i thought that i am very knowledgeable and can bring out everything it seems i am shallow and pathetic,i hope i can serve him otherwise I'll just die to repent, if only if i had one chance i won't do what i did but there's no if '

Jisoo Also had very very sad face and she couldn't held her tears and thought ' i told her several times i told her but she won't listen now see what I've done'

After reaching his room with Hex and Quera Sat down in his bed. And Hex said to smiling innocently " Mama don't worry i am fine , do you remember how i can see emotions? i saw it from the very beginning that they were doing then.iwas a little hurt cause how Albedo behaved but 3 of them had a very good heart so don't held a grudge against them, although we mother and son can be angry at them "

Quera seeing her baby's smile innocently she too smiled but then asked " then after returning why did you cry so much?"

Hex hugged her again and said " oh my forgetful mama i just told you i can read emotion.did you see your emotion after i came out? if a son don't cry at his mama despair and anxiousness then what kind of son am i?"

after Hex came out of that portal he saw Quera's emotion which was so disturbing that he just ran over her and started to cry.

Quera smiled after listening to his explanation and rub her cheeks with him and said " You're truly one and only my baby "

Hex smiled happily and soon fell asleep in her arm's.

Quera took her baby and laid him down properly in a pillow and lay beside him looking at him with her motherly gaze and combing his hair with her slender fingers humming him a lullaby while he was sleeping.

Next Day ....

Hex woke up from sleep found no one woth him he was a little sad but got up took a bath as he was 10 year's old he could do it alone. Changed into a cool looking blue shirt and Black pants with white sneakers.Well he looked Heavenly.

Opened the door and saw 3 human figure in a dogeza position.He slammed his door closed then cast a magic teleportation circle he disappeared.

Gremory Clan

In side their mansion today an unidentified magic circle appeared everyone got up their guards..

A beautiful women appeared with a blonde hair, pale blue eye, with pointy ears with an ice crown on her head.She was a ultimate class power house every servant almost peed their pants after seeing such powerful intruder.

Recently Gremory Clan was in high alert as Grayfia was pregnant and Clan use many teleportation jammer on mansion to prevent any intrusion but suddenly a person intruded with such powerful aura they thought it's a enemy.

The women in question didn't even bother with their reaction that much and said " prepare your self Gremory Clan My Lord Hextorias Ceresc Bael will be here in 2 minutes All Low level and mid level Devil servants are to get out of here "

Venelana Gremory upon hearing the commotion came out from her room downstairs as she heard there's a intruder but seeing the intruder and hearing her and looking at the magic circle of teleportation she understood it was not a Intruder it's Hex .

She immediately Told everyone present " All servants Of you're doing anything for Grayfia,Hand over to high class servants and Low and Mid class devil's retreat from mansion."

All The Servants were confused and thought ' what's so great about Bael Heir ? '

All Low and Mid class servants retreated and Only some hand full who are High class devil remained.

Venelana Gremory then reminded To the High class devil's " What ever you see don't react and spread"

All Of them nodded .

Then Before everyone's eyes came out a boy from the same circle Of the ice Queen.The had Black hair which reached his toes with a black halo crown on his head.

After seeing him All the servants were shocked and their heart started to palpitate and they understood why Low and mid level devils are not allowed to see him.They were not even qualified to gaze at this boy.

Hex after greeting Venelana said " i came to visit Grayfia nee sama"

Venelana nodded her head and said " yes of course my dear.unfortunately Rias is not here otherwise she would have taken you "

Hex nodding his head and asked" is she enjoying her stay in mortal world?"

Venelana said happily" yes she seems to enjoy Human world"

Hex said excitedly" maybe some day i will visit there too"

Venelana sighed and said " you have to use transform magic or disguise of some type even then it's very hard"

Hex nodded and they were already Infront of Grayfia's room.

Venelana knocked the door and A sound came ' come in'

Then they both proceeded and entered the room.Grayfia was in her bed her belly had a little bulge and Seeing Hex her eyes lit up .

Hex came Infront of her and said " How are you feeling Grayfia nee sama?"

Grayfia nodded her head and said " yes i am feeling very good " then continued " in human world pregnant women would see cute cute baby photos so that they will also have cute baby"

Hex then asked" Then ? have you seen any cute baby photo?"

Grayfia nodded her head and smiled and said " who's more cute than you? you came i felt so happy my dear Ceres "

Then they talked about things and hex promised to come when baby is born then left.

Hex came home In his room then again opened his door to see 3 person in Dogeza position.

Hes then said " You Jisoo come in "

Jisoo then looked up then nodding her she stood up and got in.Hex Immediately closed the door.

Jisoo was a little scared to meet him in person alone then again she kneeled and said " my king i am sorry i know Erza told me but still i had some choices but i did what i did ,i am sorry "

Hex sat down in his bed and smiled and said" you've been together for too long to ignore her word's "

Jisoo simply nodded her head.

Hex continued" i know how you feel don't worry i am not angry at you but those two deserve a little punishment that's all"

Jisoo nodded her head again and said " i understand"

Hex asked her " Why are you bishop? what can you do?"

Jisoo smiled while kneeling said " My king i can sing song's i was borned with a beautiful voice.Erza and me where in the green world borned there and fought there.as you can see i am only a high class devil but with my song i can boost strength of my team by 20% and i can also fight with my voice but 1 opponent of the same Rank. i am very weak in fight but i can Boost total team's strength"

Hex nodded his head and said " very good bishop indeed"

Jisoo head the compliment blushed a little and said" may i get up?"

Hex said " i never told you to kneel down"

Jisoo got up from her kneeling position and got closer to Hex and said softly" my king i can also dance very well but it's not for combat or anything just pure entertainment, I've only dance alone and one time erza accidentally saw me dancing "

Hex said " why are you telling me this?"

Jisoo said " oh my naive king this dance is only for you to watch , from childhood we only see you in our dream you know,i see you then Albedo,Erza and 5 others we always fight together live together happily,why do you think we accepted you without any explanation? we know you my king as if we're solely created for you"

Hex hearing this had his Heart throbbing and blushed then said " you're making me embarrassed " and then a confusing look appeared and asked " 5 more? but I've 12 pieces of Evil piece left"

Jisoo said " ufufu my king that's a secret"

Hex nodded his head and said " Alright you can go now and tell Mama that I've forgiven you but not them."

Jisoo then said " but can i do something? before i go?"

Hex nodded his head.

Jisoo came closer to him and kissed his cheek and ran away.

4 and half months later ..

Today In Bael Mansion Quera was not here.She was in Gremory Clan today Grayfia is giving birth.

Hex got up and Took bath changed into a new clothes then opened his room's door seeing 2 person who are still in Dogeza position said " You guy's come in"

Erza Said " No my king let me die like this "

Albedo nodded her head and said " me too"

Hex then said " Albedo you're following her again?"

Albedo's body trembled and she looked up and Got up from her Dogeza.

Although it may seems they are continuously in Doegaza position but it's actually not.How can Quera being so kind bear with it? she took them every night in her room to take rest and everyday she would feed them while they were in Dogeza position.so it was only morning and not that long before they started the Dogeza.

Albedo Seeing hex after a long time eye to eye said " there'll be no next time Hex please forgive me "

Hex nodded his head and said to erza " you Erza get up I've also forgiven you serve me well ,why are you trying to die ? am i that bad?"

Erza Looked up and said " my king i don't deserve you at all ,From my childhood I've seen you in my dreams but i still did what i did and you should get a new Knight more deserving and you can kill me with you own hand "

Hex hearing this frowned and said" look i don't like to kill and all you're my Knight and you'll be doing the fighting if i appeared in a battle field I'll destroy the whole field it self so get up and work hard for me don't go dying i need you"

Erza Hearing this Kneeled and said " i promise you that i will never question your word's again and never in my life would do such a thing to hurt your feelings "

Hex nodded his head and said " Come in and Albedo call Jisoo"

Albedo nodded her head called Jisoo.

Albedo and Erza liked to wear same type of clothes Albedo have hundreds if not thousands of Same white dress and Silky white gloves.Erza Wore a Steel Plated frock and sometimes without steel but same kind of Silvery Clothes but Jisoo on the other hand everyday she would wore different clothes and come to Hex to ask his opinion.

All four of them gathered together and sat down in Hex's rooms Couches.

Hex opened his mouth and said " now that i forgave you Albedo can sleep with me again "

Erza while seeing this had a bitter smile wanted to say something but couldn't bring her to say it.

Jisoo Said " what about me my king? sniff I've been yours forever but you don't see me as one"

Hearing this Hex said " Alright you too can come sleep with me actually i feel lonely without Albedo with me in my sleep so that's why "

Albedo nodded her head happily and said " i know don't worry I'll be your body pillow in this life time "

Hex continued" Albedo,Jisoo,Erza Three of you can sleep with me my bed is so big but do you want to?"

All of them nodded.

Hex said " it's decided then now take a bath get ready we are going to Gremory Clan today i am going to become a Brother "

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